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  1. Hi Pete, I checked the update of the weather station 100 miles around the plane, but I'm not happy with this. 1. The first update of the stations took 30 or more seconds, because in US there are places where there are several hundred stations around 2. FS2004 updates the weather for every station on the screen in real time, so there is some flickering of clouds etc. 3. A update of the weather in flight give heavy stutter and fps drops to single diggits Currently I try to minimize the overhead and reduce the number of stations, but a radius of 80 miles (or km?) is needed, because the clouds could be draw to this distance. A progrssive update isn't very usefull also, because you see clouds up to 80 miles away (if you set the distance slider in FS2004 to the rightmost position). So if I update only the stations 10 miles away and the user take an ATIS report of a station 20 miles away, he will get false informations. So I think the update radius must be 80 miles and the update should be as fast as possible. Esp. if you fly a very fast plane (like the Concorde) the update will occure quite often. So I have some questions to you: 1. Is there a way to update the stations without redraw in FS2004? 2. Do you know the location where the complete weather is in FS2004 memory space, so I could maybe update the weather at once (I think the NewWeather structure is the one MS2004 use internal?) 3. Could you speed up the update of single stations? 4. How can I update a station without the IPC interface? You say that it be possible in youre first answer. Bye Markus
  2. I already use the FS2004 weather station file to avoid setting weather on stations FS2004 doesen't use. Maybe the hint with the index could do the trick, but I still believe the downloaded weather is compressed. The other suggestion to use the .wx file is also on my list, but the use of the build in download would be easyier for the users. The plan to do a full weather set rather than a update 100 miles around is, because the use of the dynamic weather. I don't know how far FS2004 calculate the dynamic weather. So if you fly from New York to London I don't know if FS2004 start dynamic on London as soon as you start in New York or do it start the dynamics only for the weather stations nearby? Also a big problem with the 100 miles (or more) around youre plane, are the large areas without wx stations. Esp. Australia and the Oceans, if the program updates the stations only 100 miles around the flight accross the ocean would only use the last weather station until you are 100 miles away from the destination station. For this problem I still have an idea to solve it, but will not post it here. Bye Markus
  3. Hi Pete, and any other reading this. I currently develop a Weather program and it work ok with FS2004. But I found that the setting of the individual weather stations with the NewWeather interface took to long time if you plan to do this for the whole world. So I think about a METAR to "metars_and_winds_aloft.bin" (this is the file FS2004 download, same as FS2002) Currently my biggest problem is that I guess that this file is compressed (?) I checked it and didn't find any ICAO or METAR codes in it. I know that the FS2004 weather engine has a METAR decoder build in, so I guess that the MS file include normal or maybe stripped METARS in it. So my question is, does anybode know the compression type or maybe more about the file format? Or could you (Pete) make a routine to read the whole world weather in FS2k4 faster than the current one? Thanks in advance Bye Markus
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