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  1. OK Of course the patern is ovious now. I didn't know about this BCD thing. I dont'understand why radio freq is represented as a decimal but in fact it is a 0x value. Other gauge seems to show and work with decimal. Since I use Epic I don't remember having to convert in 0X.
  2. I made a test sending the same value to an other ofset instead radios ones. I send U16 to 3B78 alternator amp. I see the correct value with the loging fsuipc monitoring(red test). I succeed so it means that I can comunicate values trough EPICINFO5. But I dont succeed with any radios freqs. If I set 113.70 on the NAV1 virtual FSX radio I will find with FsInterrogate the 1370 value. I should be able to set 113.70 if I send 1370 U16 to 0350 ofset!!! But it does nothing. Then I put the ofset 0350 in loging monitoring. The value is strange. For 113.70 instead showing 1370 like fs interrogate it shows 4976. I dont see the patern here.
  3. Hi Several years ago it was easy for me to send 16bits value to FS via epicinfo. Today I started a new project and part of my coding do not work anymore. I know your epicinfo.doc but maybe I forgot somthing anyway. nqw(SetXX,nav1_active); for example do not sent anything yet. Is it correct if I say we can use soft axes: X4 TO X15 Y4 TO Y15 U0 TO U15 V0 TO V15 nqw(SetY6,nav1_active); //is in the epl code also tried with several soft axes U,X,Y I put in EPICINFO5.cfg: NAV1_RADIO_SET=Y6 Also tried :FSUIPC_WRITE_15=Y6,2,0350 //nav1 ofset EpicInfo5 in the \modules directory. FSUIPC4 4.5 FSX Regards
  4. With a button , I would like to create a left clic event somwhere on the screen. So you can control anything that use only mouse clic.
  5. If I understand we can not do a left clic anywere on screen. So several gauges buttons are not assignable to Buttons. Ex. RMI buttons in cesna. What iI mean ..It is not like K2mouse?
  6. I see no differences with verssion I sent .log and new corrected cfg tested with this verssion. epinfo.log+.zip
  7. verssion FSUIPC4.DLL In attachment you will find the log+my epicinfo.cfg. Copie de EPICINFO.log _.zip
  8. For a wile I am testing Epicinfo to use with EPIC USB CARD. I still find things that may need a fix in Epicinfo5. 1- I want to use the ofset 030C to check hardness of tochdown so a ELT led will lite. 030C is signed 32 so -4 should be ok, but nothing happen in epicinfo.log so nothing EPIC 7seg display to. It is ok in Fsuipc log windows when I run FSX.I see the good value. If I say 4. Everything work but of course the value is unsigned so log and displays are erratic. FSUIPC_READ_18=171,-4,030C (vertical speed wilst tochdown) 2-Also had problems with ENGINE_MANIFOLD_PRESSURE ph. Epicinfo.log detected it but was showing 0 all the time. It is fixed since last 9.2 verssion, but I still find same issue with these other ph value. ENGINE1_ELECTRICAL_LOAD (ph109) ENGINE2_ELECTRICAL_LOAD (ph123) I did what I need using ofset 2888 GENERATOR_ALTERNATOR_1_BUS_AMPS 2898 GENERATOR_ALTERNATOR_2_BUS_AMPS
  9. Well I have this feature with EPIC but multi screen setup is an issue by now. R&R should contact me soon about it. The mouse area is restricted to the main screen and my intruments are on secondary screen.
  10. In fact It does nothing in FS but the possibility to move a ring to ajust scale of Knots depending of Outside Temp. It does not affect the reading of the gauge. Maybe it is a .GAU bug so the calibration control does not reach the Baron gauge that also has this feature. I cant' use a button but only the mouse to move it. I have same issue with RMI pointer button. But for this one I know there is no control. I d like to ask not how but where should I start to look if I want to learn how to implement a btn control to a gauge? Best Regards
  11. It is the the control that calibrate the true airspeed. (airspeed gage knob) I supose it is implemented because it works in several aircraft but not in the Baron airpeed gage.
  12. 2 things 1- I asigned btns events to 5 intruments using the FSUIPC btns facilities with FS controls. EX: VOR1_OBI_INC VOR1_OBI_DEC that work well. But TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_DEC TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_INC are working with Cesna and Money gauge but not with Boron airspeed gauge. 2-I have a button assigned to start the engine. It is verry easy to start the engine, because you just need to make a pulse so you hear the starter and after 2 seconds the engine starts even if the button is already release. What I would like is "Must hold button 2 or 3 secs so you hear the starter but enginse fails to start if not hold enough time. I could put a delay in my button rogramming but I wont hear the starter. A solution would be to assign a FS sound to the button. Is there an easy way to make it? If you remember I use EPICINFO in my project. I still find things that may be not working, but in general it works well since verssion 4.9.2. Il open a new topic later about it. I enjoy the BTNS and AXIS facilities. Thanks
  13. It is true. I missed your last repply. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I thought Epicinfo5 would rewrite with newest fsuipc4. I will test it then give some news soon ennough. For sure Altitude and manifold_pressure are back.
  14. Hi I used this facilities and realy appreciate it. And by the way is it possible to clear or set a specific bit . The best example I have is the ofset that control lights. 0x0D0C I would have 1 switch for each light I need. Each of these switch would set or clear a specific bit. EX: switch that clear or set the bit 4 controles the strobes.
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