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  1. Quick question: using two separate levers on my CH Throttle quadrant for the throttles on the NGX. Can I assign a single button on this controller to flip both the levers into reverse mode, or do I have to assign a separate button per lever?
  2. I have run the installer. All went ok. Some initial feedback: Pleased to report that my big issue with AI traffic at FAOR (Johannesburg) is resolved (I run add on scenery by NMG Trading for this airport). I did need to disable the FAJS BR2 file (old identifier for this same airport) to eliminate a duplicate entry in the Select Airport screen. Seems that there is also a lot more traffic at SA airports. Another thing I noticed (hopefully not just time of day) is that all the B707 SA Air Force aircraft are gone. They used to fill bays at FACT even though they only ever had one or two of these, not an entire fleet, and they were retired many years ago. I never see Dash 8 Q400 and CRJ700 aircraft from SA Express at any SA airports. Are there schedules for these? Also have not seen any SA Airlink aircraft either. Both are regional airlines with fair sized fleets, so quite a common sight.
  3. Ah ok, that makes it easier. Thanks for your help scnrfrq - appreciate it. :-)
  4. Great thanks! Sorry one more question. I downloaded the update..... Inside the zip file there is the MTXU60abeta4.exe, install instruction and a MyTraffic folder (629 MB). I understand that I must place the .exe into the "My Traffic Professional" folder where it will sit alongside a folder called "MyTraffic" from where I must run it. But what do I do with the MyTraffic folder in the beta4 download? Must I manually merge or replace the existing folder with this new one?
  5. Thanks scnrfrq, Out of interest, do you know if this update includes the patch also, or must I instal that first? I might follow your lead on this one....
  6. Agreed, the instructions are not particularly clear. I am reluctant to try the beta for 2 reasons: 1. I don't like using my simulator PC as a software test bed - if something does go wrong, the thought of a format and reinstall is simply too much to bear. We are talking days, not hours. Of course I appreciate those that do undertake beta testing. 2. The instructions for the update leave me less than 100% sure about how to install. Maybe it should also be pointed out that the vast majority of My Traffic 6 users are probably unaware of this update. Most will only come to the forums if they are experiencing a problem. I found out by chance. Maybe that is why feedback is thin - no one is using it because no one knows about it. I am anxious to apply the update because it is supposed to address some issues I have specifically with FAOR/FAJS.
  7. Any news on the final release, I've been holding out for the final release of the update rather than installing the beta considering it supposed to be imminent?
  8. Please can you look at updating to make the AI traffic recognise the new FAOR code for Johannesburg. It is no longer FAJS. Using a popular FAOR 3rd party scenery [NMG Trading] which updates the airport code, produces issues with your BR2_FAJS.BGL in your scenery folder. Double jetways positioned incorrectly which the AI dock to, blocking the apron taxiways. This means it has to be disabled - results in absolutely no AI traffic. FAOR is the largest/busiest airport on the African continent, so must surely be a priority to fix :-) Regards
  9. Hi all, I have just upgraded FAOR (Johannesburg - OR Tambo International) to a later version by a third party developer. Now I have double jetways in the middle of the apron where the AI aircraft are docking. If I remove the BR2_FAJS.BGL file in the My Traffic /Scenery folder, then the problem goes away. BUT so do all my AI aircraft. What can I do to get AI aircraft back to this airport? This airport was identified as FAJS until about 3 or so years back and now is identified as FAOR. This is only the largest and busiest airport on the entire African continent, so surely we can get this working by having My Traffic 6 recognise the FAOR airport? Note the My Traffic is positioned correctly in the Scenery Library and FAOR is way above it at the No. 1 position.
  10. Thanks all, The problem appeared to resolve itself. I think all that was required was a complete reboot. My bad for not trying that first. When GSX is restarted after a complete shutdown and it detects airport cfg files have been modified, moved or deleted, it rebuilds its scenery cache and this then fixes the issue.
  11. Hi all. I have My Traffic 2013 build 54c. I purchased this and installed it today. This is on a new PC built for FSX, so it does not have any previous file versions etc on it. I also have GSX [Ground Services X] installed. I also have some airport scenery from NMG Trading installed (South Africa). Their scenery has some incompatibilities with My Traffic X and their advice was to delete certain BGL files such as BR2_FAJS.bgl (or move them as I did) from the My Traffic/Scenery Folder in FSX. This fixes the problem BUT creates a new one. It seems GSX looks for those same files when starting and gives a message (error) that it cant start as it can't find the file. I realize this is not a My Traffic issue as such but is there a workaround so that I can have my NMG airports, My Traffic X and GSX working in harmony? How does GSX know that it should be looking for the My Traffic version of the bgl. Can it not be redirected to find the NMG Trading version of the bgl instead? I should note that this did all work with an older Just Flight version of Traffic X (don\t know if the two are related in anyway). Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks Pete, will keep looking and trying. Will report back if I find a solution. For now I too use a controller button to engage reverse on NGX.
  13. Hi Pete and all, I'm currently using FSUIPC (registered) for a long time now with FSX Accel. and PMDG B744X. I have successfully calibrated the throttles to my CH Throttle Quadrant so that I have reverse thrust in the reverse range of the throttle controller. I am now trying to get this right with the PMDG 738NGX but I am struggling. When I set the calibration in FSUIPC, no matter how I try changing the "gaps" between idle and reverse thrust, I cannot get a reliable reverse thrust command in the sim. Sometimes when moving the throttles into reverse the aircraft goes into reverse, other times it does not, or goes partly into reverse. Also, it may not go into reverse when pulling the levers back, but then if I move the levers forward slightly, still in the reverse range, it does go into reverse. I don't have a problem in the normal throttle range (between idle to max power). As I mentioned, it works 100% in the PMDG744X, so it is not the controller that is faulty. Any ideas on what I am missing or need to change? I am using the "aircraft specific" check box as I dont want to mess up other aircraft such as the 747's settings. I am not using the "Filter" setting or "Rev" check boxes. I am using the Reverse axis so I see three range settings for each throttle (max, idle, reverse). I beleive I am currently using version 4.743 of FSUIPC. I have just downloaded the latest version 4.827, not yet installed it and there is reference to PMDG NGX but I don't see any reference to throttles. Will this update help me with this issue? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Pete! Appreciate it. Best regards!
  15. Hello, I have FSUIPC 4.26 registered. I have downloaded 4.60 now. Do I just run the installer exe to update? Also, what about custom settings in FSUIPC such as key commands - will I have to redo all those or will they be transferred? I understand that I will not need to pay again to register the upgrade as a full functioning version? Thanks in advance
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