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  1. Hello all. I am not sure how to ask this question. So I will explain what I need to do. I have been using EPIC thru FS Comm for many years to send Joystick axis to FS 9 and all was well, now however the EPIC card has died...So I have built an Arduino UNO throttel controler. Arduino is a Serial USB device (Not a HID device as is a joystick, I think)...So I wrote a VB 2010 program to interface to the Adruino and then to FS 9. I say in the VB pgm to read the serial value then send that to an FSUIPC offset. That works....But, as it is not a joystick axis I can not see it in FSUIPC axis assiments ( the problem is this, The ELEV. trim does not disconnect when in auto pilot so My trim send via an offset is conflicting with auto pilot,Yes I undestand that. My question is then, How can I send the Arduino value ,As a USB Serial device to FSUIPC and FSUIPC see it as a joystick axis.? I have read the docs on the LUA plugin "COM" and this seems to be the solution but I don't fully understand what I need to do to use it. For some reason I can't find the HIDDemo script in the LUA examples as stated in the docs. Pete has given instructions on Handling VRInsight devices in FSUIPC which is a serial USB device and so is the Arduino, but I need some direction on how to do this. as I don't have the "SerialFP2" Driver. So I am kinda lost. I don't know if I need that driver or not to do this. To sum this up.... I think I need to make the Arduino value sent to be seen as a joystick axis so FS9 will disconnect it in the auto pilot mode, I think,but don't know how. Ron.
  2. Hi Pete Hope this finds you well, Now I have just finished up-dating to NEW release FSUIPC 3.999, wide sever 6.94, wide client 6.94 on all 5 of networked PCs. I have a question on what offset to use for ELEVATOR TRIM. Ok your docs say to use offset 3338 IF you want to disconnect them if auto pilot is running. YES or NO, via offset 310A, bit 0 or bit 5. YES or NO. now when I send to offset 3338, I get nothing, Well cause that is the post value after cal, I guess, SO, if I send to offset, 0BC0 the value, I do see the trim respond. So I am confused. The problem is " auto pilot is over-written by my sending the elev..trim value via oBCo" so I want to then turn that off, but I can not. I am unclear as how to use 310A and 3338 to do this. Funny, the throttles work ok when in auto pilot, but not the trim, I am using PM MCP.
  3. FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Version 2.0

    Thank you Paul. That's what I needed. If your wondering, I have build NEW radio comm panels for my simm. I am replacing my 12yr old EPIC hardware which has pretty much given up. The analogs stoped working some time ago so I built the Arduino UNO for throttles,flaps,elev.trim and spoilers, all working better than EPIC ever did. Now the radios work again. Next will be the MCP. I do use the Interface IT board for the overhead and CDU,but I wanted to keep the price tag down so going with Arduino. So far so good,thanks to you and Mr Dawson's hard work. I am very pleased., Thanks. Ron. :razz:
  4. FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Version 2.0

    Hi Paul. your answer did the trick,however here's the problem I now face. I am reading the digi pot, or encoder from the arduino maga 2560. I can send it to VB.NET 2010 and display it in a textbox. For your answer to work it needs to have the decimal point.(121.55) the data I can send from the encoder read is (12155) no (.) I don't know how to change the (12155) to include a (.) if I send from arduino (121.55) I am fine, but the read from arduino does not include a (.) I not asking you to tell me how to change the arduino code if you don't have one you would not know, rather how to convert the VB NET 2010 serial read data to include the (.) IE 12155 to 121.55 and then send it as your answer states.Yes I know this question is confusing. So.... How can I convert a number such as 12155 to 121.55 in VB NET 2010.?? Thanks so much, Ron.
  5. FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Version 2.0

    Hi Paul, or anyone who may know how to ::: send a BDC code to set the radio com1 freq. just from the FSUIPC code Example. Paul has shown how to READ the BDC but NOT how to send to. Any Help.
  6. FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Version 2.0

    Hi All Qustion on scaling an offset. Trying to get elev.trim -16383 to 16383 to read correct in vb.net 2010 from an adruino 2560 chip..ok it outputs 0-1024 full range of pot. I thought you would say analog .value *128/16383 or something but I don't know. if I just *128 I get close but it rolls over several times and is way to sentisive. I don't konw the scaling factor to use. any help? offset is 0BC0. Ron.
  7. Fuel and Tank selection in fs2004

    Yes Sir. Ok I now have ver 3.98 and loaded. Now I see all we have spoken about. I am so sorry for my Bad. Now, if you will, I have run into this problem. offset 0af8. If I send it a value of 3 I get the right tank. however if I send a value of 2 fs interrogate reports a 14. All other values I send are Ok. I don't see why value of 2 repoets a 14. Thanks, Ron. PS. I am tring very hard to make this happen and I understand your flustrations with me.
  8. Fuel and Tank selection in fs2004

