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  1. Pete, I've noticed that the TrafficLook program will retain the same From and To labels for all phases of the ground traffic, including the subsequent departure phase where the From and To labels are no longer current. Once the flight leaves the ground and switches to the airbourne screen, the From and To fields are updated to the current flight plan. Would it be possible to update the From and To fields when the ground status changes to Clearance? Thanks, Bruce
  2. In regard to the taxi wind option, I too miss this setting. FS2004 does have better frictional ground effects, but they are still not realistic in higher wind scenarios, especially with lighter aircraft. Basically, if one cannot keep the aircraft on the taxiway or runway with full rudder deflection, then there must be a problem! :) Peter, would you reinstate the taxi wind option for those instances where it's needed? Regards, Bruce Nicholson
  3. Sorry Peter, I missed your posting that covers all of your apps in FS2004. :oops: However, prior to posting I did move the DLL to the modules folder and it did not respond. I'll check the version number and test again before asking for help. Thanks, Bruce
  4. Peter, I have used your GPSOUT module since it first came out. Do you have plans to bring it current with FS2004? Regards, Bruce
  5. Thanks Peter for your hard work and getting out the new version so quickly. I have the new FS2004 version and will be looking for your update this weekend. Cheers, Bruce
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