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  1. Hi, did you try to not using PDK? In FSUIPC5.ini change to UsePDK=No Thomas
  2. Thomas Richter

    Novice FSUIPC user

    Hi, as the SPAD.next page says SPAD.next uses FSUIPC for some Aircraft add-ons. It means the setup or control of hardware like build-in LED's is done via SPAD.next and not via FSUIPC. What you asked for in your first post is actually handled by SPAD.next and not by FSUIPC. Thomas
  3. Thomas Richter

    Cycle Through Views

    Hi, that means you have the controller button as well defined in FS with the same function, what does of course not work correct. One or the other should control but not both! Thomas
  4. Thomas Richter

    Cycle Through Views

    Hi, just to confirm it is working correct as well on your end try a standard AC. Thomas
  5. Hi, as the log shows it connects in the first place and reconnects later, as you say after use it. Maybe the Hub where it is connected to is overloaded? As you know FSUIPC can only see what Windows sees and when it reconnects in FSUIPC that means FSUIPC gets a callback from Windows that a device has been connected. Also please start FS and close it fully without moving the TrimWheel and keep a copy of the FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv file (Modules folder). Then start again FS and move the TrimWheel to get devices reloaded and it is correct seen and then close FS. Copy of the FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv file and send both of them. Thomas
  6. Thomas Richter

    Mouse Macro Issue FSUIPC 5.13 P3D V4

    Hi, it has changed in FSUIPC5 as P3Dv4 works different. In FSX it was a hack into the code. It might be a problem in P3Dv4 that it doesn't work that way. Did you try to to define a second button to the second switch function for testing? Thomas
  7. Thomas Richter

    Cycle Through Views

    Hi, the 'View Mode' control is equivalent to the 'S' key, so the result is the same. Do you use it with a standard AC? Thomas
  8. Thomas Richter

    Mouse Macro Issue FSUIPC 5.13 P3D V4

    Hi, I would say if the switch moves twice, i.e. 0-1-2, and it is controlled by mouse that it moves 0->1 and with a second click on the same spot it moves 1->2 then it will work. But if the Mouse Macro you define operates the same switch in two spots for two definitions it will not work as how should the macro know which of the both definitions to operate. Thomas
  9. Thomas Richter

    Cycle Through Views

    Hi, you use 'View Mode'. No parameter needed, leave it at 0 (zero). Thomas
  10. Thomas Richter

    Flaps Issue

    Hi, are you using latest FSUIPC5.131a? Best is also to describe what the problem is instead of showing pictures. Pleas in addition send your FSUIPC5.ini file and the FSUIPC5.log file that can give a clue what you dud. Just in case, did you check the manual the describes very well how to set up flaps? Thomas
  11. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC Inverting my Commands

    Hi, do you care about the order of the commands or does the command combination not work? As Pete clearly pointed already out the order of ALT + CTRL doesn't matter at all, as long the KEY (letter / num / F1-12 / Del / Back / ...) was pressed last. The reason is that programs trigger the Key and only check if nothing or ALT or CTRL or SHIFT was pressed in addition (or multiple together + the KEY). That means the order FSUIPC sends the combination doesn't matter, as long the KEY is the last part. Thomas
  12. Hi, if the software tool you use for GoFlight modules doesn't connect to FSUIPC then this is the wrong place as it is for FSUIPC support. You will need to contact the Author of the Software tool instead. Thomas
  13. Thomas Richter

    Setting InitDelay in FSUIPC.ini

    Hi, please make sure you run minimum latest Installer version FSUIPC4974 as it is the supported one, the you should update to latest Interim version FSUIPC4074b. The InitDelay value is normally 0. Install complete FSUIPC version 4.974 Install FSUIPC4.974 for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D versions 2.5, 3.0 - 3.4 (32-bit only: all versions to date of release) FSUIPC 4.974b DLL only, for current 4.974 users FSUIPC4974b.zip Thomas
  14. Thomas Richter

    Is FSUIPC required for P3D V4

    Hi, not required but helpful if you want to use its User Facilities. Best is to check the user manual to find out if there are any facilities they might help you like Controller setup, . . . There might be also Add-Ons they use FSUIPC to communicate with FS but as long you don't want to use any User Facilities you don't need to register FSUIPC. Thomas
  15. Thomas Richter

    Un able to Register the FSUIPC

    Hi, the original Key you bought at the time works only for FS9 as it was FSUIPC 3. For FSX/ FSX-SE or P3Dv1 to P3Dv3 you need to buy a new registration Key for FSUIPC 4. If you want to you FSUIPC with latest P3Dv4 (64 Bit version) then you need to buy a Registration Key for FSUIPC 5. Any key will only work for the Version it was bought for! Thomas

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