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  1. BillA

    Random Voices

    Thanks for helping me out and understand the circumstances.
  2. BillA

    Random Voices

    Ok, I removed the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 and did the reg file you provided. Now when I go to tower and choose male I get the same female voice of Maria that is used when I choose female. Its like I need to install the male voice in win 7
  3. BillA

    Random Voices

    Here are the 2 files...thanks Voices1.reg Voices2.reg
  4. BillA

    Random Voices

    the batch file does not create any folders? I dont see 2 files, I had it on the desktop and then moved it into a the Tower3D folder and tried there.. I know I dont see a Mike to choose from for example the narration menu in win 7, I do see a Maria which is what its using.
  5. BillA

    Random Voices

    No worries. Thank you for the help and info.
  6. BillA

    Random Voices

    Thanks for checking...so then I take it there was never a way to get the male voice to work on Win 7 right?
  7. BillA

    Random Voices

    Dang it...ok deleted it and started Tower3D, then waited for the first callout and exited speech.log
  8. BillA

    Random Voices

    Thanks Wildcard. here is my log. output_log.txt
  9. BillA

    Random Voices

    So you are saying that in win 7 I could use both a male and female? I have tried everything on the net but no matter what I still get a blah blah on the male. Maybe I dont have the male voice installed on Win 7 but I dont know how to get it if its even out there. Any help please?
  10. BillA

    Random Voices

    Yes, I think you are right and it's a limitation of Win7. Those that are running 10 have the advantage of multiple voices when using Tower 3D. Thanks
  11. BillA

    Random Voices

    I have mine set to different pitches and for speed kept it n fast, since random would put some really slow call outs. For random voices, yes I have seen videos of males and females and also with different pitches...now I can only choose female on my since the male voice only says Blah Blah Blah how can I get the male voice?
  12. Hi all, Im still on Win 7 and have tower3D Pro. I have installed many extra voices from microsoft: MSSpeech_TTS_en-AU_Hayley.msi MSSpeech_TTS_en-CA_Heather.msi MSSpeech_TTS_en-GB_Hazel.msi They work just fine when I test them out with the windows narrator test, but how do I get tower3D to randomly choose different voices per callout? Ive seen many youtube videos with different voices per callout. Thanks in advance..
  13. BillA

    PHNL Issues

    Thanks for your help
  14. BillA

    PHNL Issues

    Ok. got it fixed..I removed the following files from the airplanes folder airplanes_texpack3 airplanes_texpack3.manifest airplanes_texpack5 airplanes_texpack5.manifest airplanes_texpack27 airplanes_texpack27.manifest I coped those files over from the texturepacks folder to the airplanes folder to see if that fixed the issue. Seems the sim does not like those files there even though they were still in the texturepacks folder
  15. BillA

    PHNL Issues

    Here is the log output_log.txt
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