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  1. Hi Pete, I've just another question about ADSF panel: A/P & A/T colors. A/P and A/T led lit Red and Yellow based on event. Are they mapped each too ? Thanks in advance Regards, Francesco
  2. Hi Pete, all is working now as expected. I was wrong in declare 1 instead non-zero. All lights are now working. Thanks a lot Francesco
  3. Atch!yes u're right! So, If other lights are working the Warning Caution should works with the same syntax IF $6506 is zero led is off is non-zero 0 led is on ... Thanks Francesco
  4. Hi Pete, maybe I have to add a TESTBIT function in order to check the status of the bit 0 (cpt warning light) Should be... Var 0001, Left Warning, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $6506, Length 2, // Warning C Annunciator f(v) V002 = TESTBIT V001,0 ( this should sais the status of bit 0 ( 0 off, 1 on ) Var 0002, Link IOCARD_OUT, Output 18 // Left Warning I'll try this, I dont know if this is correct, sintax side. Regards, Francesco
  5. Hi Pete, it works well with auto brake lights, Flaps light and with all the status that have Data Type 'BYTE'. I've some issues with BYTE x 2. Regards, Francesco
  6. Hi Pete, you mean [sDK] EnableDataBroadcast = 1 If so I did it already... I'll let you know. Thanks Francesco
  7. Hi Pete, thanks for your fast replay. I saw your Offset mapping doc the 'annun' (annunciator), so the status lights are already available on FSUIPC. SIOC can read FSUIPC Offset and execute a command like light a led if the boleean is . It seems to be too easy to do. I'll try this. Regards, Francesco
  8. Hello guys, this is driving me crazy from 3 months.... I'm using OC Cards and SIOC. I've read all the possible posts in the forum but without success. My OC card are working good with scripts based on standard fsx offsets. I would like to turn on my MIP lights based on PMDG status lights like Master Warn, Fire, AP etc... Now, I've a registered version on FSUIPC, PMDG SDK and so on....what shoud I use for that as I'm not a programmer ? I've read something about interaction between IOCPclient, LUA and FSUIPC... I'm now a little bit confused. Can you help me understanding that ? As far as I know with the SDK is now possible read the status lights ( and other) but how can be interpreted them as offsets exutable from SIOC ? I do thankyou in advance Francesco
  9. Hello Simmers, there's anyone that can help me understating how to configure a 2nd monitor displaying Captain PFD and ND ? GTX570 has 2 DVI so.... but.. I tried to : Unlock instrument and move to other Monitor but when I can back to Full View they become 'Black'. Is the only way for that is flying in Windowed Mode ? What about a second Graphic Card ? thanks in advance Francesco
  10. Hello Guys.... Good, Good news... I've reinstalled PMDG with latest hotfix, latest 2.03 GF driver, add buttons 321, and change userprofiles to NO in FSUIPC.ini, with lastest LUA release by steve. And...it works !!! When plane is loaded MCP turns on values, Rotary are OK with a lite lacks , Button OK with a lite lack too expecially for A/P engage button. A/T & F/D are ok realtime ! But the new is that NO freezes ( since now... keep fingers crossed!! ) There is something that we can do for eliminating lags when rotate and A/P engage I have to push it more that 3 times before have it on. I see that if I select before ALT HLD, V/S or HDG it turns on faster ( it is not a strange behavior ? ) Regards, Francesco
  11. No I havent assigned buttons. So if I have understood, I have to shutdown the driver tha starts with FSX and start which is in FSX module manually .. is better ? ( GFDev.dll ) Just to recap: when I start FS dash lines appears on MCP, when the ariplane is loades some 000's appears on MCP. Rotation doesnt do anything with I need to assign rotation and buttons via FSUIPC ( that's correct ? ) Francesco
  12. Bad news ... with 2.03 same as per 1.93 driver. I see values 0 and no change in vaules when rotate or push button... ( I have updated GFDev.dll ) I noticed some strange behavoirs also flying with other B737 it is normal? Regards, Francesco
  13. So I'm trying right now and : I.'ve now GF driver and both the scripts... Results: 1- no dash lines now on MCP; 2-all zero's at start 3- when rotate no vaules is changed all remain zero! 4- buttons dont work; 5- if I change values on panel VC only Course data is updates on MCP. Why I'm using old drivers: couse freezes are rare and I can unplug and plug MCP againg and values on it comes up updated when I rotate and push buttons. Iìm going to install new driver to do other test with your files,keeping fingers crossed ! Regards, Francesco
  14. Thanks a lot! Could you be so kind to recap the steps to do for 'install' the Lua file, as I tryied to follow the instructions on the forum but... I'm a little bit consufing cause probalby there is something wrong on what I'm doing. Thanks in advance FRancesco
  15. Hi, may I ask on which MCP-PRO firmware the has been tested ? I'm currenlty have tons of issues with A22 and 2.03 new drivers ... freezes, lags ... lookups etc.. Regards, Francesco
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