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  1. Hi Roman, I see that you are alive and well but I do not understand why you are not going to answer me anymore either on skype or the messages I sent you. At least be honest with yourself and give me a reason why you stopped answering me because no one has figured it out yet. There is no obligation but at least one message telling me that you are busy and that you can no longer follow me would be honest from you. A greeting
  2. thankyou John, i will test in the afternoon and will report you. Simone
  3. Hello, i am continuing to implement my maddogX. I managed to get also the IPC.lvar of the fuel quantity from the maddog team but I am noticing that the assignment of the output digits does not perfectly follow the output sent by fsuipc. The variable it is assigned via offset lvar, but it seems to overlap values between them. Would anyone know how to help me? I thank - ################ FQTY function md_ipc_fuelleft (varname, value) ipc.writeSTR (0x6950, value) end function md_ipc_fuelright (varname, value) ipc.writeSTR (0x6954, value) end function md_ipc_fuelcenter (varname, value) ipc.writeSTR (0x6958, value) end function md_ipc_fueltotal (varname, value) ipc.writeSTR (0x696C, value) end function md_ipc_weight (varname, value) ipc.writeSTR (0x6960, value) end - ################ FQTY event.Lvar ("md_ipc_fuelleft", lvps, "md_ipc_fuelleft") - (string) | substring with offset = 0x6950 | type = string | size = STR, 4 | substring 0 - 4 event.Lvar ("md_ipc_fuelright", lvps, "md_ipc_fuelright") - (string) | substring with offset = 0x6954 | type = string | size = STR, 4 | substring 0-4 event.Lvar ("md_ipc_fuelcenter", lvps, "md_ipc_fuelcenter") - (string) | offset = 0x6958 | type = string | size = STR, 4 | substring 0 - 4 event.Lvar ("md_ipc_fueltotal", lvps, "md_ipc_fueltotal") - (string) | offset = 0x696C | type = string | size = STR, 5 | substring 0 - 5 event.Lvar ("md_ipc_weight", lvps, "md_ipc_weight") - (string) | offset = 0x6960 | type = string | size = STR, 5 | substring 0 - 5 thanks Simone
  4. Thanks Pete, at least I know he is fine and alive and well (living in covide era). I also wrote him a private message, if he has his reasons for his interruption of the collaboration relationship, I would like to know them. Thank you again Pete
  5. Good morning, sorry for the off topics, I appeal for someone to have information from Roman Stoviak aka Spokes2112. We met in this forum, so I try to see if we can get back to him. We were working on skype on the interface for the maddogX that he took charge of and incredibly managed to interface mobiflight and arduino with the LVAR variables of our dear maddog. We were at a good point, it's still about making some changes on some things that don't work but, Unfortunately, but he has mysteriously disappeared inexplicably without giving any news of himself since May last year. Useless attempts to call or try to contact him via facebook or social media where he is present withou success. I thank those who can give me news about it hoping for the best. Simone
  6. Hi Pete, they add in load and manager the option "Fsuipc compatibility mode" to tick enable in order to funzciont TQ. sorry for the problem
  7. thanks Pete, yes i only did that update but it works very well. Strange that they have switched to a specific assignment of the throttles because in fact both with the keyboard and with the joystick the slider makes the throttles move without problems, It is only through fsuipc that it does not. I also tried to reset everything and recalibrate again but nothing to do there is no way they work.
  8. Hi Pete, another strange problem has been affecting me since yesterday. I haven't touched any in prepar3d 5.1 and fsuipc 6 prepar files. I just updated maddogX to the latest release. Everything ok so far but as of this morning the two engine throttles, even if I open fsuipc are set correctly and I see them move with the correct values, they do not give power to the engines. If I try with a joystick I have an emergency yes. In the same bodnar card, yokes flaps tillers spoiler axles, brakes and pedals work perfectly. I also tried to reset the two values I reconfigured them but nothing to do. Thank you if you can give me an idea on what to investigate. thank a lot Simone
  9. hello pete and john, i have this problem from ever before from fsuipc 4 and 5 and now also 6 and i never understood how to solve. when changing a new pc I reinstaqllo prepar from scratch and install fsuipc again. I bring all my settings to fsuipc from the old file. I note that bodnar is detected in the same way by fsuipc6 as well The problem is that not all the assignments are detected so I have to start from scratch to reassign all the axes buttons etc .... but isn't there a way to reassign everything automatically? thank you Simone
  10. Pete, i everytime assigned mouse macro in fsuipc without problems. THe only thing im not find is the on press wheel on the tab : part provides the actual mouse action required to operate the facility. This is encoded as a number, one of those listed below (but note that some of these will probably never be seen in relation to such regions!): 1 Right single click 2 Middle single click` 3 Left single click 4 Right double click 5 Middle double click 6 Left double click 7 Right button & drag 8 Middlebutton & drag 9 Left button & drag 10 Move 11 Right elease 12 Middle release 13 Left release 14 Wheel up 15 Wheel down 16 Leave 17 Count there is no on press wheel?
