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  1. sisoffi

    Macro Mouse Code

    thanks pete!
  2. Hi Pete, thank you for your new Mouse Macro in Fsuipc5. Is possible to make in order the macros found like this, with separate comma an divides per section? [Macros] \\ELEC 1=LEFT_CSD_MIN= 2=LEFT_CSD_PLUS= 3=RIGHT_CSD_MIN= 4=RIGHT_CSD_PLUS= 5=CSD_TEMP= 6=L_GEN_ON=RX101e4,3 7=R_GEN_ON=RX101f5,3 8=R_GEN_RESET=RX101f5,1 9=EPWR_ROTARY_PLUS=RX101f6,1 10=EPWR_ROTARY_MIN=RX101f6,15 \\APU 11=GALLEY_ON=RX101e3,3 12=APU_R_BUS_ON=RX101e6,3 13=APU_R_BUS_OFF=RX101e6,1 14=APU_L_BUS_ON=RX101e5,3 15=APU_R_BUS_OFF=RX101e5,1 16=EXTPWR_L_BUS_ON= 17=EXTPWR_R_BUS_ON= 18=AC_BUS_TIE=RX101e2,3 19=DC_BUS_TIE=RX101e1,3 20=GALLEY_ON=RX101e3,3 21=APU_FAG_ENG1_DIS=RX101fa,3 22=APU_FAG_ENG2_DIS=RX101fb,3 23=APU_FIRE=RX101f9,3 24=AIR_OFF=RX101fc,1 25=AIR_ON=RX101fc,3 26=AIR_COND=RX101fc,3 27=APU_BATT_ON=RX101d1,3 28=APU_BATT_OFF=RX101d1,1 29=APU_MASTER_MIN=RX101fd,1 30=APU_MASTER_PLUS=RX101fd,3 31=APU_MASTER_START 31.1=RX101fd,3 31.2=RX101fd,3 32=EMER_PWR_ON=RX101f8,3 33=EMER_PWR_OFF=RX101f8,3 34=APU_DOORS_RAM=RX1020d,3 35=APU_DOORS_NONRAM=RX101ff,3 36=FLTDK_DOOR_UNLKD=RX6ae60*X81cc,11 37=FLTDK_DOOR_DENY=RX6aeb0*X81cc,11 38=APU_DOORS=RX6afe0*Xa1cc 39=APU_ECON= 40=APU_NORM= \\ENG 41=START_PUMP_ON=RX101df,3 42=START_PUMP_OFF=RX101df,3 43=ENG_IGNIT_PLUS=RX101e0,1 44=ENG_IGNIT_MIN=RX101e0,15 45=FUEL_HEAT_L=RX101de,3 46=FUEL_HEAT_R=RX101dd,3 47=ENG_STRT_L_PLUS=RX101db,3 48=ENG_STRT_L_MIN 48.1=RX101db,13 48.2=RX101db,19 49=ENG_STRT_R_PLUS=RX101dc,3 50=ENG_STRT_R_MIN 50.1=RX101dc,13 50.2=RX101dc,19 51=AFT_FUELP_R_ON=RX101d4,3 52=AFT_FUELP_R_OFF=RX101d4,3 53=AFT_FUELP_M_ON=RX101d5,3 54=AFT_FUELP_M_OFF=RX101d5,3 55=AFT_FUELP_L_ON=RX101d8,3 56=FWD_FUELP_L_ON=RX6bd90*X8bcc 57=FWD_FUELP_L_OFF=RX6bd90*X8bcc 58=FWD_FUELP_M_ON=RX6bd60*X8bcc 59=FWD_FUELP_M_OFF=RX6bd60*X8bcc 60=FWD_FUELP_R_ON=RX6bd30*X8bcc 61=FWD_FUELP_R_OFF=RX6bd30*X8bcc
  3. my god pete very sorry! i see now in the new version! many thanks for your effort, i wil try to make some tests. Simone
  4. yes, but if the mouse macro is not anymore implement from new fsuipc5 we cannot use this beautiful function 😞
  5. yes, new maddog2018 change and no macro mouse from old version is still available or work. The control event are all ready but some of them are difficult to set.
  6. no Pete, im using the new maddog2018 with fsuipc5 in p3d v4 64bit.
  7. yes Pete, with fsuipc4 old maddog2010 all mouse macro worked perfectly. the maddog support is not for these things, they not support 😞
  8. with old version was easy to map all via macro functions.
  9. example HDG rotary incr or dec. opne fsuipc logging with events: i move the HDG inc and dec (start from 000) the event number is <69656> parameters change with teh value of what you read in the display 0-1-2-3-4 + or 4-3-2-1 - so i cannot assign a parameter in the button switch because change everytime.
  10. Pete, the numbers came out from events log. For some of them i have offset and parameter = perfect! for others only offset and parameter is the value of readouts heading, speed altitude. You need to use lua script ?
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks Pete. I wanted to understand this thing. If you notice from the event list that the parameter is the value of the heading for example. What would you try to put in the parameter in fsuipc? I tried to write him to increase by +1, but in the mcp I see the change of the last digit of the header in 1. thanks
  12. Hi Pete, I'm trying to set some swithc, rotaries and buttons in my cockpit from the new maddog. From the fsuipc event list, the offset are very clear. For example: switch apu offset: 69836 with parameter: 16777216 and off 167777217....perfect in fsuipc I have problems with encoders. Inoted offset 69656 but for example the heading change with value incrementale 000 001 002 003 etc and dec 000 359 358 357... so for the parameters in fuispc i have no solution and in fact dont work the encoder. which parameter can put in orde to capture and follow the numbers incremental and decremental? many thanks, Simone
  13. Hi Pete, thank you all right now. i think the airplane i try to map is create with new xml. (new maddogX). So no possible to map with macro :(
  14. by the way im tryng to delete the last version of fsuipc 4974 in order to install a previous version of fsuipc and the delete registration dont work. I open p3d v3 and fsuipc is on the module addons :(
  15. i dont map pmdg is only to test usually worked with past versions like 4966. The syntom is: got to button+switch and click to create mouse macro, enter name and readyto map. Open an aircraft like pmdg737 to test....i clikc one button and no green line appear in order to write name of mouse macro.

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