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  1. Is it possible to refresh a lua plug-in without having to reload the aircraft that uses it ? I am editing a lua plug-in that I wrote for the PMDG NGX to use it with the PMDG NGXu. Testing modifications currently requires me to restart P3DV4.5 as PMDG aircraft can't be loaded over the top of one another, which is rather time-consuming. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I did search the forum to begin with, to no avail. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Emile Bax.
  2. Hi Peter, I have just established that the two Lvar writes do indeed work when I put them in a function and call that via a flag event. So I will put an ipc.sleep in front of the two lines to delay their execution and see if they still work when inside the auto loaded lua plug-in but not inside a function. Cheers, Emile.
  3. Hi Peter, that's a good point. Yes they are existing LVars and I know that they worked in the FSX version of the PMDG 737NG. Therefore I just assumed - possibly erroneously - that this would also apply in the P3D version. I will first of all use your suggestion of a keypress to verify if the Lvar writes do indeed work but may be sent too soon, in which case a delay would fix the problem. I would have to check if there is a control that lowers the yokes, as previously writing the Lvars did the trick. Sure, a mouse click will lower them but that's a bit easy ! All in all, many thanks for your helpful suggestions. Regards, Emile.
  4. Using P3DV4.3 with FSUIPC V5.14 (UseProfiles=Files) I am trying to set two Local Gauge Variables when the PMDG 737NG is loaded so that both pilots' yokes are lowered automatically on startup. To this effect I added the following two lines to a lua plug-in, stored in the \Modules folder and called in the [Auto] section of the file 737NG.ini in the \Modules\Profiles folder : ipc.writeLvar("L:yoke_left_hide", 1) ipc.writeLvar("L:yoke_right_hide", 1) Unfortunately it does not work and the yokes stubbornly remain up unless I lower them myself. I'm obviously leaving something out. How can I get these two commands to run automatically ? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Emile.
  5. Peter, This is my first post here though I've been using your invaluable FSUIPC for a number of years now. Reading the above, I'm just wondering if some users could look at using FSX controls through FSUIPC via a Lua plug-in ? No need to worry about mouse co-ordinates that way. For me it's been like a gift from heaven (OK, perhaps this should read "from somewhere near Stoke-on-Trent" :grin:). With some help I managed to track down the FSX controls that activate the CDU buttons in the PMDG NGX. From there, after reading your FSUIPC docs, I managed to create a simple Lua plugin that depending upon what's in ipcparam, will use ipc.control to send the desired control to FSX that will operate the desired button of the PMDG NGX CDU. The reason why I chose to embark on a learning curve and do things this way, was that unlike with the PMDG B1900D and the Level-D 763, for which your mouse macro creation facility worked like a charm, I had no such luck with the PMDG NGX. FYI I am turning 59 next month so learning new stuff takes longer than it used to, but I enjoyed it and thought it might be worthwhile sharing. Cheers, Emile.
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