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  1. This past weekend I decided to try the OCI, and am very glad I did. I went ahead and dropped all the UTL Airline traffic to 0% (GA @ 50%). Even with 100 % (Airline and GA) AIG I can maintain 20 FPS even at KJFK (6AM) - PMDG748. It took several hours to install all airlines AI/flight plan packages, but totally worth it. The skies are very full once again and the AI behaves better on the ground. No more spontaneous spawning of AI while pushing back. The magnificent traffic management features of STB and Radar Contact 4.3, make for a busy but flowing environment. In doing this I re-ran the STB configuration wizard and so far no problems I could see. As a matter of fact I'm currently shadowing an AI flight (window view😁) from KMSP to KATL. While I was doing this I thought 'I wonder how Simon is doing?', so here I am. How are you Simon? And thank you so much for the most awesome STB!😊
  2. It was me then...I thought the initial sentence was a "history lesson" and the second sentence was a "new possibility" with the M4.csv file. So I thought the info was being pinched from M4🤡😄
  3. Yes I did mean the /+T parameter. I figured it was me. I don't own EFB, I use Navigraph Ultimate, and I only own RC4. After all the trial and error trying to get /+T to function, I was surly stumped. Thanks for looking into this. HiFi, PMDG, and the P3D SDK (World\Traffic) all use Airports.dat someway, could they be used in some way? *** never mind on the last question**** I checked them - no TA TL info
  4. I'm using MakeRwys version and following the directions exactly, the m4.CSV file remains unchanged. I have tried the CMD as admin console window method and creating the shortcut method running as admin (check box and right clicking). I tried both methods without running as admin. I tried exporting the library via the Lorby-SI and tried it w/o exporting the library. The original m4.CSV is copied from RC4x/Data to P3Dv4 root and after running MakeRwys it remains dated 1/6/2006, yet all the other CSV files in the P3Dv4 root show modified today 9/1/2018. Are we positive the parameter works in version Does anybody else have this parameter working? if so can they just attach their M4.CSV here?
  5. Hi Simon, Are you in touch with the Traffic Global development team? On the surface it does not appear to be much different from Traffic 360 except for updated schedules and A/C types. https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global
  6. pracines

    To look forward to in the next update....

    Looking forward to it! Thanks Simon
  7. pracines

    Return of Enhanced View AI

    Great news indeed Simon, thanks for sticking with it!
  8. pracines

    STB default AI Traffic at Timetable

    after .bgl you can just add .orig So just make the file name TrafficAircraft.bgl.orig This way if you need the original file restored just edit out .orig and FSX will read the file again.
  9. Thanks for digging deeper with investigation into this Simon. Paul
  10. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Working as expected here. Thanks so much for all you do Simon! Paul
  11. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Installation went great, will test as vigorously as I can. P3Dv4 with UTLive at 100% and using generic paints. Thank you Simon! Paul
  12. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    All n All STB remains a great product. Maybe someday UT Live will develop into something that can talk to STB better, in the mean time, I'm happy.
  13. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    No I have no way/method of getting Shadow/Chase/Follow to work in V4 - I get the same thing, UTLive traffic deleting in P3Dv4. I know UT Live was working with STB fine in P3Dv3. Shadow/Chase/Follow, Extended AI camera views, and Depart/App/Arrive now, all worked in V3 . P3Dv4 is when the Shadow/Chase/Follow, Depart/App/Arrive now, and extended views stopped working. Coms, flight data, Delete, and View AI work fine.
  14. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I thought we were waiting for the Shadow/Chase/Follow features to be implemented. I remember this working fine with UT2 in P3Dv3. I don't know the differences between UT2 and UTL and how they affect STB, but I realize that P3Dv4 is quite different and P3Dv4 is what I understood to be the issue that you were working on concerning these features. I was waiting on the deployment tab to get the invisible aircraft.
  15. pracines

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Currently they are looking into it, and they recently patched it so I'm going to check this patch once I finish my 10+ hour LFPG -KIAH flight :-)

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