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  1. Hi Paul, I'm trying to use the DLL airport facilities from another class and am running into an error. The connection to FSUIPC happens in my main form class. I'm also loading the airport database from that class. I have another class that needs to be able to query the info in the airport database. If I try to access the FSUIPCConnection.AirportDatabase features from the other class, I get the following exception: An unhandled exception of type 'System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException' occurred in mscorlib.dll The given key was not present in the dictionary. I get this exception as well if I try to load the database from the other class, rather than loading it in the form class. I am able to use other dll functions from my other class such as processing offsets, querying fuel tanks, etc. It's just the airport database that has me stuck. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks Paul! This is amazing! We're a little way off from adding this support into our software, but this will make things much easier!
  3. Hi Paul, For a future version of the software I'm writing, people are asking for a way to taxi the aircraft. This would require us to get a list of the taxi ways, which the Makerwys database provides in the t5.csv and t5.bin files. Have you considered adding a database of taxi ways, similar to what you do for runways and airports? When I look at the t5.csv file for the Toronto airport (CYYZ), I notice a ton of taxi ways that are unnamed. The named ones seem to be at the end of the list. Not sure why this is or if this might present a problem. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hi Paul, You can disregard this. I didn't realize the sample app specified the version of the fsuipc package. It had 3.0.3. After I updated to the latest, things now work.
  5. Hi Paul, I'm working on adding runway database facilities to my app. In running the fsuipc .net sample app, any of the database examples hang whenever I press the Load button. The runway files are in my fsx directory. I just generated them using makerwys. Any idea what might be going on? How long is this supposed to take? I've been waiting for a few minutes, so I'm guessing not this long.
  6. Done! Just set this up for reading the lights and it seems to be working well in initial testing.
  7. Thanks Paul! I'll play with this today. Do you accept donations for this library? You've been amazingly helpful!
  8. Thanks Paul! If you could, that would be awesome. There isn't that many of them, so I can code something myself if it's a pain to add.
  9. Hi Paul, I've run across another issue I'm wondering if you can help out with. Would it be possible to get a property on BitArray fields to know which bits have changed? I'm monitoring several of these offsets and want to be able to tell the user when a particular flag has changed. The lights or the nav1 flags for example. The current ValueChanged property will tell me when the offset itself has changed, but not which bit as far as I can tell. Thanks!
  10. Hi Paul, I'm wondering if you have any tricks for accessing offset values in the getter of a property? I'm putting all my offset definitions in their own class. I want to have a property for each offset that will allow me to get and set the altitude for example, with a simple read or assignment. The getter/setter would do the proper conversions to return a human readable value. I think I figured out how to get the value of an offset from a getter using something like altitude.Value. The problem is that I also want access to the ValueChanged property. Can you thik of a way of accessing both Value and ValueChanged from the return of a public property getter? Hope this makes some kind of sense.
  11. Ok great. Just to be clear, your not running this over WideFS right? I think there were some issues where these offsets worked over widefs, but not locally.
  12. Wow this is brilliant! Thank you so much! Interestingly, you got this to work on fsuipc 4? I've been having trouble getting simconnect messages to work under fsuipc 4 with fsx. They work in prepar3d version 4 with fsuipc 5 though. This was with the older python version of my software that I'm porting over to .net.
  13. Hi John, From the fSUIPC 4 offsets list in my modules folder: B000 2048 FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC5: This area is used to hold the event.textmenu() data for WideClient Lua plug-ins. It can be accessed by FSUIPC applications wishing to process menus and messages themsellve, without having to use a Lua plug-in. This works in version 5 and 6, but not 4. I'm accessing the menus via offsets, not lua scripts. Thanks!
  14. Hi Paul, I'm wondering if we might be able to get a function for parsing simconnect menus with the dll? One of the functions of my software is to read simconnect messages and menus via text to speech. For example, something like the menus that GSX displays. Multi-line messages are split by null characters, and the length of the message is stored in another offset. These offset start at 0xb000. Just wondering if we might get a convenience function to parse the messages into an array of strings. If not, have you found an easy way of dealing with these?
  15. Hi Pete, All I can say is that the same code I use to read simconnect message offsets that works in p3d under fsuipc 5/6 doesn't work for my users in version 4. I don't have the specific reference to the bug in fsuipc 5, but I remember it existed. I'll look around. Is it possible that the offsets only work via widefs, and not locally in version 4? I have a widefs key, so I can try using that with my software and see if it works.
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