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  1. I am a moron, found my own issue. Sorry about that. :( Issue was during upgrade I was trying to do too many things at once, installed the newer version to a different folder. Surprised P3D opened at all. :( You can close / delete this ticket. It's fixing now.
  2. Since upgrading to 3.4.9 of P3D, the FSC Database editor will not allow me to select c:\P3D install folder. Keeps telling me invalid path and will not allow me to go any further. Please advise.
  3. then you did not copy correctly. You must copy the ENTIRE contents of the FIRST machine's database folder to the second machine's database folder, ONLY AFTER running the database configurator on the FIRST machine. The widefs method of renaming didnt work for me either, but I got it working using the methods I outlined here. It's a bit of trickery on my part, but it works, and technically I am only using the program on ONE machine, just using the FSX (first) machine to generate the Database files needed.
  4. That was me. :) I got it to work that way, but I am not sure if by having it on two machines if I am breaking the user agreement or not. :( I had to have it completely installed on the MAIN FSX computer, and then ran ALL FMC data updates from navigraph. Then re-run your database compiler on the MAIN FSX machine. Then, once I was certain it was up to date, I copied over ALL the DB files from C:\Program Files\Aerosoft\FSC\Database\Fs10 to my secondary machine. This takes away the need to run the database program on the second machine. After I did that, it works. I don't use the program to save flight plans, I only print them out for use, but this takes care of me needing a moving map during flight, etc. (Which you need WideFS for to make that work.) Good luck!
  5. I went into modules and removed the ini file, rebuilt it. I then set settings to wind smoothing ON, along with some other minor tweaks as well. All seems to have helped, as my climb out of KLGA was fine this morning. I let it cruise for 35 mins to make sure and it seemed much better. My fault on this one it seems. :) I forget sometimes that when I update I need to reconfigure as well. :) Thanks, John Binner
  6. I did check FSUIPC settings after the flight and wind-smoothing was turned off. I will try it again this morning with smoothing on and see what I get. I'll fly the same route from KLGA to KFLL (I only got past the SID) since the winds on the east coast are still fairly rough with large gradient shifts. Thanks,
  7. Using LDS767, ActiveSky, and online with SB3, with weather coming from ASV.... Instead of winds changing very slowly on entering a new zone, full-force wind change hit me and foced an overspeed condition and caused the flight to overstress the airframe. WHY was this change, and how can I adjust? Thanks, John Binner
  8. ALL firwwalls were turned off during the test runs last night. Again, programs like ActiveSky, Real Time, worked fine, but no luck with SB.
  9. I've been having problems getting SB to work right with FS2002 and SB. New laptop, so I decided to put ALL of the programs running, except FS2002, on the laptop. EVERYTHING is working fine, except SB never finds a session over the connection. Both machines are WinXP, 100MB LAN via a DSL router. Any suggestions?
  10. Unless you took the extra steps to install IPX from the WinXP disks, it's not installed. Microsoft is phasing out IPX as a protocol. It's possible the Win98 machines are trying to connect via that rather then TCP/IP. In which case XP machines won't even know they exist unless they are running TCP/IP
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