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  1. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    Yes that's what the DLL does. It first gives focus to the flight sim. Then it sends the key you requested. It will then restore the focus to your own application window. But only if you ask it to (third parameter). When you call FSUIPCConnection.Open() it will thrown an exception if a flight sim or WideClient.exe is not running. You should catch these exceptions to know that FS is not running. When you call other functions that talk to FSUIPC e.g. Process() or SendKeyToFS(), these will also throw exceptions if the connection has been lost. You can examine the FSUIPC Application Templates to see the recommended way to handle the connection management. http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com/#downloads Paul
  2. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    Thanks Matthias, Yes, FS must have the focus. That's just how Windows works. The DLL handles this for you though and can give the focus back to your form if you need to. Paul
  3. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    Hi Matthias, There is now a function in the DLL to send key presses to the sim. Sending Tab+1 would be this: FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.D1, SendModifierKeys.Tab); This also takes care of setting focus to the sim first. If you want to return focus to your own application, include a reference to this form as the last parameter. For example if the code is part of the form class: FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.D1, SendModifierKeys.Tab, this); The modifiers in the .net "Keys" enum are not the same as the modifier codes used by FSUIPC. I had to make my own enum for the DLL (SendModifierKeys). For future questions, please make a new thread in my sub forum. Kind Regards, Paul
  4. Paul Henty

    FSUIPCClient for .NET 64bit

    The current version of my FSUIPCClient.dll (3.1.5) is mixed mode. meaning you can use it in 64 or 32 bit applications. This version is only available on NuGet. Instructions for installing and upgrading from earlier versions can be found here: http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com Paul
  5. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    It's just a standard .NET class library dll. If you installed it via NuGet then it has been automatically added as a reference. Check the references for your project and you'll see it. The actual dll file will be copied to your build folder (debug/release) as normal. I think the official SDK has a very old version of the dll (maybe 2.0). A lot of new stuff went into 3.0 including the LVar read/write. I moved to NuGet as it's much easier to publish new versions and keep everyone alerted to new builds. Paul
  6. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    My .NET library for talking to FSUIPC from .NET languages. That's what this subforum is for. Details about the DLL are here: http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com If you're not using a .NET language then let me know and I'll give you the steps you need for talking directly to FSUIPC. Paul
  7. Paul Henty

    Read L:Var

    Yes. If you are using the latest version of my DLL (3.1.5 or above) you can now use: FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar(Name) and FSUIPCConnection.WriteLVar(Name, NewValue) Paul
  8. Paul Henty

    Readin Text from Prepar3d v4.4

    Hi Mattias, 0x3380 is only for writing your own messages to the sim. It doesn't read text from the sim. As far as I know, there is no way of intercepting messages generated by the sim with FSUIPC. Paul
  9. Paul Henty

    Player altitude pause

    Hi Vince, Generally, to achieve what you want, you need to be checking the altitude regularly in a timer. If the altitude is 10000 AND the checkbox is checked then you need to pause. However, the altitude may never be exactly 10000, it might go from 9999 to 10001 so you need to test a range. Something like this (Not real code): TimerEvent: FSUIPCConnection.Process() alt = getCurrentAltitudeInFeet() if alt < 10100 AND alt > 9900 AND pauseAt10000 is checked pauseSim() pauseAt10000.checked = false end if Paul
  10. Paul Henty

    Radio with 3 decimal places

    Hi Machado, FSUIPC4 only supplies 2 decimals. I think that's all that's supported in FSX. If you know the spacing between the frequencies in real life you can infer the third decimal. For example, 118.720 may not be a valid frequency, so you can assume it's actually 118.725. I think that's what these planes are doing. If not, they are handling the third decimal internally. You may be able to access it using the plane's SDK if it has one. I don't know if this is different in FSUIPC5 (P3D). You might want to ask Pete about this when he's back. Paul
  11. Paul Henty


    Hi Jesús If you log into your SimMarket account you can see all of the products you have purchased. Use the 'Your Account' menu and select 'Purchase History'. Find FSUIPC4 and click on the order. This will show you your key, and the name and email address you used. When you register FSUIPC these must be exactly as they appear in the order. Copy and Paste is recommended. Paul
  12. That's the same log as you attached in your first post. The logging options aren't enabled. I think the best thing to do would be to delete all the .log files in the modules folder, then try again. Start FSX Open the FSUIPC interface Enable the logging options Recreate the problem with the landing gear/hud Close FSX Paul
  13. Hi, That's not the correct log file. Can you try again, or find the one that's just called FSUIPC4.log. If you can't upload it just open it in notepad and copy and paste the text directly into your reply. (You can use the <> icon on the editor menu bar to make it easier to read). Thanks, Paul
  14. Hi Steve, I'm not familiar with CCP at all. Are the original devs are not around any more? They would be the best people to ask. If you can't contact them, you can send me an FSUIPC log with these options enabled (only these): IPC Writes Button and Key Operations Events (non axis-controls) (See the logging tab in the FSUIPC dialog). I'll be able to tell you if CCP is intercepting any buttons or key presses. With the logging enabled, run FSX/CCP and reproduce the error. Then close FSX and show me the contents of the FSUIPC4.log from the modules folder. Please start a new thread in this sub-forum if you do. Paul
  15. Hi Michael, Unfortunately that FSUIPC facility only works with user-added menus, not the built-in ones. FSUIPC can tell you if the user is using the menus or a resulting dialog (see 0x3365) but not which one. If you just want to detect the reload then try offset 0x3F02 (ushort). This is a counter that increments each time a flight is loaded or reloaded. The reset might just re-load the same flight and increment this counter. Another idea is that your application could offset a reset-flight option that just sends the appropriate control to P3D (try SITUATION RESET 65591). But at least you know when it happened. It might also be worth asking Pete (in the main forum) if he has any ideas. Paul

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