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  1. Hi Pete any chance you could reply to my eMail?
  2. Thanks again Peter mystery still with me as I was pretty sure I purchased FSX but at least we now know why the problem I've sent you an eMail
  3. Thanks Peter it's still a mystery and not registering! I downloaded the file from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html so I presumed it was the most recent one A check / solution has just occurred to me which I'll investigate this afternoon (need to pop out now) as I will also need to install the software on my other PC (I intend to run Plan-G from a second PC) So I will do a new download and installation and see what happens Fingers crossed! I've taken your eMail so you can edit it out if you wish that to remain private to you
  4. Thanks again the FSUIPC version appears to be 4.742 dated 03 Oct 11
  5. Thank you for a speedy response however, I'm no further forward I have copied and pasted all of the details from the eMail and also from the "your order" page on Simmarket and I'm getting the same message every time: Sorry, this key is not valid for FSUIPC registration I replaced the name and eMail address with rubbish but kept the same code and got the same message I then tried replacing the code with rubbish and kept the name and eMail address correct (as pasted from the Simmarket page) and still got the same message I presumed you would not want the code on public display and if it can help you, my name is Ian McFarlane - spelt just like that in the Simmarket order I do not see any way I can communicate this with you in private, so I await your advice
  6. Hi Peter a newbie to the Forum having recently purchased the full version of FSUIPC and WideFS but I too cannot register the products I am getting the same error message as Iron Cockpit and have copied and pasted the codes from the eMail and also from my online account. Here is the text from both eMail and online account 1 x PETE DOWSON - WIDEFS6 () = EUR 35.70 Sold by simFlight GmbH Select Package Together with FSUIPC Information/Your Registration Key: Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FSUIPC3 Key: XXXXXXXXXXXX WIDEFS6 Key: XXXXXXXXXXXX Sub-Total: EUR 35.70 included Tax: EUR 5.70 Total: EUR 35.70 and I'm wondering the if the problem is because I have FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 installed. I got all of the latest versions from the website at http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html and follwed the links from there to the Simmarket website to purchase the full registration Grateful for some help please
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