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  1. thanks John, i will attend if somebody of mobiflight can help me.
  2. yes sure is possible to use lua lvars but im not able with lvars scripts plugins.... 😞
  3. thannk you, actually not the mobiflight team not reply. not consider this part is only for another application MaddogX use standard values for these offsets. But one question: possible that there isnt directly an offset that read the value of fuel in each tanks? I have never found aircraft (jets) that use capacity indicators, but rather the weight value loaded at the time of tankering and the instant use of it. Why does it have to be so difficult? sorry to stress you 🙂
  4. I tries this but in the transform data the offset are not consider ( the result remain 57) ($*100/(128*65536))*(0x0B80*(0x0AF4/256)*0.4536)
  5. Sorry but i dont understand nothing. I attach one pic in order to see what mobiflight produce me. The default for the left thanks is in % and its correct (with the default formula) in transform. I need now to add to this formula the calculating of your suggestions. Can you help me to correct the formula so that the Vcockpit can display the same value 2400?
  6. so the offset for left fuel thank is 0x0B7C the transform formula of default is $*100/(128*65536) with this is correct i have 100% of capacity (in gallons). I tried: (2,72*($*100/(128*65536))*$ nothing remain the capacity 😞
  7. John, i checed the documentation. Examlpe Central Fuel Thanks: 0B74 4 Fuel: centre tank level, % * 128 * 65536 Ok-SimC Ok-SimC 0B78 4 Fuel: centre tank capacity: US Gallons (see also offsets 1244– for extra fuel tanks) by setting first offset i have correct 99% by setting second offset the result is 3074 (i suppose is Gallons because in my sim is 9300) by settings 1244 = 0 can you please explain why cannot see the kilograms? % its ok, capacity also but how to obtain kilograms?
  8. Thank you John, we had just mapped all lvars from maddog and there is no lvars refferring to Fuel quantity display. In the past old software we had was based on fsuipc offsets ( for this i assumed that is still no change also in the new aircraft software). I will try soon the offsets. Simone
  9. i rememebred from the past that old developper read the offsets from fsuipc. For the quantities there are offsets? thanks Simone
  10. Hi Pete, I'm trying to configure the maddogX fuel quantity displays (I always interface with mobiflight which reads the values from fsuipc). From my lvars list there inst lvars fro fqty so i assume that fqty is readed from prepar offsets. The problem seems to be in the conversion of the fsuipc data. My system is set to Hybrid (feet, meters) and the fuel paylow as fuel quantity as weight (I see the kilos correctly). Reading the fsuipc manual, the values that read the fuel are: 0B80 4 Fuel: left main tank capacity: US Gallons 0B98 4 Fuel: right main tank capacity: US Gallons 0B78 4 Fuel: center tank capacity: US Gallons (see also offsets 1244– for extra fuel tanks) 126C 4 Total Fuel 1334 Gross weight In my case I have Virtual cockpit Fuel & Payload Mobiflight left main tank capacity 3200 3199 1383 right main tank capacity: 3200 3199 1383 center tank capacity: 500 499 3074 126C 4 Total Fuel 6900 6900 15213 1334 Gross weight 52,400 52,496 0 Could you point me where I'm wrong? thanks Simone
  11. thank you pete. I monitored via fsuipc logging and the parameters affecting the event ID (in my case maddogX 69929 efis control the airports button show in ND) are as follows: at the first press (ON state) 16777217 at the second press (OFF state) 16777216 but in mobiflight cannot assign on press and on release because if i press ON is correct show APTS but when i instantly released the button give me state OFF.
  12. Hi Pete, is possible to to trace an offset starting from the event id or from the hexadecimal? having a pushbutton to be commanded as on press ON and again status OFF on second click I need to use offsets instead of the event ID in order to be able to put the condition ($ = 1,0,1). Thank you Simone
  13. Thankyou Thomas, im not practice to make language for widefs 😞
  14. No Pete, wideview. multichannel and opus creates lags from systems. I studied from many years the question and no found answers to this problem. The only way to have perfect smooth is by using shared cockpit. hanks Simone
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