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  1. Return of Enhanced View AI

    Great news indeed Simon, thanks for sticking with it!
  2. STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    after .bgl you can just add .orig So just make the file name TrafficAircraft.bgl.orig This way if you need the original file restored just edit out .orig and FSX will read the file again.
  3. Thanks for digging deeper with investigation into this Simon. Paul
  4. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Working as expected here. Thanks so much for all you do Simon! Paul
  5. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Installation went great, will test as vigorously as I can. P3Dv4 with UTLive at 100% and using generic paints. Thank you Simon! Paul
  6. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    All n All STB remains a great product. Maybe someday UT Live will develop into something that can talk to STB better, in the mean time, I'm happy.
  7. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    No I have no way/method of getting Shadow/Chase/Follow to work in V4 - I get the same thing, UTLive traffic deleting in P3Dv4. I know UT Live was working with STB fine in P3Dv3. Shadow/Chase/Follow, Extended AI camera views, and Depart/App/Arrive now, all worked in V3 . P3Dv4 is when the Shadow/Chase/Follow, Depart/App/Arrive now, and extended views stopped working. Coms, flight data, Delete, and View AI work fine.
  8. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I thought we were waiting for the Shadow/Chase/Follow features to be implemented. I remember this working fine with UT2 in P3Dv3. I don't know the differences between UT2 and UTL and how they affect STB, but I realize that P3Dv4 is quite different and P3Dv4 is what I understood to be the issue that you were working on concerning these features. I was waiting on the deployment tab to get the invisible aircraft.
  9. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Currently they are looking into it, and they recently patched it so I'm going to check this patch once I finish my 10+ hour LFPG -KIAH flight :-)
  10. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Unsure if this matters, but UT Live is having its own set of issues with the latest build. There are several people including myself reporting little or no airliner activity at some major airports. Plenty of planes on the ground and none leaving the gates. I have confirmed this at KBOS, KORD, and KMCO. The other thing is since the first problem is evident, the second problem is no (or very few) planes arriving. But yesterday at ZBAA there was lots of planes departing with a queue about a mile long but no airline arrivals for over an hour. Radar Contact seems unable to see this traffic as well. This may be a UT Live issue or possibly an FSUIPC issue, I have no idea. STB does see the departure traffic and also notes the lack of arrivals. So a question Simon, do you think it would be better to test STB using default traffic for now or does it matter?
  11. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    ready to test
  12. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Thanks for the update Simon!
  13. simmarket has stated since, that they completely trust the CC company that they use, so I will never buy from simmarket again.
  14. Simmarket issues that I have had with simmarket twice in the past as well. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/513102-credit-card-stolen-after-a-simmarket-order/#comment-3650479 There is no way I can now justify making any more purchases from simmarket ever until this is rectified and there is concrete evidence that this issue is solved. The potential for simmarket to lose all credibility is at hand, but I do not want your company to have any issues as a result - hence this note.