    I am running ver.3.75 june 1 2007. I will check to see if latest. Yes, have run the installer,that's how I got it to work. No matter now as I did get a few B777 from Overland co. Simmers sky, the files were called FinalTorrent or somethig. I had to download pgm to open them but It did work. several hours but good to go now. And good news for a change, The new aricraft do support the proper fuel and my Pgm now shows RMAIN or LMANIN fuel flow. I can sw between them and my pgm displays this. and yes PSS is no longer. Thanks Pete, you are the smartest man I know. Ok problem solved, Back to programing. Ron. :rolleyes:
  9. Fuel and Tank selection in fs2004

    Well try as I might, I don't see it there. I open windows explorer, goto my fs9 folder open that, goto modules. I do see fsuipc.dll,fsuipc.key,fsuipc.log,fsui.dll and many other files but nothing about a fsuipc doc folder or file. so this may sound dumb but I can't find any aircraft to buy or download such as the PSS B777, I find the web site but it has no mention on how to buy it or download it, same for some of the other sites, I know it's me but I don't find a way to get them. Do you or any one have a link to where I can buy a better aircraft? Ron.
  10. Fuel and Tank selection in fs2004

    Hello Pete. Yes it is I have edited the cfg. and It shows up in the aircaft. That's Ok. Ah Ha, perhaps that Is my error. I will work on this futher. Question then, Is it possiable to edit the aircraft model? Also what is a Lua Plugin?. I will look at a new B777 aircraft and try that as well, Thank you. Ron.
  11. Hello All. I have read most all the post on this site, one I found came close to an answer,but NOW I can't find it so......... I am tring to set up my overhead panel, a B777, or any type twin JET in fs2004. I want to do this: Tell FS that I have 4 tanks: 1) LMain 2) Rightmain 3) Center 4) aux Read fuel flow from: 1) LMain 2) Rightmain 3) Center 4) aux Select which tank I am getting fuel from: Display this info. I have tried these offsets 1) 0AF8 2) 205C 3) 3104 4) 3125 5) 3590 6) 3880 7) 3B98 only does 0AF8 seem to come close to what I want to,but then again that's why I am seeking help. If I use 0AF8, I can sw ,from fs 2004 on the aircraft panel, (the fuel selector sw) And read via FS Interrogate2std. the values of 14,1,15. so in my PGM I am writing, ((VB.NET 2010) (Pete) I am NOT asking about VB.NET I know you don't know it.))) I can read, in my pgm, that if 14 the left fule stops flowin from LMain, if I sw to center, Read 1 and my pgm shows fuel flow from both L and R Main. If I sw to right,value(15) I still see fuel flow from both L and R Main......So that is the Problem. I don't seem to be able to select which tank I am drawing fuel from. Now I realize that (14) and (15) are crossflow. and 1 is ALL. So I can change via my pgm and read via fs int. tank left, center,right, however I still get both fuel flows from both tanks in my pgm. Any One got Any Ideas On how to do the above? Ron.
  12. fs interrogate

    Again your are right, I was looking at the Interrogate grid., So sorry, Thank you. Ron
  13. fs interrogate

    Hi Pete I don.t seem to be able to ADD a new var. to the grid. For some reason the offset 0af8 is missing and I need this. I am tying to work out the Eng Tanks and Fuel Pumps in my overhead PGM. I see in your doc. to right click within the grid but it does not say add anywhere. I don't get the " variable-edit" pop up window as show in your doc. When I right click I do see a pop up that reads, write single, grid options, copy to clip,copy quick. Any Ideas. Ron
  14. what type offsets ,how do you tell?

    Thanks Pete, I kind of understand. Below is how I am assigning the offsets. Dim LDRIVEOIL As Offset(Of BitArray) = New Offset(Of BitArray)(&H561F, 2)' LDRIVE LOW OIL IDG BIT 4 Dim RDRIVEOIL As Offset(Of BitArray) = New Offset(Of BitArray)(&H561F, 2)' RDRIVE LOW OIL IDG BIT 5 Then the code is: Dim ENG1N1 As Double = (FS1N2.Value * 100D / 16384D) ' ENG 1 N1 Me.TextBox6.Text = ENG1N1.ToString("f1") If ENG1N1 > 10 Then Me.Label37.ForeColor = Color.Green Me.lDrive.BorderColor = Color.Green Me.LDRIVEOIL.Value(4) = False Else Me.Label37.ForeColor = Color.DarkOrange Me.lDrive.BorderColor = Color.DarkOrange Me.LDRIVEOIL.Value(4) = True End If So it should be called BYTE ARRAY, I guess, but it is not. Any way It works. In VB.NET I can say AND,OR. I do have to call a class called Bit Array, to use that function. I don't know how many offset I will need so I will use 66c0-66ff for now to be safe. Thanks again. Ron.
  15. what type offsets ,how do you tell?

    Not sure what you mean by the Intel stuff, In the PM software, example=(&H5626.0, 5626.2 and so on) Any way, thats what they call them,(BitArray) in VB.Net. I only use AMD chips. So To get assinged offsets, Does It cost me money for them? Ron.