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  1. Hi Spoke,

    im here again for the interface of my maddog. thank you for mervellous work done in mounths ago, but nowi need some other offset if is possible to complete the cockpit. The LUA IPC found and tune from old skalarki file is incomplete, missed gears, doors, weel no turning, art switch, loops onafter oh. I tried to read the IPC from fsuipc but the problem is that run very fastly and i can read the offset. Can you help me again ? many thanks Simone

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    2. sisoffi


      maddogX.lua with update EFIS button led,

      in the after misse the 4 apu and gpu pwr avaialbe 


    3. spokes2112


      Hi Simone..

      It looks like the luas & mcc files you sent don't include any reference to the "original" FGCP offsets. That is what I was looking for. 

      Please don't add anything to the luas.. I am having a tough enough time keeping track of what is going on with it now. 

      Is this the ONLY .mcc you are using? If so... It will be all redone! All new offsets. ( I will modify your .mcc with changes )
      The original Skalarki version used so much memory! I can do it differently with a 75% reduction in memory usage. There is no sense in using a 32bit offset for a boolean ( 1 bit ).

      Do you have skype or teamspeak? I could get answers much quicker that way. 

    4. sisoffi


      no Roman, because I don't have my fgcp ready yet.

      As I told you, Skalarki works with his own armored system inaccessible for modifications, he has his own profile (I talked to the developer but he doesn't intend to update the profile with macros and lua from mddog2010 to...

      Do you want tot try to open dll and profile?


