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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try a search. I was wondering if there is a way to refresh the list LUA list FSUIPC uses when you assign a keystroke or button? I use P3V4.4 and write LUA scripts "on the fly" so to speak while I'm testing them in the sim. I do use one that is named "test" but after I test the script and save it with a proper name, I have to restart the sim in order to assign a button or keystroke to it. Thanks
  2. Works perfectly. I tested it with VLC, Windows Media player, and Quick time. Thank you so much!! pete > awesomeness To answer WB_Flashover I converted my .vbs scripts into .EXE files with iexpress 2.0 and they work very well. EDIT: Also, I might point out ( and this may be a moot point to the coders ) If your directory is like mine L:Prepar3D v4, .bat files don't like the spaces. I found that I had to put quotes "Prepar3D v4" around any folder or file with spaces. As an example: (I'm a sound guy) I made custom voices for FS DREAMTEAM'S GSX. But, I hated to have the same voice from departure to arrival. So, I made a lua script and .bat file to switch the voices when GSX finishes the pushback. Here's the .bat file that runs to make the switch. (Sarah is the name of the ground op) rmdir /s /q L:\"Prepar3D v4"\"Addon Manager"\couatl\GSX\sounds\pushback xcopy /E /I L:\"Prepar3D v4"\"Addon Manager"\couatl\GSX\sounds\sarah L:\"Prepar3D v4"\"Addon Manager"\couatl\GSX\sounds\pushback This runs hidden with a .EXE file I converted from a .vbs file Notice the quotes I had to put around L:\"Prepar3D v4"\"Addon Manager"\
  3. Just to be sure I downloaded the 64bit version of VLC player and associated the files to it, but still no luck. The other programs I tried were Windows Media Player and Quicktime.
  4. Hi Pete or any other LUA Guru, I've now converted to P3DV4 and I'm running FSUIPC 5.103g . A lua script I used in FSX successfully to play a video doesn't seem to respond. I'm using the ext.shell in the lua library. video, error = ext.shell("L:\\1.mp4", "EXT_FOCUS") ( As I said, this worked in FSX) the log showed no errors, but the video didn't play. ********* LUA: "test" Log [from FSUIPC version 5.103g] ********* 13259554 System time = 16/07/2017 14:37:18, Simulator time = 11:37:18 (21:37Z) 13259554 LUA: beginning "L:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\test.lua" 13259554 LUA: L:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\test.lua:2 13259554 LUA: Global: ipcPARAM = 0 13259617 >>> Thread forced exit (ipc.exit or os.exit) <<< 13259617 System time = 16/07/2017 14:37:18, Simulator time = 11:37:18 (21:37Z) ********* LUA execution terminated: Log Closed ********* so I tried making .bat file called video1.bat with simply "L:\1.mp4" in it. then changed the lua code to: video, error = ext.run("L:\\video1.bat") and it worked. I also tried: video, error = ext.run("L:\\1.mp4", "EXT_FOCUS") with no luck but also no errors recorded. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or what else I should look into. I can stick with the .bat file since it works, but it doesn't allow for the command line parameters to adjust the video window. Thanks for your help. -Jim
  5. That's just it. I didn't want a refund. I just wanted them to switch my accounts. And, credit me the two weeks that it wasn't working. After four emails (two from me and two from Plimus) the only response was. "Here's your money back." I wouldn't say I got it back without any problems. And did the best possible? It's too bad really because I think they have a great idea going. They just have to get the Customer service sorted out. I would have been patient had they (I mean a human) responded quickly to say they are looking into the problem. You're right though, this is the wrong forum. And, I think I will try My TrafficX.
  6. Just another update. Received a refund. AIRNAV didn't even bother to fix the problem. They just refunded my money. STAY AWAY from this product until their customer support improves. I went to World of AI. It's free. and, when coupled with Radar Contact. feels very realistic.
  7. What was really strange was that before I bought the product I asked them a few questions. They responded the next day!! Now, after I subscribed, I can't get one word from them. Contact Plimus. http://home.plimus.com/ecommerce/buyers/buyers-support Just tell them they won't respond and you want your money back. I'm going to get my money back too and switch to another product. I doesn't really matter to me if the Flights are real time or not.
  8. Just a note Sent an email to plimus (the company that handles billing for AIRNAV) and they responded the next day. They said they forwarded my email to AIRNAV. Asked me to wait two days and contact them if I have not received an answer. Let's see if this helps.
  9. last thing to check. Your time. Are you using system time? Try setting a different time. See if that does anything. I'm finding that only international flights are at my US airports. When I adjust my time forward 8 hours. I'll get different flights. Also look in your view menu to see if you have any traffic. If that doesn't work and you don't hear back from AIRNAV.. call the telephone number. Even though they don't want you to. If that doesn't work then go to here and file a complaint with plumis. http://home.plimus.com/ecommerce/buyers/buyers-support Unforunately, we've got to be a thorn in their sides.
  10. Did you disable the FSX AI aircraft as Burkhard said? What version did you order? USA or Europe? Did you go to all Airports around the world? As in my case, I ordered the USA version a got the Europe version.
  11. Burkhard -- You Rock!! You should bill AirNAV for your services. Thanks so much for those fixes. Although.....After I did that, sliders all the way to 100% went to KLAX DENVER Atlanta You get the idea...until it dawned on me that, when I registered, you had a choice of Europe or USA. I know I clearly chose USA. But just to try.... I went to Paris London Amsterdam So I think the whole problem is I'm downloading only Europe routes, when I should be downloading USA. They've got me on the wrong account. DOH! Let's see If I can get it corrected. Thanks again for your help.
  12. It looks like I have found the Airnav 3 haven. Since they don't have a forum themselves. I. like dieselcop1, have FSX running on 7 64bit. I set my traffic slider 100% and get 90% FSX traffic and 10% airnav. This was at KLAX! Is there a tool for that? I do not have any other traffic program running. Airnav customer support has not answered my emails. Also, anyway to not let them overwrite my airport sceneries?
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