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  1. Hello, it would be great to discuss a question about eicas with you. Thank you

  2. Thomas Richter

    Throttle operating left brake

    Hi, As you can see all your profiles have the LeftBrake double defined, and always to the X-axis of the Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino Throttle. You need to correct that. Thomas
  3. Thomas Richter

    PMDG Fight director switch

    Hi, as the ...SDK.pdf document in the same folder shows examples how to use with SimConnect, you will find the information that switch positions when not defined as bool or with multiple values then the position can be set by using 0 or 1. In case of the FD switches I would expect they are by default in ON position and on a first run without setting them a value 0 will set it to ON position. An switch position state file might be created after the first run. That just means a value of 0 is ON position and a 1 value is OFF position, just reversed. FSUIPC just uses the controls and, if used/set, a parameter. In case it is working I wouldn't worry. (It works as well reversed in FSX PMDG, just checked here) Thomas
  4. Thomas Richter

    Throttle operating left brake

    Hi, the A2A installation might have forced P3D to reset the Controller setting. Make sure box for 'Controllers' is disabled in P3D option settings. Thomas
  5. Thomas Richter

    PMDG Fight director switch

    Hi, best is to check the PMDG SDK '.h' file for the used parameter.. Thomas
  6. Hi, please also attach always the FSUIPC log file. Make sure you have Controls disabled in FSX when defining axes in FSUIPC to prevent double input. Is the CH Yoke correct calibrated in Windows Game Controller? Make sure you don't have any CH software installed. Thomas
  7. Thomas Richter

    recovering registration key

    Hi, you just go to your SimMarket account, where you bought the registration key (the only place you can buy), there you will find your details. Thomas
  8. Thomas Richter

    Problems with rudder and FSUIPC

    Hi, the log file is from Prosim and has nothing to do with FSUIPC. If you didn't have any problems before then something that changed is causing the problem. What has changed? FSUIPC doesn't connect to Prosim at all, Prosim tries to connect to FSUIPC and for some reason it fails to do so. The Prosim Forum or their Support will be the better place for your problem. Thomas
  9. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC Traffic Limiter query

    Hi, did you check the FSUIPC5 User Guide.pdf file that is installed within FSUIPC installation in ..\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\ ? On page 53 you will find answers to your questions! Appendix: The Traffic Limiter facility Thomas
  10. Hi, there is normally only the FSUIPC5.ini file, as long there are not profiles in separate files crated. Best is to check the FSUIPC5 manuals where you will find detailed information about that. Thomas
  11. Thomas Richter

    make runways

    Hi, did you try having a look into the provided MakeRwy README.pfd file, included in the ZIP file you have downloaded? On page 6 it provides actually all information for each produced file. VALUES PROVIDED IN EACH CSV FILE . . . Thomas
  12. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC5.123 crashes in window10

    Hi, in case you found the download link for FSUIPC5.132c you should have installed FSUIPC5.132 first.. After installation and run of P3D, and closed fully, you just copy and paste the FSUIPC5.dll file from the zip file into the ..\Modules\ folder (located in you P3D installation folder. Make sure you run the Installer with Administrator privileges, right click on it and select 'Run as administrator' from pull-down. Thomas
  13. Thomas Richter

    I cannot install FSUIPC5.132C

    Hi, I changed your title to more useful. In case you wrote 'P3D(latest version) I guess you mean P3Dv4.3 ? The latest installer for FSUIPC5, Install_FSUIPC5132.zip , includes as well a Installing and Registering FSUIPC5.pdf document that describes the installation process (page 2 bottom ++). Make sure you did run the installer as described 'run as ... administrator' . Did you? If not run it again with administrator privileges. The installer creates as well a FSUIPC5 Install.log file, located in the folder from where you did run the installer. Make also sure you UNZIP all files into a folder of your choice and run the installer from there with right-click on it and select 'run as administrator' Thomas
  14. Thomas Richter

    FSUIPC 5.122

    Hi, still those information will be required to get an idea what can cause the problem. Thomas

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