      skype: muranoshop

      TW yes also


      SkalarkiIOProfiler4.1.zip MD80Leonardo.zip

  2. yes, the maddog has released all fsuipc offset, but the problem is the same. I need to intercept the functions write on onl .mco file with the skalarki interface. But somtehing is write in his internal code and difficult to bypass :(. Just switch to mobiflight and arduino and you're done. It was just not to throw away valuable and paid cards at the time
  3. about this? do you have any idea? is not pmdg but the new maddogX
  4. one question: Fired through FSUIPC Control: 69919, Parameter: 16777217 16777217 ...what is this parameter?
  5. Hi Pete, I discovered that the toggle switch is not replicated by the TAB test. Also in the example APU MASTER 3 positions OFF RUN and START. from off to run I click the mouse once (click-type 3) or turn the wheel (click-type 15). The moment I do the test it goes to the Start position (it still increases the click and that's fine). from Run to off (clicktype1 or 14). Now if I press the left mouse once the toggle switch goes into start and immediately into run (clicktype 3) while if I turn the mouse wheel (cliktype15) it stays in start. But if I do the TEST of the latter, it does not release remains in start.
  6. Pete, I have tried many combinations. First of all, replace the old parameters 11 and 17 with the new ones. I also tried other combinations of parameters (the left mouse click is momentary and corresponds to 13) but nothing to do I do not understand why the switch does not return to neutral. In any case, the combination works and go in momentary ON position, but nothing to do I do not understand why the switch does not return to neutral. 21=APU_MASTER_MIN=RX40000226,1422=APU_MASTER_PLUS=RX40000226,1523=APU_MASTER_START23.1=RX40000226,1323.2=RX40000226,16
  7. i found the corresponding: 11 MOUSE_LEAVE (fuispc4) = 16 Leave (fsuipc5) 17 MOUSE_LEFTRELEASE (fsuipc4)= 13 Left release so is corect so? 21=APU_MASTER_MIN=RX40000226,14 22=APU_MASTER_PLUS=RX40000226,15 23=APU_MASTER_START 23.1=RX40000226,16 23.2=RX40000226,13
  8. Pete, I'm very confused, forgive me. So, in p3d if I click with the right mouse button I get parameter (3), left click on the mouse (1). If I move the mouse wheel 14 and 15. But what parameters should I use then? from the analysis of my file, both parameters work both if I put 14 in release and 15 in the click, that also 1 and 3. For all the switches I have the same problem on click 3 or 15 and on release 1 or 14 depending on what I press on the mouse (both work). I'm sorry but I just can't understand the logic of the macro function. 21 = APU_MASTER_MIN = RX40000226,14 or (1)22 = APU_MASTER_PLUS = RX40000226,15 or (3)23 = APU_MASTER_START = RX40000226,3 or (15) in any case, the problem remains for all momentary ON switches because in my interface program there is a function on click release programmed on old file with special string line macro: 23 = APU_MASTER_START= 23.1 * RX6c180 X81cc, 11= 23.2 * RX6c180 X81cc, 17 I have only one possibility to interface my switches on the I board with the damn software owned by the author with the indication that we have in the old profile. How would you write the Master Apu macros on the new file? can you give me an example? I would thank you very much. thank Simone
  9. I follow the documentation and is the same of old macro. But now, what is the correct, parameter to assign in te new .mco ? <mouseflag> part provides the actual mouse action required to operate the facility. This is encoded as a number, one of those listed below (but note that some of these will probably never be seen in relation to such regions!): 1 Right single click 2 Middle single click` 3 Left single click 4 Right double click 5 Middle double click 6 Left double click 7 Right button & drag 8 Middlebutton & drag 9 Left button & drag 10 Move 11 Right elease 12 Middle release 13 Left release 14 Wheel up 15 Wheel down 16 Leave 17 Count
  10. thank you pete for the explanation. The MomON is refer to the switch n the Momentary ON position :)
  11. no pete, macro dont change for the moment now the system is stable.
  12. if you followed another post you could find here in attach. Is work for readouts fgcp and some other outputs. For the input there are no problems you can assign in mobiflight inputs via Macro (better) or eventID from command list provided by MaddogX Team. Maddog_X FGCP.zip
  13. Hi Pete, I open another post because it is slightly different from the others. For the home cockpit I am using an interface I/O card that hooks up to the macros via a profile created with a dll (not editable except by the developer). Unfortunately, the developer no longer gives me support, being busy with other developments and since there is no request, he seems to be the only one to use the Maddog as a home cockpit. I did some quick tests and something works by hooking up to the same macro names and keeping the file names the same. But on some macro issues there are problems, for example: In the old maddog we had the input of the APU Master as follows: (the switch is the classic 3-way with an OFF ON MOM-ON position). The macro was thus configured in the old MD82OVERHEAD file: ... 21 = APU_MASTER_MIN = RX6c200 * X83cc 22 = APU_MASTER_PLUS = RX6c180 * X81cc 23 = APU_MASTER_START = 23.1 * RX6c180 X81cc, 11 = 23.2 * RX6c180 X81cc, 17 in the macro test in p3d v3.4 the result is on release RX6c200 * X83cc, plus RX6c180 * X81cc on click. I wonder then where does a file setting with parameters 11 and 17 come from? if I analyze the same switch connected with other I/O cards like mobiflight or BUOX86 by bodnar that uses fsuipc directly, that switch is configured simply with parameters 0 (on) 1 (off) and 2 (momON) Now in the new Maddog we have: ... 21 = APU_MASTER_MIN = RX40000226,14 22 = APU_MASTER_PLUS = RX40000226,15 23 = APU_MASTER_START = RX40000226,15 The OFF and ON position works there are no problems. The MomON position has problems, the switch goes to momON but the release does not return me to the neutral position. Basically to be able to interface with the old input / output boards I should replicate exactly the same macro file, because the dll that works with the profile is already configured following those macro names. But if before we had parameters 11 and 17, how should I then configure the new macro file? I hope I made you understand, thank you very much. Simone MD82OVERHEAD - OLDMADDOG.MCRO MD82OVERHEAD - NEWMADDOGX.MCRO
  14. thank you, Pete, i mapped the Money Bravo N123MS. The result is: [Macros] 1=SW_STBY_VAC_PUMP=RX5000,3 5=SW_PROP_DEICE=RX5800,3 6=SW_PITOT_HEAT=RX6000,3 7=SW_FUEL_BSTPUMP=RX6800,3 8=SW_ELEV_PITCH_T=RX7000,3 9=SW_ENG_IGNITION+ =RX1001,3 10=SW_ENG_IGNITION-=RX1000,3
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