  11. Hi Pete and John, i am trying to assign a macro with the wheel press. In the virtual cockpit to accelerate an encoder (for example the nav1 crs of the md80 autopilot) you use the mouse wheel press and turning the wheel (parameter 14 and 15 up and down) while maintaining the on press you have the encoder variation of 10 in 10 instead of 1 in 1. Leafing through the guide for advanced users, however, he didn't find the on press function of the wheel. Isn't it implemented or can't I find it? thank you Simone
  12. thanks John, i will attend if somebody of mobiflight can help me.
  13. yes sure is possible to use lua lvars but im not able with lvars scripts plugins.... 😞
  14. thannk you, actually not the mobiflight team not reply. not consider this part is only for another application MaddogX use standard values for these offsets. But one question: possible that there isnt directly an offset that read the value of fuel in each tanks? I have never found aircraft (jets) that use capacity indicators, but rather the weight value loaded at the time of tankering and the instant use of it. Why does it have to be so difficult? sorry to stress you 🙂
  15. I tries this but in the transform data the offset are not consider ( the result remain 57) ($*100/(128*65536))*(0x0B80*(0x0AF4/256)*0.4536)
  16. Sorry but i dont understand nothing. I attach one pic in order to see what mobiflight produce me. The default for the left thanks is in % and its correct (with the default formula) in transform. I need now to add to this formula the calculating of your suggestions. Can you help me to correct the formula so that the Vcockpit can display the same value 2400?
  17. so the offset for left fuel thank is 0x0B7C the transform formula of default is $*100/(128*65536) with this is correct i have 100% of capacity (in gallons). I tried: (2,72*($*100/(128*65536))*$ nothing remain the capacity 😞
  18. John, i checed the documentation. Examlpe Central Fuel Thanks: 0B74 4 Fuel: centre tank level, % * 128 * 65536 Ok-SimC Ok-SimC 0B78 4 Fuel: centre tank capacity: US Gallons (see also offsets 1244– for extra fuel tanks) by setting first offset i have correct 99% by setting second offset the result is 3074 (i suppose is Gallons because in my sim is 9300) by settings 1244 = 0 can you please explain why cannot see the kilograms? % its ok, capacity also but how to obtain kilograms?
  19. Thank you John, we had just mapped all lvars from maddog and there is no lvars refferring to Fuel quantity display. In the past old software we had was based on fsuipc offsets ( for this i assumed that is still no change also in the new aircraft software). I will try soon the offsets. Simone
  20. i rememebred from the past that old developper read the offsets from fsuipc. For the quantities there are offsets? thanks Simone
  21. Hi Pete, I'm trying to configure the maddogX fuel quantity displays (I always interface with mobiflight which reads the values from fsuipc). From my lvars list there inst lvars fro fqty so i assume that fqty is readed from prepar offsets. The problem seems to be in the conversion of the fsuipc data. My system is set to Hybrid (feet, meters) and the fuel paylow as fuel quantity as weight (I see the kilos correctly). Reading the fsuipc manual, the values that read the fuel are: 0B80 4 Fuel: left main tank capacity: US Gallons 0B98 4 Fuel: right main tank capacity: US Gallons 0B78 4 Fuel: center tank capacity: US Gallons (see also offsets 1244– for extra fuel tanks) 126C 4 Total Fuel 1334 Gross weight In my case I have Virtual cockpit Fuel & Payload Mobiflight left main tank capacity 3200 3199 1383 right main tank capacity: 3200 3199 1383 center tank capacity: 500 499 3074 126C 4 Total Fuel 6900 6900 15213 1334 Gross weight 52,400 52,496 0 Could you point me where I'm wrong? thanks Simone
  22. thank you pete. I monitored via fsuipc logging and the parameters affecting the event ID (in my case maddogX 69929 efis control the airports button show in ND) are as follows: at the first press (ON state) 16777217 at the second press (OFF state) 16777216 but in mobiflight cannot assign on press and on release because if i press ON is correct show APTS but when i instantly released the button give me state OFF.
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