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  1. Hello Larry Have you seen this Topic below ? Maybe this will help. Set up MyTraffic 6 using the Add-on.xml file method as seen below
  2. Hello Driver Is My Traffic working at all ? Or do you have the same Issue as Marky ? Just check your add-on.xml file is actually saved as an .xml file and not still as a Tex Document ? Insure you have this box Un-Ticked just like the Image shows below in File Explorer Options Un-Tick the Box and click Apply. You can access this location by typing File Explorer Options into your Windows search bar and clicking View at the Top Then go back and Insure your add-on.xml is this add-on.xml Maybe it says this add-on.xml.txt ? If s
  3. Hello JB As a process of elimination Disable the Mytraffic Military aircraft from possibly causing you these Crash's Go here: Local Disk (c) ► MyTraffic Professional ►MyTraffic ►Scenery, Locate this file MyTrafficmil.bgl Rename this file to MyTrafficmil.bgl.orig This will Disable Military aircraft Then launch Prepar3D and test
  4. Hello I am only seeing this now If you are using the add-on.xml method you Do Not add an entry to your Scenery.cfg file or your Simobjects.cfg file ------------- First: Insure you have My Traffic 6 Installed to the location you are Inputing in your <Path> Do you have MyTraffic 6 Installed to your E Drive ? Did you Install this by default ? Or did you Create and Name a folder during the Install Process ? This is relevant because it will change the <Path> In your add-on.xml file. The <Path> name must be Inputted and spelt exactly as to where MyTraffic
  5. Introduction To Use MyTraffic 6a for Prepar3D v4 using the add-on.xml file system. Note: This is also relevant for Prepar3D v3.3 and up ------------- The following steps is to use MyTraffic 6 for Prepar3D v4 using the add-on.xml file system, Using this method we Do Not need to use the Communicator and we Do Not need to add any entries to the simobjects.cfg file or the Scenery Library. The add-on.xml file will have all the Information to launch and use MyTraffic 6, We will Insert this file into the Prepar3D v4 Add-on's folder in Documents -----------------------
  6. Updated June 2017 Please see the below link to set up MyTraffic 6 for Prepar3D v3 and v4 using the add-on.xml file method ================================================================================ =============================================================================== ------- Introduction
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