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  1. Happy New Year to everybody in this forum! Pete, hopefully your cold is easing up and you are feeling much better, for a good start to the year. Roberto
  2. FSUIPC5121b vs FSUIPC5121c

    Thank you Mario. I will do that Roberto
  3. Hello: In the Updated Modules forum, there is an option to download and install the "FSUIPC5121b" version, which I have already done. Underneath it, however, there is an option to download the "FSUIPC5121c" version, with a statement that it is only for users already using it. Is it necessary to download the "c" version and install it after the "b" version has been installed? With regards, Roberto
  4. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    I am also glad to report that all is well with "m" and both PMDG's 747 and 777. I have read in another forum, that L-M has found and fixed an issue related to the flag SIMCONNECT_CLIENT_DATA_PERIOD_ON_SET not working with SimConnect_RequestClientData, and is now testing it. Not that it is very important at this point, but I just wonder if all of this is somehow connected. We waited patiently for PMDG to resolve their issue and now, hopefully, L-M will soon relase their fix. Roberto
  5. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    I am experiencing the same issue as "jannier" above. (Excluding the "FSUIPC kills PMDG" comment, as we now know that it is a PMDG issue). This is just a report, for Pete's benefit (if any). Regards, Roberto
  6. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Very good news! We'll keep one eye here for the "k" version and the other eye on the PMDG forum, for their fixes. Roberto
  7. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Hello everybody: I believe that developers of other "complex" add ons, such as PMDG, have not yet released their updates for P3Dv4. When they do, it will be interesting to see how those products interact with the simulator. There are other developers who have found a bug in the code of the simulator, and have had it confirmed by L-M. Who knows, this whole issue might be more related to P3Dv4 itself and really "nobody's fault". In the meantime, loading the B747-400 after a default aircraft is not a really big deal. And then, I can enjoy the new experience with these new products. Roberto.
  8. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Just as an additional thought after reading the multitude of reports about this conflict between the QOTS II and FSUIPC5, it appears to me that another factor might be the operating system. Is it possible that those with Windows7 are encountering the issues while those on Windows10 are not? i also posted this thought in the PMDG forums. Regards, Roberto
  9. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Three basically new platforms trying to talk to each other, they are bound to find some conflicts. I have read in forums of other utility developers, that they have also encountered issues with P3Dv4, as you did Pete, and L-M is trying to resolve them, as they did with you. I am sure that eventually all this will be fixed. Opening the sim with a default airplane, is quite OK for the interim. "This, too, shall pass" Regards, Roberto
  10. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    I removed one line at a time, so that after three times, none of the lines was there. Then I removed one line, but always left the other two in place. In all six trials, the B747-400 worked OK, but only after a default airplane was loaded first. In all six trials, the B747-400 would not work, if loaded first. Regards, Roberto
  11. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Yes Pete. I am sending whatever I find to both you and them. Eventually it will be resolved. I am sure. Just let me know if I can help with anything else. Regards, Roberto
  12. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Hello Pete: Added the three parameters to the .INI file. Yesterday I had already changed to the "FSUIPC 5.101 TEST" version. PMDG B747-400 is now working. I have started and restarted the simulator several times, opening different versions of the B747-400 and everytime, it has worked. But, it will only work if I first load a default (I use the Piper Cub) airplane. (If I load the sim with the B747-400, it will not work at all, even if I next load a default and then try to reload the B747-400 in the same session) I am also running Windows7 Pro (SP 1). Regards, Roberto
  13. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Hi Pete: I am not contradicting my first "no KEY" post. I removed .KEY, as you suggested. Shut P3Dv4. And upon restarting it, the B747-400 worked. I sent my first reporting email. Shut P3Dv4 again. A second time. Then restarted P3Dv4 and, the B747-400, did not work, showing the same issues as before. I then sent the second reporting email. Since then, I "disabled" the FSUIPC.dll by renaming it (old_......) and the B747-400 has been working OK through a number of simulator (and computer) restarts. The P3Dv3 version, that also re-installs automatically, has always run the B747-400 OK, every time, with the registered FSUIPC that I own for it. I will happily try to help with testing any software that might help in diagnosing whatever is going on. Regards, Roberto
  14. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    I am sorry to report that after shutting down P3Dv4 and later starting it again, with the unregistered FSUIPC5, resulted in the same problems with PMDG's B747-400. I shut down P3Dv4, I disabled the FSUIPC.dll and restarted P3Dv4. B747-400 is now working well. Regards, Roberto
  15. PMDG's new B747-400 and FSUIPC5

    Please let me know how else I can assist. Roberto