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  1. BillA

    Dual Monitor

    Thanks for the help
  2. BillA

    Dual Monitor

    That did the trick, I was not running it in admin mode. Did something change? I never had to run it in admin mode in the past.
  3. Hi, does anyone have issues when using dual monitors where the windows showing the airport ground traffic and the slides with takeoff and departing aircraft disappear when transferred over to the other monitor? When I click the option for the pop out window it transfer it over to the second monitor for a split second, then it disappears. This did not happen to me before, yet I haven't played Tower 3D in some time.
  4. BillA


    Hi guys, has KMIA been released for Tower3D! Pro or is it still in development? Thanks Bill
  5. BillA

    LAX Cargo

    Hi, does anyone have an updated terminal file for the LAX airport with added cargo parking? Would like to add Fedex and others to the mix Thanks, Bill
  6. Hi, can anyone provide me the place where I can install the male voice for Windows 7 instead of the default female voice? And instructions on how to do this? Much appreciated
  7. One thing I do notice is when the pilots reply back to complicated instructions with multiple taxiway, they sound like they are saying a bunch of jibbarish, if I tell them to taxi via B or something simple, then they reply back in understandable language. Anyone else experience this?
  8. I grew up in San Diego and lived there most of my life until 2005. Yes most of the time they taxi all the way to the end for takeoff on 27. I think there was one time I saw a Cessna or another small plane take off from the taxi way before the the end of the runway. On a side note the British Airways 747-400 and B777 would taxi to runway 27 via B, B6, cross runway 27, C6, C, C3 cross runway 27, B
  9. Hi all, just curious to know if there will be a fix down the road to remove the beacons on the top of rudders on some of the airliners like Boeing, Airbus, McDonald Douglas, etc...I think turbo props have them, but dont really see large jets with them.
  10. Good point Avwriter. Will give it a go
  11. Has anyone got the landing airplanes to exit quicker with any of these commands? CALLSIGN, TAKE NEXT AVAILABLE EXIT ON LEFT (the airplane will try to exit in the first available exit in the requested direction)CALLSIGN, TAKE NEXT AVAILABLE EXIT ON RIGHT (the airplane will try to exit in the first available exit in the requested direction) or CALLSIGN, EXIT AT TAXIWAY XXXX (the airplane will try to exit at the named taxiway)CALLSIGN, VACATE RUNWAY LEFT ONTO TAXIWAY XXXX (the airplane will try to exit at the named taxiway towards the requested direction)CALLSIGN, VACATE RUNWAY RIGHT ONTO TAXIWAY XXXX (the airplane will try to exit at the named taxiway towards the requested direction) Do they need to be told this when on final? or when they just landed on the runway because they dont work for me...usually get "unable"
  12. I was wondering why KSAN winds are always what seems to be always easterly winds
  13. Hi all, just curious to know if there are plans for KMIA for Tower!3D Pro. I have it on Tower 2011 and its one of my favorite airports to control.
  14. Hi all, have a question to the folks with the KSAN Addon. Is the Tower view location in the correct location accross the terminals and runway 9? The screenshots all make it seem like the tower is located where the terminals are at. Thanks Bill
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