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  1. OR, possibly easier, either delete the FSUIPC.INI file to make it start over with defaults, or edit that file and remove the joystick section completely. PETE: I'm going to get the latest FSUIPC and NOT touch the Joystick settings at all. I'm using CH Products Control Manager within FS9 and it seems to do the job well. Do I need FSUIPC.DLL in the modules folder in order to run my licensed version of WideServer/Client?
  2. Rob: I'm wondering what the CPFlight mcp is. I've been having similar problems as you've described experiencing. CH Products was unable to track the problem other than saying it's FS9. I found I had to remove FSUIPC files to stop a couple of things from happening: 1) full deflection of the rudder the minute I touched the pedals 2) My USB Pedals would simply lock the brakes! After finally doing a complete re-install of FS9, I was able to configure the joystick and everything was fine. However; after I copied my registered FSUIPC files across to the new FS9 install, Boom! No pedals again. Re-did the process, removed the FSUIPC and Wideserver files and I got them back. Not saying it's Peter's software - just wondering if it may be that the first install contains remnants of my attempting to tweak using FSUIP's joystick setup? Or that cmp file you're referring to?
  3. Neil Rubenking (a programmer who writes for PC Mag - Ziff-Davis) wrote a great utility called EndItAll which will auto close files for you. If you do a Goggle search for it, you'll find it on the Web and you'll find it invaluable. Current version is 2.0 :lol:
  4. For obvious reasons, I'm going to install FS2004 COF separately and maintain my FS2004 install until PSS patches, etc., are released for the new version. Do I need to re-register FSUIP & WideServer in the FS2004 installation, or just point to the other FS2002 directory? :roll:
  5. That's what it was, a problem in the Client setup INI. I never had to add "useTCPIP=No" in my previous setup, but that along with checking the server node addressing seemed to clear up the network problems and the Client loaded using IPX very nicely. Thanks for the help, I'm a happy camper. :lol:
  6. Peter: I'm having Wideserver setup problems. I've registered, gone through the install procedures, re-installed IPX, copied over the wideserver.log 'Servernode' numbers to the client.ini, with no luck. I do NOT have TCP enabled on the Wideserver.ini because I'm behind a router and need to obtain DNS automatically over the LAN. I've noticed that the second I punch Wideclient I get: 'TCP/IP needs ServerName or IP address!" with apparently no effort to FIND the server? Any ideas?
  7. Peter: Do you know if the process actually takes 24-hours to receive the KEY? I was notified the order was processed, but yet I received nothing sent via e-mail other than a "follow this link" if I needed to check the order. I checked with simmarket.com and left some email but no joy yet. I've been waiting for their follow-up which I assumed was automatic. There's nothing wrong with the card and my codes are auto-entered so I'm at a bit of a loss. :oops: UPDATE: Apart from the fact I completely missed the time-zone difference, the KEY was sent at 1:20MST, I have it as I'm sure most others do who registered about the same time I did. :P
  8. No, I don't know about UK, but it depends upon what retailer you talk to here. Maybe next Tuesday? Don't really know. :roll:
  9. Thanks, Peter. I'll look for your Wideserver/FSUIPC package release over the weekend, and hope that the incompatibility issues with 2002 are not dissapointing as far as networking is concerned. :cry: BTW: Canada won't see FS2004 until the '29th I'm told. Why does Europe get it earlier? Puzzles me too... :roll:
  10. Peter (if you're browsing? :P I have the registered version of both FSAVIONICS GSGarmin530 software, and FSFlightMax Remote software by John Hnidec. They marry nicely with your networking product. Can you tell me if the FS2004 FSGarmin utility can be undocked and run on a client PC successfully? If not, what about what I already use running with your new software v.6 :?:
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