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  1. Hi folks, Thank you for your help. I re-checked and found no errors, and still have NO traffic. [Entry.10] Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Path="P:\MyTrafficProfessional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" Required=True Active=True P:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Scenery\World\scenery trafficAircraft.bgl.passive Added Scenery in P3d - P:\MyTrafficProfessional\MyTraffic Folks, What do I need to do. Thanks so very much, Tom
  2. Hello fellow users, Been a user "forever" and really enjoy the program and support. P3D v2.5 MyTrafficProfessional 6.0 Went through the steps in manual and all seemed well..........and it does "appear" that I have traffic at airports (just checked a couple) BUT, in the MT Configurator, it shows RED that TrafficDatabasebuilder not yet copied............... The path IS correct and program IS outside of P3D folder. The simobjects.cfg entry is correct. Under "Manage Prepar3D V2 tab, I have selected to "Search for Traffic.bgls" and the dos window comes back show only entries in the P3D folder. What do I need to do to correct this and be on my way??? Thanks much, Tom
  3. Hi folks, Have traffic running in P3D v2.2 - HOWEVER, "only" this version acted up big time. Everything I did in the previous versions was done in v2.2.........but, Traffic 3D would not WORK!!!!!! So, for whatever reason - I was looking in the Prepar3D.cfg file and just noticed - it was SimObjectsPath.9=MyTraffic\Aircraft..........and I remember the very FIRST TIME I installed Traffic3D, think it was v. 1.3 - the SimObjectsPath.7=MyTraffic\Aircraft. I thought, "what the heck", it's not working now, so I re-arranged the SimObjectsPaths' to have SimObjectsPath.7=MyTraffic\Aircraft, and moved the other entries down by 1................................ Summary - IT WORKED AND IS STILL WORKING FINE.............go figure...........must not have liked "9" as the path. Tom
  4. Werner, C:\Users\Name(your PC)\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\ - there you will see the "dll.xml file. Open it and look for the FSUIPC Entry...IF it's not there, you will have to manually add. Should "look" like this: Launch.Addon Name FSUIPC 4 Disabled False Path Modules\FSUIPC4_Loader.dll IF indeed it is there, "me don't know". Tom
  5. SidekickUBT, From what I understand, it turns regular default ai traffic off. If I am wrong, I am sure Burkhard will let us know the facts - Mine's working fine after the number change in SimObjects. Tom
  6. Nick, IT'S ALIVE - Did what your suggestion was, AND it now works and have my traffic back. My P3D v2 Setting for traffic at 50% sure plays heck on the fps though........ Isn't is amazing how just changing the SimObjectsPath to 7 made it work.........gosh, go figure. Thanks so very very much for your tip..............works for me. Have a blessed one, Tom PS - Haven't checked the ATC sounds yet. Will do and report back.
  7. Hi Nick, Going to try it today. Hopefully this will do it for me also. Your English is fine my friend. Thanks for the tip. Will Let you know. Tom
  8. The ONLY add-on's that I have in Prepar3D V2 is: Orbx/FTX Global (installer for P3D v2) - and the QualityWings BA146 (installer for P3D) and one config change - adding AffinityMask=14. MT3D is working well in Prepar3D, V1.4. Thanks Burkhard for your continued support. Tom
  9. Hi Burkhard, Minimal ai traffic even with sliders at 100% - as example - KATL, Atlanta, which is ALWAYS busy to the hilt - parked at gate B, on both sides and across to gates C, I see only two commercial aircraft. No idea why with sliders at 100% - have tried at 50% / 75%/40% - at 75%, see one plane at KATL, 40-50%, see none.???? Go figure. I've asked over at the LM forums with no thread answers. As much as I like P3D v2, this problem makes it very un-realistic. Thank you for your on-going help. Have a blessed Merry Christmas. Tom
  10. Hi Burkhard, After removal of MT3D, I took the ".passive" off of trafficAircraft.bgl - which is the way it is now. The traffictoolbox.dll is version 2.0.9448.0(Prepar3D.20131121-2311) Date 11/21/2013. Hope this helps - Sorry for the "wrong" nomenclature with traffic.dll Tom
  11. Hi Burkhard, I again installed, following your guidelines to a tee. Did it manually. I never get to an airport. When P3D v2 is loading texture (you can watch the box as it loads), and when it gets to loading "land,sea, air traffic", it crashes. Sometimes it's an AppHang, sometimes it's a P3d Crash - I've looked at the info in the crash screen - either dxdiag failed to load / or / ntdll issue. I removed it and had no default .ai traffic. Finally found an entry in dll.xml that showed pointing to the SDK, traffic dll - I removed that and have minimal default .ai traffic, even with sliders at 100%. Go figure. Thanks you so much for your continued help and interest in my problem. Love your product - and of course, just want it to work. Have a blessed one and Merry Christmas. Tom
  12. Hi Folks, Just read a thread at the P3D forums at Avsim - this was concerning UT2 Traffic - and finally the workaround for v2 was to add lines in the dll.xml file. Is there a possibility that for us with MyTraffic3D, that is "not" working to make some type of entry into our dll.xml file?? Just searching for answers. Thanks and have a blessed one. Tom
  13. Thanks so much Pete. I will do just that. Have a blessed one. Tom
  14. Thanks Pete for your answer - My problem with Prepar3D, v2 - doing ILS landings, won't capture glideslope - worked fine in v1.4 - with several planes - The MakeRunways is the only thing that is different.........so grasping for ideas. Tom
  15. Hi Mike, The advanced search did not find it??? Go figure? Thanks so much, Tom
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