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  1. Hi, I don't think the button will be noisy, just the axis doesn't stay constant at the last value. But with a little dead-zone it will be constant at idle. It would only effect some add-ons like PMDG, . . ., as those have to be assigned with direct to FS with no calibration in FSUIPC. Thomas
  2. Hi, not the button but the throttle lever (axis) you use. To eliminate that you need to define a small dead-zone for idle position to ensure a little noisy axis in idle position overwrite the -1 value. Just a couple millimeter of axis movement as idle dead-zone will do. Thomas
  3. Hi, if you mean the i.e.for Aileron then 512 (top) and 1536 (bottom), those are the Null-/dead-zone where the control is in center and you don't want any output other than zero (0). In this case FSUIPC will send a zero (0) value for input values 512 to 1536, when reaching those values it will gradually increase the from zero. You will find the full description oh how to calibrate in FSUIPC as well in the FSUIPC user manual page 42. Thomas
  4. Hi, looks much better in any case. If you are happy with the dead-zones then it will do. Thomas
  5. Hi, there is no need to run the LorbySceneryExport.exe at all. Running MakeRwys.exe is the only program to run, it will then use the LorbySceneryExport itself. When finished it should be all Ok for RAAS. If RAAS doesn't get the correct Rwys then something seems to be wrong with maybe the installation of RAAS, does RAAS produce a log file? For testing I would just remove all the file produced by MakeRwys, just to see if RAAS would complain about it, if it doesn't then it would pic up the info from a different source. Thomas
  6. Hi, 0x0C48 and 0x0C49 are each 1 Byte and so they are rounded values. x02AAC and 0x2AB0 are float values (decimal precision). But the max values are for 0x0C48/0x0C49 -118 to +119 and for 0x2AAC/0x2AB0 -119.0 to 119.0. If it is a typo then it is on MS / LM side, as both in their SDK describe those values with max values of -/+ 127 but both, MS and LM, give max values of -118/+ 119. Thomas
  7. Hi, first thing to do is to provide a FSUIPC4.log file. Run a short session and after FSX has fully closed just copy and paste the unchanged fully content of the log file to your message here. Thomas
  8. Hi, this is the Forum for FSUIPC. There might be a user that can help but you might be better off and ask the creator of the program IFlyToFsuipc.exe . FSUIPC itself doesn't include any iFly Offsets or supports iFly direct. Thomas
  9. Hi, it depends on what you are doing with the Offsets. In relation to flying you use Altitude with Baro settings and for i.e. landing you want to read Radio Alt (below 2500 ft). 0x3324 gives the Altitude not Baro corrected and is also depending on user settings Metric or US to show in meter or ft (0x0C18) 0x31E4 gives Radio Alt in m 0x34B0 gives the ambient pressure alt corrected by pressure setting (0x0330), Kollsman So 0x3324 (m or ft) just reading the Altitude, 0x34B0 to read Altitude but you need to correct with 0x0330 pressure setting and 0x31E4 to read Radio Alt but you have to check the user setting (0x0C18) if it is m or ft. Thomas
  10. Hi, there is one thing that can happen when FSUIPC was already installed, depending on the location where the worst place is C\:Programfiles\.... In that case you might have to delete the FSUIPC Documents folder, then the installer will work correct. Thomas
  11. Hi, latest installer and interim versions are always here in Updated Modules to download, best place as it is always actual. If the installer works Ok, there is also a log file created of the installation, then the FSUIPC4.dll cannot suddenly disappear. The only thing that can remove the file is a Virus program but it would be a false positive if it does. Make sure you run the Installer with administrator privileges, right click on it and select Run as administrator Thomas
  12. Hi, the only place to look that up is in your SimMarket account where you ordered the FSUIPC4 code. You have to login into your account at SimMarket Thomas
  13. Hi, by downloading the latest installer you might have found the additional interim DLL information. You cannot use the installer for the Beta version. You have to first run the FSUIPC installer on the latest normal version, then run FSX-SE and close. Now update FSX-SE to Beta version but you need to place then the special FSUIPC for FSX-SE Beta in the Modules folder (overwrite the existing one). Thomas
  14. Hi, by running the FSUIPC Installer you install all files but the INI or Key file. The INI file is only created when running P3D (FSUIPC) and no FSUIPC5.ini file is present. A installation will not modify or overwrite an existing FSUIPC5.ini file. As well I would always have a copy of the existing FSUIPC5.ini file. So it is save to run the latest Installer Install complete FSUIPC version 5.153 Install FSUIPC5.153 Thomas
  15. Hi, you cannot use the installer for the Beta version. You have to first run the FSUIPC installer on the latest normal version, then run FSX-SE and close. Now update FSX-SE to Beta version but you need to place then the special FSUIPC for FSX-SE Beta in the Modules folder (overwrite the existing one). Thomas
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