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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed Simon.
  2. This seems to be a case where I failed to use the Lorby export tool prior to running MakeRunways. I must have been too excited to get flying to SEQM that I missed a step I never missed before, I don't think so, but its possible. RC4.3 now sees SEQM normally. However, a freeware product called Destination Finder 2.0 that uses MakeRunways and its own database maker (FSXDATA.CSV) still does not see SEQM. But I'm not so concerned over that, as LNM does the job, plus you have given way too much time on this. I may have to move to newer ATC / utilities as the P3D world changes. Thank you Pete.
  3. Well not "responsibility", but it is the only scenery package that has not automatically copied over to RC43/data in my 15 years of Radar Contact. When you mentioned a BGL may be responsible (I think unconventional is possibly a better word) , I thought that it may be something Flightbeam would like to know. The only file I have had to copy over (instead of manually editing each flight in the RC UI) is the F4.csv as FSAerodata has been updating the frequencies as needed with each new AIRAC. ---------------------- Ok, so I just ran MakeRunways from P3D directly (to P3D) and also from the RC3.4 rebuild DB method (to RC4/data). Now wouldn't you know it, SEQM is not even in the R5.csv anymore. I know for sure it was there - I'm using the find feature. I have no other programs running at all. Here is the STATISTICS bgl SEQM_ADEP4_DS_04_W_STATICS.bgl
  4. R5 and XML both have SEQM - R4.CSV is the one that does not have SEQM. If it possibly matters, in my quest I also discovered that F4 F5 G5 Helipads T5.CSV all contain SEQM. I personally have no problem sending the BGL, but I've never had to send a BGL file in my experience, particularly from a licensed piece of software, and am unsure of the legal ramifications (if any). Please advise if I should ask permission from Flightbeam. Just covering all the bases. **** Hold on - I found a piece of info that likely makes this more a Radar Contact v4.3 issue than a MakeRunways issue. In double checking all the CSV files in my P3DV4 directory the R4.CSV there, it does have SEQM, and yet the same date R4.CSV in the RCv4/data directory does not have the SEQM entry. Must have to do with the rebuild database batch program in RC4.3. I would never have guessed that would make a difference especially with a single airport. I suppose it just a matter of copying the good one from P3D over to the Radar Contact/data directory. But if we should still alert Flightbeam about this for some reason that they can/should correct, I will communicate with them unless you think its best to contact them yourself about it, based on how complicated it may be.
  5. Apologies, the sheer size of the runways.txt kept me from opening it as a simple txt (notepad) file (taking forever to load) so I went RTF fast. I did not realize it would be difficult to open for you, sorry. Here it is in a simple txt - no need to even zip up. version - reverified, redownloaded, and reinstalled twice last week, trying to cover all the basics. seqm runways.txt
  6. Yes, the P3Dv4 airport selection does show the SEQM airport, the runways, that helipad, gates, and GA parking on the dropdown selection list. The airspace and runway is indicated on the map as well. There is a pretty huge section for SEQM and related to that, the closure of SEQU following (just incase its something to do with that), so I will attach that section in a zip file. SEQM runwaysTXT.zip
  7. Yes I get SEQM in runways.txt but I need it in the csv files. I have all my programs set to run as administrator - that's like breathing to me 😃. I have P3D installed in C:\Prepar3D v4 Initially I figured it was a simple fix on Flightbeam's end, because I have been using MakeRunways and Radar Contact for what seems to be about 15 years w/o any problems. Been through the Orbx global/vector phase, Ray Smith afcad phase, payware and freeware, FSAerodata, all w/o a single issue. SEQM is the only roadblock. I will look further into Lorby and see if I can figure this out. I'm almost due for a total system refresh, so not too big a deal - I will just use default ATC to get to SEQM until then. ------------------ Thanks for the ideas gentlemen.
  8. I was wondering if anybody else has had no success getting MakeRunways to output R4.csv info for SEQM. Radar Contact still has no info on SEQM - I tried (trying anything I can think of) with and without the Lorby AO export tool. It must be something simple I'm missing, but rebuilding a RC4.3 database is as simple as it gets. I'm using MakeRunways version and even when run from the P3D directory directly it does not pick up that SEQM is there, however, SEQU is still there in the R4.csv I have a post in the Flightbeam forum to see if anybody there has insight into something with the scenery itself. I'm at a loss.
  9. It was me then...I thought the initial sentence was a "history lesson" and the second sentence was a "new possibility" with the M4.csv file. So I thought the info was being pinched from M4🤡😄
  10. Yes I did mean the /+T parameter. I figured it was me. I don't own EFB, I use Navigraph Ultimate, and I only own RC4. After all the trial and error trying to get /+T to function, I was surly stumped. Thanks for looking into this. HiFi, PMDG, and the P3D SDK (World\Traffic) all use Airports.dat someway, could they be used in some way? *** never mind on the last question**** I checked them - no TA TL info
  11. I'm using MakeRwys version and following the directions exactly, the m4.CSV file remains unchanged. I have tried the CMD as admin console window method and creating the shortcut method running as admin (check box and right clicking). I tried both methods without running as admin. I tried exporting the library via the Lorby-SI and tried it w/o exporting the library. The original m4.CSV is copied from RC4x/Data to P3Dv4 root and after running MakeRwys it remains dated 1/6/2006, yet all the other CSV files in the P3Dv4 root show modified today 9/1/2018. Are we positive the parameter works in version Does anybody else have this parameter working? if so can they just attach their M4.CSV here?
  12. Hi Simon, Are you in touch with the Traffic Global development team? On the surface it does not appear to be much different from Traffic 360 except for updated schedules and A/C types. https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global
  13. Great news indeed Simon, thanks for sticking with it!
  14. after .bgl you can just add .orig So just make the file name TrafficAircraft.bgl.orig This way if you need the original file restored just edit out .orig and FSX will read the file again.
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