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  1. Yes thanks, With the last patch they did a lot of work on the C150, so I will see if I can now assign my axis, using the new SDK. If not, well to bad. Not a big problem Pierre
  2. Hi, I been flying for about 7 hr in -25C and I cannot reproduce a carburetor icing event. The only thing I see is, when I put the Cab Heat at 100%, the RPM goes down about 10000. If I put the Cab Heat at 50% the reduction seem less. But I cannot guarantee that I have a icing issue. But on thing I learned, is that this software need to mature, so I am going back to P3D v5 until next year. None of the default aircraft are even close to reality. Pierre
  3. Good point John, If it is well simulated I should see a impact on the power with 100%, according to the manual I should loss about 10% . I will test this on my next flight. Pierre
  4. Thanks Pete, Something I do not understand is, I can use the mouse to pull and push the cab heat. The mouse doesn't use an axis? Pierre
  5. This is too bad, for the Cessna 152 it is important to have the axis to work. I when back to my owner manual and they explain why they do not recommend to flying with 100% carb heat. Thomas for your info, this is from the owners manual: CESSNA SECTION 4 MODEL 152 NORMAL PROCEDURES The carburetor heat control knob should be pushed full in during all ground operations unless heat is absolutely necessary. When the knob is pulled out to the heat position, air entering the engine is not filtered. see document: Cessna 152 owners manual page 50.pdf Pete, I do have a icing push bottom on my Cirrus II and it does work as an on and off. I was just trying to get the blue arm of my quadrant to work. It is important for that plane to be able to increase or decrease the Carb Heat input. Thanks Pierre
  6. That what I did, I assigned the set using the axis in FSUIPC. The axis doesn't show in the even log FSUIPC7.log From my understanding the Cessna 152 take is cab air from the front vent (filtered) and when you engage the cab heat it then takes the air from the manifold (not clean air, un-filtered) but hot. So at 50% you are getting 1/2 clean cold air and 1/2 dirty hot air. So if you need a little bit of hot air to manage ice building in the cab, you use a mix of air input, which is supposedly better for the motor. Pierre
  7. I just check and it is the same in version 6, not a big deal . Pierre
  8. Hi Pete, I did the test and when I assign to INTI ICE SET I can push the heat cab in from 100% to 0% but I cannot pull it back to 100%, with my middle blue arm on my quadrant . I need to use my mouse for that. I have include my profile, PFC and FSUIPC7 ini files for reference. Cessna 152.ini PFCcom64.ini FSUIPC7.ini Pierre
  9. Hi Pete, When I was creating the user config in the PFC menu see picture. I discovered that if you assign for example Throttle2 to the second axis and you then want to clear this axis because you made a mistake and you want it not to be configured. You cannot assign the none value anymore. So to clear the user config axis 2, you need to delete the entry in the PFCcom64.cfg. I do not think it was the case in version 6? Pierre
  10. Ok I will try that later today Thanks again Pierre
  11. Ok I have summitted a Request #68728 Cessna 150 heatcab a axis. With the following text: In MSFS 2020 for the cessna 152 the heatcab is a axis that goes from cold 0% to 100% see attach picture. Is it available as an axis in MSFS itself? It has never been so through SimConnect, so if it is in MSFS then can you implemented an interface for it? With the interface I would then be able to assign a axis from my quadrant to be use as the heatCab . I can configure the Throttle and the mixture but not the heatCab. and the picture Hope they understand? 🙂
  12. Hi Pete, In MSFS 2020 for the cessna 152 the heatcab is a axis that goes from cold to 100% see attach picture So i was trying to configure it as an axis. Pierre
  13. Hi, I am using PFC quadrant single prop high performance (see picture) and I would like to change the middle arm (Prop rpm) to act as the Carb Heat axis. I have tried to create a user config quadrant in PFCcom64, by defining the Throttle in axis 1, the Carb Heat in axis 3 and the mixture in axis 5. The axis 3 is not getting recognized. If I try to define it in FSUIPC7 with the axis assignment, I do not find any axis name CarbHeat, not sure what should I use? I also discovered that if you assign for example aileron to the first axis and you then want to clear this axis because you made a mistake, you cannot assign the none value anymore. So to clear the user config that you do not want, you need to delete the entry in the PFCcom64.cfg. Thanks Pierre
  14. Ok thanks for the update, let's hope Asobo find and fix the problem soon. Many thanks Pierre
  15. Hi Pete, You did it again, it works now. The load of PFC.dll takes sometime but it works. One more thing, is there a way to accelerate the respond time of a axis? With the Cessna 172, the throttle respond seem to be slow, I would like it to be quicker. Thanks Pierre
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