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  1. Hello all, Using my Flight Following software for blind flight sim users, several people are asking me if there is a way to change the next GPS waypoint. When flying on Vatsim, the controller will often tell a pilot to go direct to a waypoint. The current autopilot software we use doesn't support this. So, is there a way I can do this through FSUIPC? In looking at the documentation, I can read the next waypoint, which I'm doing already, but can I actually change the waypoint, going direct to one further along in the flight plan? I know this can be done with the FMC, but that isn't accessible either for blind users. Thanks!
  2. Hello, First of all, I want to thank Pete and everyone else for your help. The advice I've received on this forum has been hugely helpful in developing my application. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the facilities my software provides is reading out SimConnect messages via text to speech. This allow a blind flight sim user to read messages from Pro aTC/X, GSX, Active Sky, etc. I just had an issue reported by a user who is using rc4. I haven't used RC4 in years. When RC4 displays it's menus, it has a waypoint line at the top of the display that updates with heading, time to waypoint, etc. This is causing the rc4 window to read every time this is updated. I assume this is because it is updating the SimConnect changed offset, so my script thinks it is a new message. I was hoping to use the event id to do some specific processing on RC4 messages, but the event id seems to always be 0. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might handle this? All I want to do is read the new RC4 menu when it updates with new options, like I'm doing with GSX.
  3. Hello, I'm looking at the offsets and trying to figure what is the best way to determine if nav1 detects a localiser and glide slope. I think I saw a glide slope detected flag, but I don't see anything for localiser. Would I just use the localiser signal offset?
  4. Actually. I may have found something. Would the offset at 2EA0: Elevator Trim Deflection, give me what I need?
  5. Thanks Reinhard! So if I'm understanding this, the only way for me to get a human readable value from the trim is to read the aircraft.cfg file? If the max trim in the aircraft.cfg file is 19.5 degrees, how to I convert the value that FSUIPC returns into a degree value? I really apreciate the help!
  6. Hi Thomas. Thanks. Unfortunately, I am totally blind,so images aren't going to help. Can you please indicate the offset I should use? Also, is the info from the cfg file obtainable through FSUIPC, or do I need to get that some other way?
  7. Hello,, In the speech add-on I'm developing, I want to be able to indicate what the elevator trim is set to. In looking at the offsets, I can't quite figure out which offset to use, and what unit to convert the output to. If it is measured in degrees, how do I get that value? The documentation is usually really good, but this one has me stuck.
  8. Hello! I got a response back from the developer of the python module. He made a change for me that returns the string from fSUIPC as a python byte string so I can do my own decoding. The module was trying to decode the string as utf-8 before returning, but for some reason that wasn't working in my case. I think I've got that sorted out now.
  9. Hello, I'm writing an application using Python that uses the pyuipc module. One of the functions is to retrieve any messages that are sent out via SimConnect and read them via text-to-speech. This works most of the time. However, I'm running into a few situations where pyuipc can't process the string. It is possibly related to a strange character in the return string. An example of where this happens is when reading the menus from GSX (ground services x). I can read the menus, up to the point where you choose the jetway options. Pyuipc then throws an error. I can't do any processing on the string, since pyuipc isn't returning anything, just throwing an error. Can anyone suggest a way around this? I know I can read the menus with lua, but the question then is how to output the results using TTS, or transfer the result to my application so I can read it? I tried emailing this question to the developer of the pyuipc module, but never heard back. The module is open source, but I'm not a C developer. Any help would be apreciated! My app can b found at: http://www.github.com/jfayre/voice-flight-following
  10. Hello, I'm trying to read the pitch of the aircraft from fSUIPC (offset 0578). This is for an add-on I'm working on for blind flight sim users. I'm noticing that the pitch never actually hits 0 at level flight. I was flying level at 15000 feet and the pitch was fluctuating around -1.9. Which I understand is a slight pitch up. Can anyone explain what is going on? This is in a b737. In my add-on, I want to have a mode where I will play a series of tones, depending on the pitch of the aircraft. This is mainly used for landing. However, I need to know how to calibrate things.
  11. Ok. It looks like this may have been corrected in 5.153. I just updated and I can now read SimConnect messages from b000 without Wide Client running.
  12. Hmmm, interesting. I'm trying to do this via the offsets at b000. I'm running fSUIPC version 5.152. When I use it without Widefs, I get nothing in those offsets. If I use WideFS on the same pc, I do. Any idea what's up then?
  13. Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to use the textmenu event in a LUA plugin without using widefs? I'm working on an accessibility add-on for blind flight sim users and I want to be able to detect when a simconnect menu has popped up, then do something with the data in that menu, like write it to a file. I know I could do this via widefs, but I'm wondering if I can just do this in a lua script inside the simulator. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I'm trying to read the aircraft altitude and am confused which offset to use. Should I be using the radio altitude (31e4), or the altimeter reading (3324). There are a few other offsets for altitude as well. Any help would be apreciated.
  15. Hi, Sorry, but I do think I need a bit more here. Can you write me a quick example of how I would format this in the ini file for a keyboard hotkey? I was thinking that I would flip the bit on using FSUIPC after pressing the key, then use my external program to flip it off again once the info has been read. In the dictionary of offsets that I'm pulling from FSUIPC, would this be a binary value? Also, would anyone who uses my app need to have a registered FSUIPC? I'm guessing so. In my script, I'm using pyuipc from the SDK.
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