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  1. Hello Paul. That seemed to do the trick. The issue with FSIUPC4 not remembering certain axis is still a mystery. I would program the change, look at the .ini file and then exit FSIUPC back to FSX The file would change and some of the axis' and not others. I reloaded FSIUPC into a C:\FSX directory and that seemed to cure the issue. I must say that the thing I HATE the most about Windows 7 is the permissions. They can't keep the OS secure from hackers but prevent ME from accessing files. Go figure. But thanks again for the suggestion. I doubt I would have discovered this on my own. I dont' know if you program in SIOC/Open Cockpits. If you do let me know as I have some rotary encoder issues I'd like to chat about. Cheers, Jill.
  2. Thanks Paul. I had tried something similar by copying over the [JOYSTICK] assignments, but that didn't work either. Another issue is that some of the assignments are not "sticking" I go into FSUIPC and set the elevator to be fore/aft movement of the cyclic. It sows up but when I go to the sim, the control doesn't move. Again if I go to the HDD boot, all is great. I have checked that the .dll is the 8/2010 version and copied most of the FSX directory from the HDD to the SSD, with still no joy. Very puzzling, but I will try your suggestion. Any ideas about FSUIPC not saving or acting upon the axis input? Thanks CG..
  3. I just put in a SSD (solid state disk drive) to attempt to speed up everything. I can boot from either the SSD or my previous HDD so I can compare and transfer files to facilitate the setup. I tried to clone the drive, but as my system was dual boot, it failed and failed... So I have reinstalled all the programs on the SSD which is remarkably fast (FSX & Accelerator took < 5 minutes between them to install!!!) My SIM is a helicopter cockpit and I also have a lot of peripherals, about 50 switches, 80 lamps/leds, 8 axis encoders for the cyclic (x2) collective, pedal and throttle controls which I have painstakingly programmed and it flys great; I just wanted to try the speed of the SSD. Well when I copy the FSUIPC4.ini file from the HDD to the SSD, the controls and switches are completely different. The changes are between a single reboot, booting the HDD and then the SDD. Also the FSUIPC display is slightly different on the SSD boot and HDD boot. When opening the FSUIPC in FSX, the top "TABS" have a different layout. Also the USB assignments are different between the 2 boot drives. The SIOC the IDXs are 96 & 79 on the SSD boot, but on the HDD boot they are 235 & 199. Very strange. This is something neither my husband, friends nor I have never seen before. Hardware is hardware. But the different boot drive with the same version of and updates of the OS and obviously no changes in hardware between the boots, are producing different Device codes. Am resisting changing the programming but will probably have to as I think Pete is out of the loop until the 15th of March. Thanks to anyone who has some ideas. CopterGirl Systems: 1) EVGA motherboard x58 i7 w/ 12gb memory 2) EVGA motherboard Quad 4 w/ 8gb memory Display cards: 2x 570,(outputs to 60"led, 30" LED) 2x 98001gb, (Outputs to 2 HP 24" lcd & 2 Fuji 17" lcd) 2x 8800 (output to VGA adapter for 7" monitor) 1 MIMO 7" w/ USB interface Interfaces: OpenCockpit USB/Parellel interface, 2 USB Outputs, 2 USB Masters, 2 Display cards, FSIUPC4 w/ 08/2011 DLL. WidevieW. SOIC
  4. Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to interface the RealityXP 530. It seems very odd and there isn't anything available.

  5. Hi, Sorry for Posting in the wrong area. It's my first time. My question relates to any correlation between your offsets and the FSX numbers. I stand corrected as my reference to the 65/66 #s was a general reference and actually meant 65536- 66487 more or less. There seem to be some codes there which are not in FSUIPC and I was wondering what, if any, the conversion was? As for precise commands I'll check the precise get back to you. I'm interfacing with DoDoSim and getting a later release from Simon. Thank your for your attention, Regards JILL. 8)
  6. I suspect this isn't exactly the forum for this, however I can't find any other forum in which to addresses this subject. Is there a direct correlation, conversion table or program to convert the FSX command numbers 65000/66000 to FSUIPC offsets? I am trying to program a number of commands which are not listed in the FSUIPC setup program. Thanks, Jill.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a direct correlation between the FSX command numbers 65000/66000 and FSUIPC offsets? I am trying to program a number of commands which are not listed in the FSUIPC setup program. Thanks, Jill.
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