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  1. On 1/18/2020 at 5:53 AM, jodoin said:

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I always run FCR as administrator.

    Option (FCR Menu)
    Sorry, Visual Studio was missing. Now this item works perfectly.

    Aerosoft aircrafts:
    You are right. It was the view selection (spot) that was involved. The locked Spot view is OK without disturbing the image.
    Thank you for your comments and recommendations.
    Congratulations on the excellent work you have done

    Would you mind telling me which visual studio was missing?, I'm having the same problem you had, tried to installed the prerequisite files, some of them didn't want to get installed in my pc. Thank you


  2. Fresh windows and p3d install, can't even run the app. Followed the PREREQUISITE to install, some of them won't even install for whatever reason. When I run FCR for P3Dv5.1 a windows opens with a script file long as heck starting with: "Syste.Windows>markup.XamlParseException: etc etc etc.....".

  3. 6 hours ago, John Dowson said:

    That is strange, and worrying. The fix for this was minor and could not cause this, but there are a few other minor updates also in that version. I'll take a look, but would be useful if you could show me a log file after a crash, and also check to see if there is a crash log in the windows event viewer and if so paste the details.



    I'll try to investigate how to do this John, as I've never done it before. Thanks for your support

  4. Thank you, works like charm!

    I had to edit, because since overwriting this dll to FSUIPC folder I'm getting almost instant CTD when scenery is loaded in most cases, also at 72% of loading it CTD's. When I replace this new with the original dll, no CTD at all. So conclusion, it worked ones but strangely since that first successful attempt of creating new profile, the sim CTD's almost every load.

  5. Hi John, thanks for your support. What I did is go to Axes Assignments, clicked Profile Specific? box, when it asked if "do you want to apply general assignments to this aircraft", I click No, then I see my profile in the window that appears (my case Ngxu), click on it and finally press OK to close FSUIPC UI. I've always done this procedure with no issues. Hope you can fin the bug, not in a hurry though. Obviously it's easy to fix, as I always backup the .ini file, so I copy the segment of axes that gets deleted and all is good again. Thanks again for your support.

    Great day


  6. Hi Pete,

    I'm a long time customer here. I'm having an issue with FSUIPC v6011, I'm on p3dv5.1 HF1 ( When I add a "profile specific" for a new livery of the PMDG 737 NGXu (in this case) I loose all my profile Axes. Before setting new profile my axes look like this:

    1=0Y,D,-16384,-9362,66080,0    -{ Entering=GEAR_DOWN }-
    2=0Y,D,-5982,6528,74183,536870912    -{ Entering=Custom control: <74183> }-
    3=0Y,U,8831,16383,66079,0    -{ Entering=GEAR_UP }-
    4=1X,256,D,1,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Aileron }-
    5=1Y,256,D,2,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Elevator }-
    6=2X,256,D,7,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: LeftBrake }-
    7=2Y,256,D,8,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: RightBrake }-
    8=2R,256,D,3,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Rudder }-
    9=3X,256,F,66818,0,0,0    -{ TO SIM: STEERING_SET }-
    10=5X,256,D,9,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Throttle1 }-
    11=5Y,256,D,10,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Throttle2 }-
    12=5Z,256,D,23,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Flaps }-
    13=5U,256,D,22,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Spoilers }-

    After setting new profile, it erases them like this:


    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


  7. 8 hours ago, flying-w said:

    Looks like an update will be required to STB for Prepar3D V5, as in hotfix 2 the "Delete AI" entry point has moved again.  I suspect in the mean time any attempt to delete AI via the STB Simulator Plugin will crash the simulator.  Look out for the update around the weekend.



    Thank you Simon

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