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  1. Yes I forgot the NOT. I use FSUIPC for almost everything, this way I can configure the cirrus for plane with yoke and my joystick for plane with a stick. But I found that PFCcom64 does a great job for my different quadrants and for AP, electric trim up & down. If you need me to do any more testing do not hesitate to ask. Pierre
  2. Hi Pete, Your wife will be happy ☺️, I manage to get it to work using the FSUIPC "Buttons & Switch" menu. I have it working with the <end> key configure to my yoke button. I still think there is a issue with the PFCcom64.dll, not sure if it does transmit the key. But I am more then happy to work with FSUIPC instead. Pierre
  3. Yes it did work perfectly. I am sorry to cause all that trouble, I have assign the letter A and I get the same result in the log screen a (null). I also did another test, I assigned the bottom to the P keys for pause the sim. If I hit the yoke bottom, nothing happens both if I hit the P on the keyboard the sim goes to Pause. So it seem that the Dll is transmitting the key. I will try that tonight I will try to do that test, not sure if I understand what I need to do? Pierre
  4. Hi Pete, I have been using this since about 5 years, I have stop using those software's since about a year now. I re-installed them a month ago. But it did work find for a long period of time. This is the only key I need to setup in PFCcom64. I do not assign any other keystrokes. I can also use the <end> key, I have tried to configure it in PFC and I get the same result in the log screen a <null>. Pierre
  5. Once again thanks, Yes the assignment of a key seems to be working in the PFCcom64.dll. But when I hit the bottom in P3D to activate Push to talk in MCE (vr software) nothing happens, so I am wondering if the dll is sending or issuing a <del>. That's why I check the log of the dll. So I know that the hard coded bottom, such as AP, electric trim up & down works and I see them in the dll log and in action in P3D. There is no rush. Pierre
  6. Hi, I have one more question, is it normal that in the log see picture, I can see the exact command when I use my trim bottom on my yoke or the left front bottom that is assign to AP & AT disconnect. But when I hit the bottom I have define to be the <del> key, I am not seeing the <del> transmit but rather the <null>? Pierre
  7. Thank you so much Pete, It's now working I do not remember, but I guess it ok for the reset bottom to stay there? Wonder what happened.😁 Pierre
  8. Just asking because I did received a update on 03-01-2021 I have a brand new install of Prepar3D and just FSUIPC6 6.0.12 and PFC install as addons. I am still unable to assign keys in the Bottom menu. But now I can rule out all the other addons that I had. I will wait to see if you are able to find something before I start re-installing addons. Pierre
  9. That's ok it will give me the time to re-install P3D. Before you go can you tell me if Visual c++ is in play with your software, I did get a updated version during Christmas Just a though Pierre
  10. Correct see picture, the version that you see on the first page of PFC I did check the DLL version I am loading in P3D and it is the same as the one below, but when I open it in P3D I get the screen above. I was just thinking that what ever changed, affected both simulators. So by logic all the addons that I introduce was only configured for P3D and should not have affected MSFS. I was thinking that maybe it a change to window a patch for example. Does Microsoft Visual C++ play a role with PFC? I have decided to un-installed
  11. Sorry it is a typo, should read PCF. I have download and installed the new version (just to be sure I have the right one, you did not change the update date on FSUIPC.com and neither the version number it is still 5.051.) This is funny, yesterday when I was testing I though that I had to select "list all FS Ctrls" and when I did P3D crash. I didn't report it, being a old IT guy, I didn't want to create an additional problem. I have tried the new version, I still cannot assign any key in the Bottom option menu. But now I can select the "list all FS Ctrls" without having P3D
  12. Long story short, in PF3 you need to send a <del> key, this is your PTT switch to initiate a pause when using VR software (multicrew). You have two ways of doing it in Multicrew. So I always used the top one. With my new joystick I decide to try using one or the other depending on the plane I was using. So for about a week, it worked, I was flipping from <del> when I was flying plane with Yoke and the Joystick bnt4 when using the airbus. I do not know why, but mid last week, the <del> key stop working, but the Joystick kept working find. So I started to do s
  13. Hi and thanks for the help I went back to the documentation and I am following the right way. select Yoke Buttons menu, then I select the Beech or Mooney yoke, then I press the bottom I want to assign, just to make sure it works. I press on the right black arrow aligned with the right: front bottom. I get a drop down menu and I pick option 1.use key press. At that point I get the same screen I posted at the top (first one). So I hit the <del> keys on my keyboard and nothing. I have been using this for at less 5 years, I am 100% sure it worked before in P3D. I never
  14. Ok I am all updated now FSUIPC6 6.0.12 FSUIPC7 7.0.4 PCFcom64 version 5.051 I have un-installed Multicrew ,Chase Plane and UTlive2, all new addons I added recently. I have un-installed window 10 20H2. I have upgraded all my FSUIPC and Download the PFCcom64, just incase. After all this, I still cannot assign a key in the Yoke Buttons menu in PCFcom64 and this in P3D and MSFS2020. I have look at the log in PCF and the DLL those see my front right bottom (see picture) I think it's strange that the problem exist in both simulator. In my opinion it is not rel
  15. Hi, Yes my Cirrus II is serial, it is about 15 year old but still working great. It's been a wild since I add to use this feature, so I do not know since when that problem started. I only need this feature to assign the <del> key to the right front yoke bottom. I need this when I use Multicrew and PF3, the <del> key is use to simulate push to talk. I know that PCFcom64 is a old DLL and it use to work find. For the version I am running fsuipc6 ver 6.0.8 and FSUIPC7 ver 7.0.0 so I will upgrade to 7.0.4. The only new thing I have been playing with is Multicrew and PF3.
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