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  1. Hello Pete and all Just to properly close this thread, I just wanted to advise that, upon uninstalling the Microsoft Windows Updates which were automatically installed on May 7, 8 and 9, all issues disappeared, and IDM is working normally. I have told the IDM folks about this. And, of course, I have changed the Microsoft updates settings, so that I am always asked before one is installed. Cheers! And a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms in the forum and to those moms who are somehow associated with it!! Roberto
  2. I finally managed to download and, as you suspected Pete, it was totally on my end. Allow me a few lines, to spare any grief for anybody else. I use Internet Download Manager (IDM) for all my downloads. I checked Google (what else?) and found an answer. The download address, is: "https://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta..... etc" All I had to do in the refused download, was to delete the first "s", so that the download page now read: "http://fsuipc.....etc" and IDM was happy Go figure!! All's well that ends well. Thanks Pete for the patience. And thanks Tom for chiming in. I am happy. Cheers Roberto
  3. Pete: I just tried to download another add-on, just to see if something is blocking the download at this end, and it downloaded OK. Roberto
  4. Hi Pete: Sorry for the delay (babysitting duties). I get the same message when trying to download from the Schiratti site (it says version 124 over there). Anybody else highlighting this? Roberto
  5. Hello Pete and all: I have been unable to download the latest version of FSUIPC5.13, as I get an "An error occurred during download. Please try again" message. This has happened on two different computers. (Windows 7 Pro, in both) Any guidance is appreciated. Roberto
  6. Happy New Year to everybody in this forum! Pete, hopefully your cold is easing up and you are feeling much better, for a good start to the year. Roberto
  7. Hello: In the Updated Modules forum, there is an option to download and install the "FSUIPC5121b" version, which I have already done. Underneath it, however, there is an option to download the "FSUIPC5121c" version, with a statement that it is only for users already using it. Is it necessary to download the "c" version and install it after the "b" version has been installed? With regards, Roberto
  8. I am also glad to report that all is well with "m" and both PMDG's 747 and 777. I have read in another forum, that L-M has found and fixed an issue related to the flag SIMCONNECT_CLIENT_DATA_PERIOD_ON_SET not working with SimConnect_RequestClientData, and is now testing it. Not that it is very important at this point, but I just wonder if all of this is somehow connected. We waited patiently for PMDG to resolve their issue and now, hopefully, L-M will soon relase their fix. Roberto
  9. I am experiencing the same issue as "jannier" above. (Excluding the "FSUIPC kills PMDG" comment, as we now know that it is a PMDG issue). This is just a report, for Pete's benefit (if any). Regards, Roberto
  10. Very good news! We'll keep one eye here for the "k" version and the other eye on the PMDG forum, for their fixes. Roberto
  11. Hello everybody: I believe that developers of other "complex" add ons, such as PMDG, have not yet released their updates for P3Dv4. When they do, it will be interesting to see how those products interact with the simulator. There are other developers who have found a bug in the code of the simulator, and have had it confirmed by L-M. Who knows, this whole issue might be more related to P3Dv4 itself and really "nobody's fault". In the meantime, loading the B747-400 after a default aircraft is not a really big deal. And then, I can enjoy the new experience with these new products. Roberto.
  12. Just as an additional thought after reading the multitude of reports about this conflict between the QOTS II and FSUIPC5, it appears to me that another factor might be the operating system. Is it possible that those with Windows7 are encountering the issues while those on Windows10 are not? i also posted this thought in the PMDG forums. Regards, Roberto
  13. Three basically new platforms trying to talk to each other, they are bound to find some conflicts. I have read in forums of other utility developers, that they have also encountered issues with P3Dv4, as you did Pete, and L-M is trying to resolve them, as they did with you. I am sure that eventually all this will be fixed. Opening the sim with a default airplane, is quite OK for the interim. "This, too, shall pass" Regards, Roberto
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