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  1. P3D Version 2

    wait released :)
  2. prepar 3d and fsuipc 4

    i want run Ezca, this work in normal mode P3D :) and in the manual is written that run in legacy mode Thank for you help!
  3. prepar 3d and fsuipc 4

    in the folder Prepar3D - 2 exe files: p3d.exe and fsx.exe. Legacy mode run with fsx.exe we are talking about this utility http://secure.simmarket.com/fsx-to-prepare3d-migration-tool.phtml
  4. prepar 3d and fsuipc 4

    Thank you - solved the problem :)
  5. prepar 3d and fsuipc 4

    Hi Pete! I have P3D 1.4 and FSUIPC 4859r. After register modules, I have configured all of the axis joysticks, pedals, THROTTLE QUADRANT and buttons - all works if run P3D via R:\Prepar3D\Prepar3D.exe if run in P3D in Legacy mode R:\Prepar3D\fsx.exe - previously customized module does not work (axis joysticks, pedals, THROTTLE QUADRANT) how to make the settings of the module worked in Legacy mode P3D? Thank you p/s I opened the file r:\Prepar3D\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini and copy all text and paste in file r:\Prepar3D\Modules\FSUIPC4.fsx.ini and save it Run P3D, and all the same FSUIPC not work sorry for my bad english ) regards, Alexey
  6. Not registered Xtreme FSX PC

    Hi! Please send ticket http://support.thefsps.com/ Next time, before reinstall, save you data license, and data for activation you copy
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