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  1. I agree; Unfortunately since I calibrated, it does not change the fact that there is some sort of a curve FSX has seemingly dedicated exclusively to the aileron axis that makes the last 20% or so of your joystick's travel amount to around 60% of the airplane's total aileron travel distance. Unless I've misunderstood what calibration is for (setting up the maximum and minimum range for your joystick along with deadzones) it could not affect this issue. edit: Your post did stimulate a part of my imagination that inspired me to try changing the joystick's curve to a negative level though, which solved this issue. -15 curve in the FSUI calibration window did in fact, make the travel almost linear. It's ever so slightly short of linear however, which makes me motivated to ask Mr. Dowson this: Would you please consider adding an extra +-5 into the slope options in your next version of FSUI? That would undoubtedly solve this issue for me, and others as well as adding another slight amount of customization to the already large amounts of customization already included with FSUI. ALSO, it will allow me to finally get back to happily flying my imaginary airplanes :D Thanks a bunch to everyone who participated in this thread and especially to Mr. Dowson and user Andydigital, for helping me come even closer to solving this issue!
  2. Mr. Dowson, I'm told that FSUIPC can fix this, yet I've done the following: Disabled all joystick related controls in FSX, then enabled aileron and elevator controls mapped to my joystick in FSUIPC. When that didn't fix the issue I was having, I attempted to add "STICK_SENSITIVITY_MODE=0" to my FSX.cfg and re-enable controls in FSX. This did not fix the issue. So, my issue is: Essentially the aileron controls towards the outer limits of my joystick's aileron range has a very sharp curve. It isn't axis dependent; meaning I can set "Axis Aileron Set" using the "Send to FS as normal Axis" to my joystick's Y axis and still have the same aileron response curve. It's a very big issue for me as well as others and hope there is some way I can fix this with your outstanding software. Rather than creating a new topic and clogging up your forum I thought I'd add a response to this thread as the user who made it originally seems to have the same issue I am.
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