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  1. Having uninstalled FSUIPC everything is honky dory in my sim at the moment. Which makes me feel bad, well - not so much for missing its functionality because I was using spad.next almost exclusively for things in msfs that I used to use fsuipc for in p3d and fsx, but because of the effort put down by John Dowson. 10/10 customer service right there:) I guess you can write my problem off as a one-off, and then you might have some leads if someone else should ever have these issues later. If I should reinstall fsuipc later and have problems I will contact you again. Thanks for your support!
  2. Ok, I dont know what to do anymore *pulls hair* 😄 So today, when starting the CRJ in default liveries (all liveries are removed from the community folder), my crj got the bug again. Fsuipc is running in the background, and the fsuipc-lvar-bridge is active in the community folder. When I restarted the sim without fsuipc all was working normally.
  3. I think it is strange also. It works fine when you dont have fsuipc running, but the moment you run fsuipc without the lvar bridge, the sim and the plane bugs out. And it only happens in combination with the CRJ. The other airplanes I tried (like the WT CJ4, FBW a320, C208, Heavy Division 787 etc) work fine. A note on performance, though, when running fsuipc without the bridge on the other airplanes: observable micropauses every 18 seconds or so will continue throughout the flight with fsuipc running without the lvar bridge.
  4. After a few testruns I can confirm the above results. Thank you so much for your assistance, and Im happy I can finally enjoy both FSUIPC and the CRJ - together 🙂
  5. Ok I think I found the issue. In my addon-linker I had "fsuipc-lvar-module" disabled. Enabling it seems to make the CRJ work properly with fsuipc running in the background.
  6. Ok, so I went and tested as you asked. I modified the fsuipc.ini file as per your instructions. It did not make any difference. Here I am sitting on the runway. and the airplane is the default livery. I have made a new, blank profile for my x52 hotas. No keys bound. I attached a pic below to show the state of the cockpit. This time I could move my views around, click buttons etc, but nothing works. I can move the yoke left and right, but no movement is observed on the ailerons on the outside. Turning off the exterior lights in the cockpit does nothing to the exterior lights outside. FSUIPC7.ini
  7. It is a part of the EFB in the airplane. It isnt a separate program. It is integrated into the virtual cockpit.
  8. Thanks, John. Youre going out of your way to help me, and I really appreciate that! Ive done all the changes in the ini file as your two last posts suggest. I will also make a new clean profile in msfs as you describe. Yes, the crj comes with a configurator for the throttle axis, much the same way as the fbw airbus.
  9. Im doing a flight in the 787 at the moment. I will report back later today 🙂 Thanks for your help, John!
  10. I had the sas livery in the world menu when i started the sim. Then I switched to the default United livery, and spawned in with that. The sim loaded the aircraft in, and if you have a look at the thread over at aerosoft forums (link in the op), you will see an exact description of the issue. Basically the airplane cockpit is not functional. Sometimes your views work, and you can move around. This time though it was a still picture, and I could not move or manipulate anything. I closed the sim with alt f4. After about 18 seconds the command went through and the sim closed.
  11. there was no event in the event logger. Here are the files. I deleted the entires in the general section as you recommended. FSUIPC7.log FSUIPC7.ini
  12. No problem, John 🙂 Im on it, and will publish my results here shortly.
  13. FSUIPC7.iniFSUIPC7.log The sim doesnt crash. The plane just doesnt load in correctly. it freezes and only a split second unfreeze every 18 seconds. I cant alt f4 or escape, so I have to force the sim closed by task manager.
  14. And just for some added info: I find that the sim runs smoother when I dont have FSUIPC running. Lately, I guess since 9th of May installing the latest version of fsuipc, I have been getting these micropauses every 18 seconds (timed it). These have completely gone away when not running fsuipc.
  15. Ive had the hardest time the last few days trying to get my CRJ from aerosoft to work. It spawns in dead on arrival. I cleared out my community folder, reinstalled like 15 times, and I just couldn't get it to work. Then I got the bright idea that it could be FSUIPC or Spad.next. After a few tries I have had a 100% success with turning fsuipc off. A few seconds after I start fsuipc, my sim crashes when Im flying the CRJ. When I have fsuipc on when launching the crj, it always bugs out. 100% of the time. That is with nothing else running (including spad.next). I am on the 7.1.0 of 7th of May (fsuipc). I am posting this here and also posting this issue at the aerosoft crj forums. Cross posting for reference. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/164416-crj-buggy-start/&tab=comments#comment-1044963
  16. Nevermind, I just needed to update my FSUIPC to the latest version. It works like a charm now :)
  17. I tried this script today, and when I activate it, I just get a flash of a white rectangle (which I guess is the outline of what was supposed to be a text box/prompt). I dont get anything to enter the time till pause. I guess this lua doesn't work anymore? Is there an alternative? I would really like a pause at tod or pause x nm from destination function.
  18. When is the next update for FCR? You promised that the annoying popup that starts everytime with FCR would go away, Also that the program will automatically assign file name again. These features were working fine before the last patch.
  19. Thats strange then... Have a look at this thread over at the official aerosoft CRJ forums: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/161724-dear-aerosoft-could-you-please-work-with-the-creator-of-flight-recorder-to-enable-replays-for-the-crj/
  20. Is FCR compatible with Aerosoft's CRJ, and if not, when will it be?
  21. I dont understand this. I am unchecking the "read only" tag, applying and "ok". When I re-check it, it is still set to "read only". I am the admin on my own computer. How do I specifically set admin rights to this folder? In the property it says system user inherits full rights via c :
  22. Well the folder was C:\FlightControlReplay\FlightControlReplayMSFS\Recordings and it was set to read only. I unchecked that and I am going to see what happens.
  23. Same issue for me. When I disconnect it will say "stopped recording" but if I just click the stop button it will still just say "recording". I cannot find my recordings afterwards.
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