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  1. Thomas Richter

    Multiplayer Squawk/Transponder Code

    Hi, the only Transponder related Offset in FSUIPC4/5 is The Offsets you try to read are related to internal AI traffic only. FSUIPC doesn't 'know' anything of the multiplayer stuff, so it doesn't support it. Multiplayer/ Online traffic like SquawkBox supplied their own Transponder ID, not injected into FS, in an customized Offset you could use. Other Multiplayer programs might do the same but bet is to check their forums for that. Thomas
  2. Hi, by installing FSUIPC from Download section above it will install as well all Manual's In \Modules\FSUIPC Documents folder of your FS path. All information about value/data you can read/ write are in FSUIPC5 Offsets Status.pdf . There is also a SDK available in Download section with an example in different programming languages. An excellent easy to use .Net library by Paul Henty is also available in the sub-Forum above To read/write data/values to/from FS there is no licence needed. The licence is required for the user facilities of FSUIPC, they are all described in the Manuals. Thomas
  3. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC not recognizing Rhino Stick

    Hi, you don't give any useful information. Please follow the instruction above your post, 'READ BEFORE POSTING FSUIPC PROBLEM REPORT' and please supply the following three files. Thomas
  4. Thomas Richter

    Null zone P3DV4

    Positive value gives a progressive curve. Just play with the value and see what fits best for you. Thomas
  5. Thomas Richter

    Null zone P3DV4

    Hi, when you defined in FSUIPC I guess you calibrated as well in FSUIPC. On Joystick Calibration tab you will find as well for each axis the slope button, see pic, where you can fix your problem by using a positive number. Thomas
  6. Hi, the install log show there are multiple users for that PC, maybe the installation was done under a different user? Make sure you run the installer with Administrator rights, right click on installer and select Run As administrator. In case you installed P3D in C:\Program Files\ folder, what is never a good idea as Windows will restrict file excess, you will find this line in the installer log file: Attempt to set the ACL entries for Modules access permissions failed, error = 1332 So check the Modules folder has not ReadOnly rights. Thomas
  7. Thomas Richter

    FSX elevator control jerky

    Hi, the files are located in ..\FSX\Modules folder If you cannot see the file extensions, .log / .ini / .txt, make sure you have the following option in File Explorer un-checked Thomas
  8. Thomas Richter

    FSX elevator control jerky

    Hi, seems more like a Yoke problem. I guess you did the calibration in FSUIPC after you re-calibrated in Windows. FSUIPC uses the Windows API, it means it gets the calibrated Windows data. FSUIPC calibration uses the Windows basic data. Also any earlier version than the current is not supported, you should update in any case, links are below. First using the installer for 4.974 before udating to 4.974b Also please always attach or copy and paste the content of a fully closed session of FSUIPC4.log and FSUIPC4.ini files. What do you see on Axis tab for the input value of elevator axis, already the same jerky? Thomas
  9. Hi, the control you use is correct. Would be as well good to have have some more information, please attach or copy and paste the content, after a closed session, of your FSUIPC5.log and FSUIPC5.ini files. To disable you can just rename it to i.e. FSUIPC5OFF.dll (or what ever you like) then it will not be loaded. In case the LDG Light switches also back to OFF when using the VC then something else is switching it OFF, maybe some Lua plugin running that is doing it? That would be then as well disabled whem FSUIPC is not running. You cal also activate event logging in FSUIPC but only for a short session and switch LDG Light. Then close the session before the FSUIPC5.log file gets too long. Thomas
  10. Hi, best is always to supply some information. Please attach or paste the content of the FSUIPCxinstall.log, FSUIPCx.log and FSUIPCx.ini files (x for the used FSUIPC version). From what you give on information it is not really clear what P3D version you actually use, P3Dv1-3 or P3Dv4? P3Dv1-3 needs FSUIPC4 and P3Dv4 needs FSUIPC5. The download for all latest version of the installer and interim version for FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC5 and older you will find here in this forum above under Download Links --> Updated Modules Thomas
  11. Thomas Richter


    Hi, those drivers and as well always latest FSUIPC versions are in Download section above. PFC Drivers, the link is below: FSUIPC5 installer, the link is below: Thomas
  12. Hi Nico, very good. Thanks for info. Thomas
  13. Thomas Richter

    Weird Joystick calibration issue

    Hi, if you have no axes assigned in ProSim why did you then activate in ProSim 'Directinput support for joysticks' ? If you don't need it then leave it off. Did you check nothing is assigned in P3D? A re-install of FSCUIPC makes only sense if you also delete its current FSUIPC5.ini file, or rename it to keep it as a reference if needed. Please send also your FSUIPC5.ini, FSUIPC5.log and FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv files. Thomas
  14. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC5 P3Dv4 sudden flap extension

    Hi, the INI file shows only for ENG3 CUT that you use a Macro, not part of the INI file: 4=R1,1,CM1:3,0 -{Macro PMDG747: cut3: cut3}- Did you check that nothing in P3D Controls is assigned to the Button and the Macro has the correct PMDG control? Thomas
  15. Thomas Richter


    Hi, you need to supply some information hon how you try to get FSUIPC to work. Best is to attach or copy and paste the content of the FSUIPC4 Install.log, it is located from where you did run the installer and also in Modules folder of FSX. The latest installer is here Install FSUIPC4.974 Thomas

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