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  1. What type of behavior would be considered strange? I have never used any of these so that's why I ask.
  2. I know what it does. But, what file(s) for FS2002 does it modify to increase the taxispeed of the AI aircraft? Also, when trying to use this utility it tells me "path not found." The install is in the default location. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if there's a way to modify the handoff to tower? It seems that with busy airports the handoff doesn't happen until almost touchdown when it should be happening like 10-12 miles out. It would be nice if this could be adjusted somehow.
  4. Can anyone tell me what file(s) the taxispeed utility modifies? Thanks!
  5. Aren't all of the downloadable aircraft from projectai.com AI compatible?
  6. So then let me run this example by you... Let's say I have "indgates.zip" (downloaded from flightsim.com) which is supposed to add ramps to the scenery at the Indianapolis airport and is also supposed to work with the default FS2002 AI. After that is installed I install MyTraffic. What will happen?
  7. Okay, let me ask this... What if the 3rd party airport scenery and/or traffic files are installed before installing MyTraffic? Will MyTraffic know this 3rd party scenery is there and adjust accordingly?
  8. Once this is done thought the "MyTraffic" traffic will not function at the airport correct? If seen 3rd party items that will have actual gates & ramps added to the scenery as well as AI traffic (I think). In this example the AI traffic will not be coming from MyTraffic but from this 3rd party item? There isn't a way to use the new gates & ramps with MyTraffic's AI traffic, right? Hell, I've confused myself now!
  9. Is the sound patch (MyTrafficSoundPatch.exe) a necessary item to have once MyTraffic is purchased or does this just add some extra items? If so, what items? Thanks!
  10. I don't know about anybody else but this is still confusing to me. This tutorial you have pretty much tells you how to create the new airport. What if you want to use one that someone else has already made and have MyTraffic work with it? Did I just miss something?
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