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  1. Thanks for replying. I was really confused at first with the Dock and Lock options and, sometimes, with the window stubbornly disappearing from the place I docked it. I will try to lock it now, as you say. Fact is, the solution I found did resolve the variable visibility issue, but I understand that there should be millions of other subtle Windows+FS graphic interface reasons behind this episode. This and other system problems arise everyday, breaking our hobby in 30% of conflicting troubles, 30% in configuration troubles, 30% of installations troubles, leaving just 10% of pleasure. That’s not fair. FS is a time consuming hobby. For 2 months, I was struggling with a nag around San Francisco airports: My Dreamfleet B734 could not capture localizers or VORs at the Bay area. Only the Dreamfleet!!! I reinstalled the aircraft 3 or 4 times, uninstalled all third party sceneries, aircraft and add-ons. After sometime, this visibility issue started happening. Finally, I uninstalled FS2002 and the Bay area issue ceased, but the visibility issue came with the Radar Contact 3 installation. I’m sure you understand my conclusion when I stated that flying without AdvDisp on the main DF734 panel, the weather issue did not happen. I’ll be back to tell about the results with locking the AdvDisp window. Thanks again, and regards.
  2. Yes, there is a conflict between AdvDisp and the weather, but not exactly with ActiveSky wxre. It can happen also with FSMeteo. The conflict I’ve observed was due to docking AdvDisp to the Dreamfleet 734 main panel and, after that, visibility started varying from the side views. As an example, in CAVOK conditions, above 6000ft, looking through right or left views of DF734 , you see visibility getting poor quickly. Back to front view, visibility improves back fast, up to horizon. Also, you can observe other clouds and wind fast changes when looking through the side views. Below 6000ft, the conditions are inverted – bad visibility at front and good at the side views!!! I am not sure if this phenomenon also happens in other default or third party aircraft. IF YOU USE RADAR CONTACT 3 – Here is what you can do: Dock the AdvDisp window on a main panel WITH A SECONDARY PANEL ON. If you are in the Cessna 182, first turn on the Radio Stack and dock AdvDisp window. On the Dreamfleet B734, dock the AdvDisp window RIGHT ON THE RADIO STACK PANEL. A good place is on the TRIM controls, down right. What will happen? Then, the AdvDisp windows WILL ONLY APPEAR WHEN THE RADIO STACK PANEL IS ON. That is a fine situation, because, when using Radar Contact 3, you don’t need the AdvDisp window ON all the time. This is a rule I am following for all my aircraft. In the Cessna Caravan equipped with Reality XP Garmin 530, I docked AdvDisp window with the Garmin ON. When I want to see the window, I just turn on the Garmin, otherwise it is kept OFF. Hope this helps Regards from Rio de Janeiro
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