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  1. When I run FSUIPC in MSFS the start button is greyed out. I don't (seem) to have access to setting up my throttle assignments? Jon
  2. Thank you so much. It is back up and running in V4.5;)
  3. I'm offering the My Traffic 6.0a patch if you need via Dropbox. Just go to the following thread for the patch.



  4. Hi James, None of the links worked for me..... Jon
  5. Good Evening, I've had a massive hard drive failure and lost MT6. I've re-installed it but the links to the patches and updates are dead? Anyone know where to find them? Jon
  6. I was reading this thread and found 2 obvious problems - W8.1 (may as well be Vista) and ATI. I have never had any issues with W7x64 and Nvidia cards. Jon
  7. Its really not that hard to install MYT 6 if you follow the instructions.... Jon
  8. Hi Burkhard, I've been having this problem for a while but had to run off to Italy for 3 months. At CYTZ, the AI Porter planes are submerged on the runway and the terminal. The ones on the ramp are normal. Only the tail is showing. Jon
  9. I have deleted everything and reinstalled - Still duplicate Toronto downtowns when My Traffic is enabled. My traffic shouldn't install "scenery"?? Jon It appears that Migration tool was running in the background and was "auto repairing" the simobjects.cfg and possibly the scenery.cfg - adding duplicate entries. Still doesn't explain the double downtown Toronto but its working perfectly now and I'm not changing anything more...for now :razz: . Thanks Jon
  10. Good evening Burkhard, I only have one version - and it does not affect downtown Toronto. I did accidently run the installer in the wrong place first and then the correct place (on remote drives). After deleting the original folder (only updates - no 6.0 base) the problem remains. Jon
  11. Hi Burkhard, First of all Thank you for this. CYTZ (Final Approach Sims) was empty until today. Now it is full of DH8's FULL (seems like too many). The only problem is now, with MY Traffic activated in the scenery library, I have 2 CN tours etc. De-activated I have one but still have traffic? Any ideas? Jon
  12. Hi Pete, I was actually trying to find out how to put it in windowed mode but haven't found it yet. I'll try some new drivers but everything else is working well (including the previously troublesome RXP GNS 530). Of course this isn't the root problem - active sky evolution is misbehaving, and I need to access FSUIPC to fix it. Macs are looking better and better.... Jon
  13. Hi Folks, I realize that this may not be an FSUIPC problem. When I am in a flight and hit "alt" to bring up the top bar and access FSUIPC the screen goes blank and I can't see the box. I know it's there as the mouse shows as it passes over it. I've tried starting in various compatibility modes and nothing seems to help. I am running the latest ver of FSUIPC (and 3.96 did not show either). Throttle and reversers are working - so FSUIPC is working. Jon
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