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  1. Thanks Peter,

    I was looking in the FS2004controls doc... found it in fsuipc user guide as always :)

    Another question, is that possible to press a button in a client (through a keyboard emulator) and send data to FSUIPC key press page to control the autobrake ?

    Can I program that in wideclient.ini ?

    Thanks again,

  2. Oi amigos,

    Gostaria de reforçar o lançamento do primeiro programa sobre simulação de vôo produzido no Brasil, o Fly In. Se ainda não assistiu o programa, acesse: http://www.vflight.org/flyin/

    Se gostar do programa, por favor divulguem para que o programa possa continuar, já que ainda estamos sem patrocínios.

    Além disso, enviem sugestões para flyin@cdsdigital.com.br ou flyin@voosimulado.com sua opinião é muito importante para nós !

    Muito obrigado pelo apoio !

    Ulisses Simionato

    Fly In Internet TV


  3. Hi,

    Now that AVC is a public beta and we can program a key for PTT, maybe FSUIPC will be able to program a joystick button as PTT (like roger wilco) ?

    *** AVC enters open beta

    At the same time, our new voice client, AVC, has entered an open

    beta test in preparation for its final release. This client is

    intended primarily for use by pilots and our testing to date has

    been a spectacular success. You can obtain a copy of this beta,

    which will expire on 1 January 2004 from


    and the manual from http://www.xsquawkbox.net/avc.pdf.

    I'm curious...

  4. Hi Pete,

    Maybe you have an idea about what is going on:

    Project Magenta...(only happens with winds)

    In HDG SEL mode if I select HDG 040 aircraft flies HDG 038. If I set HDG 190, aircraft flies HDG 192.

    If I'm flying at HDG 010 and I PAUSE FS2004, the ND map rotate to the left 3 degrees, so HDG in ND shows 013, when I release the PAUSE it goes back to 010.

    The offsets change with different winds strength, strong side wind = larger HGD offset.

    Maybe there is something in FSUIPC that can help on this...


  5. Hi Pete,

    Maybe you can help me...

    This is from PFD.ini doc:


    - switches the displays off on startup sets 0x510 bit 0 to 1 on startup

    - displays are reactivated when bit 0 is reset or any keyboard key is pressed

    So I'm setting this ON and all my PM displays start OFF, good !

    My problem is to turn it ON :) In FSUIPC I assigned a keypress to PM Elect ALL Toggle.

    When I press it the displays turn ON but if I press again they go OFF and I can't turn they ON anymore.

    Any idea ?


  6. As I told before, the only way I found to simulate crossfeed without complex aircrafts with overheads panel (DF, 767PIC, PMDG, etc) is using the fuel selector...

    Command -> what is simulating

    Select ALL TANKS -> fuel pumps all on / crossfeed OFF

    Select CENTER TANK -> center fuel pump ON, left/right fuel pumps OFF / crossfeed OFF

    Select LEFT TANK -> left fuel pump ON, center/right fuel pump OFF / crossfeed ON

    Select RIGHT TANK -> right fuel pump ON, center/left fuel pump OFF / crossfeed ON

  7. Hi,

    In real world (737), if you have fuel imbalance (lets say less fuel in left tank), the procedure is:

    Crossfeed OPEN

    make sure fuel pumps in right tank are ON

    turn OFF fuel pumps in left tank

    so right tank will fill all fuel system and correct the imbalance...

    I'm interested in know how cockpit builders simulate overhead panel if FS doesn't support many functions needed (hydraulics, crossfeed, APU, etc)

  8. Hi,

    Reading a real 737 manual, if you use crossfeed open, both engines will be receiving fuel from all tanks and after some minutes probably you'll get a fuel imbalance, if crossfeed is closed, engine 1 will receive fuel from tank 1/center and engine 2 from tank 2/center.

    Using tank selector to ALL in FS will do almost the same thing as crossfeed open, but no fuel imbalance. Now in real 737 if you turn fuel pump off for a tank (usually 2 fuel pumps for tank) you won't get fuel from that tank. In FS selecting LEFT tank is like turning fuel pump OFF for center and right tanks.

    I guess fuel pumps in FS doesn't work in this way, because even it off the engines continues ON.

    In FS I can select center tank alone, but I'd like to have a way to select left and right tanks together (not center), but I guess it isn't possible.

  9. Crossfeed Closed: isolates engine #1 and #2 fuel lines

    Crossfeed Open: connects engine #1 and #2 fuel lines

    I'm using fuel selectors to simulate it, so when I select ALL, all tanks feed all engines, LEFT, left tank feed all engines, RIGHT, right tank feed all engines.

    FS is very limited simulating systems, so I guess it is the best we can get right now, but not sure too....

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