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  1. May I be the first to chime in from the USA. The new zip downloaded fine from this site. TD
  2. I'm only a lowly user :-) but here are a couple of suggestions that may help you and others to help you. Post the FSUIPC5.INI file located in the Modules folder with the other FSUIPC software. (Just copy the file text and paste it into a post here.) Do not move the USB ports the devices are connected to unless you have edited that ini file so that FSUIPC can find the device regardless of which USB port those devices are connected to. Read the user's guide section that discusses PROFILES. These can be simple or complex depending on your needs. You could set up profiles for YOKE airplanes and JOYSTICK airplanes for example. TD
  3. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    Having read in other posts that new controls are available in P3D4.1, I'm wondering if any of these deal directly with window selection? (I say window specifically as "view" is used to refer to both the container and the contents of the container in most documentation.) TD
  4. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    " surely you want working controls you can send, not menus? " In a word, ABSOLUTELY! My only reason for this exercise was to see if it was practical to select a menu choice with a button. I have no idea what might be involved in creating a control to select a view. I do have some Windows programming experience and know that setting a character to underline in a menu list is very easy. My thought was to ask LM to create controls to select views or, if that is too difficult, underline the view numbers. Since the latter would not be a practical solution, I will only suggest the former. Truly, I don't hold out much hope that either would be done.
  5. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    Just to tie up the loose ends of this thread, I did try using the press/hold control with only limited success. This sequence: 58=PY,1,C1071,2066 -{key press/hold: (null)}- 59=UY,1,K86,8 -{Key press: V}- 60=UY,1,K87,8 -{Key press: W}- 61=UY,1,C1072,2066 -{key release: (null)}- and this sequence: 58=HY,1,K18,8 -{Key press: (null)}- 59=HY,1,K86,8 -{Key press: V}- 60=PY,1,K87,8 -{Key press: W}- both result in toggling Window Titles with the latter being more consistent than the former. With each, the menus must be unhidden. Two button presses are required to achieve the desired result once if the menus are hidden. Likewise each scenario leaves focus on the menus thus preventing any further action until clicking off the menu area. With actual keystrokes, focus is returned to the window after the menu operation is completed. This says to me that even if VIEW00-VIEW09 (underlining) was implemented by LM, controlling the menu by a button would not be reliable enough to accomplish my desire to direct focus to VIEW00 before sending VIRTUAL COCKPIT FORWARD. I will ask LM on the P3D forum if they would create a control to select a given view. Thanks for your suggestions, Pete. Still lovin' FSUIPC!
  6. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    Anything is possible in software but some things are easier than others. I would consider suggesting to LM that it create a control code to bring focus to a the given view. Barring that, it could add the underline flag to the VIEWS menu view section (VIEW00 - VIEW09) . Unfortunately, at least on my machine, selecting a menu choice via keystrokes is unreliable whether using the actual keyboard or sending a key sequence with a button. Using, as a test, the keyboard sequence ALT, V ,W to toggle Window Titles, I found that the results were (1) move the selection to WORLD, (2) do nothing or (3) toggle titles. Using a button to send these three keys is even less successful. FWIW, sending ALT+V (K86,24) does not work at all. This assignment works to toggle WINDOW TITLES about 10 percent of the time: 1=PY,1,K18,8 -{Key press: (null)}- 2=PY,1,K86,8 -{Key press: V}- 3=PY,1,K87,8 -{Key press: W}- Most likely, if the view numbers were underlined, selecting them via a button could not be done with any consistency. I may be on a fool's errand here. The testing was done with P3D 4.1 and FSUIPC 5.121b
  7. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    Some time ago I remember reading a statement in the FSUIPC Advanced User's Guide that might have been the answer to my issue. In the Buttons Programming section: KeyboardFocus: When this is included and set to 'Yes' it ensures that any keypresses assigned to buttons (or sent by external programs as FSUIPC controls) are directed to the main FS window for processing. I've entered KeyboardFocus=Yes in the Buttons section of the ini file but it seems not to have the effect that I want. In fact it appears to have no effect at all. Is this still a valid option? I see it in the oldest Advanced User's Guide I have (early 4.x) and also in the most recent. The option seems easy enough to employ. Is there something I might be missing in its use or am I misinterpreting what the option actually does?
  8. Tom-D

    Set focus to VIEW00

    Pete, Thanks for the prompt response. I had looked at those controls but when issuing VIEW_AUX_00, focus does not move to VIEW00. By their names one might think that they might be helpful in making a view get focus but alas, that did not appear to be the case. There is an old post on the P3D forum http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=110755 which makes reference to the lack of view management. In all of my searching, this is the only forum post that found with a query along the lines of mine. I would think that this is such an obvious thing to want to do (forcing focus to the parent window) there would be many discussions about it. I guess it's not the big deal I thought it might be. TD
  9. I come here today on bended kneeboard, helmet in hand, hoping I haven't overlooked something obvious. My goal is to assign a button on my CH yoke to change the window focus to the parent window (VIEW 00) and set the view to Virtual Cockpit Forward. The latter is easy, the former is where I am having trouble. In my research, searching this forum, other sim forms, P3D documentation, FSX documentation and, of course, FSUIPC documentation. I have not found a way to programaticly bring focus to VIEW00, the parent window of P3D. According to P3D's documentation there are only three ways to get to VIEW00: mouse click in the window, choose VIEW00 from the View menu, and key "s" to cycle through the views. None of these is appropriate for a button operation. If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this, please let me know. Thanks
  10. Me too, Me too! I knew there was a reason I liked you :-)
  11. At the risk of being rude by hijacking a thread, it does appear that this one has reached its conclusion. A comment by the OP about Windows 7 Search rings true with me. There are some alternatives out there, one of the best in my opinion is a utility called "Everything" available from http://www.voidtools.com/. It is available in 32 and 64 bit configurations. It does not search inside files but it is lightning fast at finding file names and/or extensions.
  12. Tom-D

    Calibration problem

    Check this post. It sounds like it might be your problem: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79171-saitek-fsuipc/?p=479155 TD
  13. If memory serves, you must run the simulator once before installing FSUIPC.
  14. An often heard phrase in software house where I was once employed, "I never comment my code. It was difficult to write, it should be difficult to understand."
  15. The first thing you'll want to do is update to the latest release (4.938 as of this writing.) Try the new version with your product. I believe I'm correct in speaking for Pete in saying that he cannot support a version as old as yours.

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