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  1. Hi John I am wanting to run Don Grovestines EZ-Landclass. Unfortunately it has issues with WIN10 and MSOffice beyond 2016 of which both my PC uses. So, I have set up a VB with Win7 and Office 2003, which I know it works on. I have set the server IPAddr command as this works with my second WIN10 PC with no problems. With respect to Protocol I am currently using TCP as this works with the other PC also. Sorry about the screenshot but I had no way to capture the file from the VB when I made the post. I will try UDP and see if that works. Thanks again. Andrew
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to establish a connection between my PC and a VB running on it. All appropriate connections work excepting the wideclient. Both it on the VB and the sim on my PC sit with a "waiting for ***" message. I'd be grateful for any assistance. Cheers Andrew FSUIPC V 4.975a Wideclient V Wideclient LOGFile Attached
  3. Thanks Gypsy for that information, are there any others I should be familiar with? Andrew
  4. Hi Pete, hopefully this is an easy one. I have recently reinstalled to a new machine and my device order was changed. All good I have that sorted but can you tell me or point me to a manual that lists the codes used in the axes/buttons etc sections? ie P1, U1, R1. It is the P, U and R that I dont know the meaning of prior to the device number. Cheers Andrew
  5. Hi Pete, we run our own email and web server from home so the domain is required to make this happen. I guess unless you are running a business then there is no advantage. We just get to keep our email addy if we change providers. Thanks again for the help 😃 Andrew
  6. So it all appears to working fine after telling client explicit IP address. Our server was recently upgraded and must have affected this. Thanks again 😊 Andrew
  7. SOHO=small office/home office and a domain not workgroup..... all good 😉
  8. Thanks Pete for the prompt reply, Ill have a look at those and get back :-)
  9. Sorry Peter, I forgot to say the machines are operating on a SOHO domain server
  10. Hello Peter I have been using FSUIPC and Wideclient now for ever (well a long time at least) they are registered versions. Tonight I have started my rigs and the server sits "waiting for clients" and the client sits "waiting for a connection" I have FSX SE in Win764 Ultimate i5-4460 @ 3.2GHz with 16G RAM and the client on Win764 i5-2500 @ 3.3GHz with 4G RAM. I have attached the two log files in the hope they help, but I am flummoxed having tried turning off my antivirus completely and downloading the latest wideFS. Cheers Andrew WideClientLog.txt WideServerLog.txt
  11. Thanks for that info Pete, shame, but all good great piece of software! cheers Andrew[ quote name=Pete Dowson' timestamp='1307175657' post='427439] Sorry, but TrafficLook can only display data it can get from FS. Gate information is not available. Those programs which know about gates either deduce them from the Latitude/Longitude information by doing an analysis of the airport scenery data files, or possibly (for landing aircraft) hack into the ATC part of FS in some way. TrafficLook is merely a demonstration of the data supplied by FSUIPC from the FS Traffic Info data. Regards Pete
  12. G'day can anybody tell me if there is a way to edit the trafficlook.ini file so that I can get trafficlook to display the gate numbers that the AI airctraft are either sitting at (preferable) or allocated before landing??:???: Cheers Andrew
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