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  1. Hey Pete, Both JoyID and Windows only see the one stick... The 'ghost' stick is not causing issues at the moment, so I'm just going to leave it be, instead of risking causing further problems. Thanks again for your help! Lars
  2. Alright, now I feel stupid. ;) Luckily, I was smart enough to make a backup of my 'working' fsuipc.ini file. I tried the JoyIDs utility before, read the FAQ post... However, before, I swapped id's just a couple of blank spaces below (which probably had something in them, although not showing, my not connected controllers probably). This time, I just swapped with the very last id, got a confirmation message (hadn't seen that before!), and now it works... Still not sure why it shows 2 X-55 sticks. I only have and have ever had a single one. Not too worried about that though, a
  3. Hello, I've recently updated my Windows 7 Ultimate installation to Windows 10 Pro (using the upgrade functionality). Since then, I have one major issue with my Saitek X-55 throttle and FSUIPC. The problem is that FSUIPC does not detect axis and button inputs from the throttle unit. This in both FSX and P3D. If I start the sim, open FSUIPC, and go the axis calibration tab, nothing happens when I move one of the axis. Same thing for buttons, on the respective tab. The X-55 stick works fine though, it's just the throttle. Similarly, the throttle works perfectly if I don't use FSUIPC.
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