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  1. Hi, yes for Prepar3Dv4/v5 you will have to buy a new registration key for FSUIPC6. You only need to buy a registration Key for FSUIPC6 in you case. Please note if you have already a registration Key for WideServer7 (for FSUIPC4) that will work as well for FSUIPC6 and doesn't need to be re-bought. Thomas
  2. Hi, what you could do is activate in FSUIPC's Logging tab the Key and Buttons and Events (non axis) . With this you could see if really all key presses (incr/decr) are actually sent after 1 hour when it starts to don't work correct. Just to check what arrives of what the Keyboard maybe 'seems' to send. Thomas
  3. @adrem, if you have the same problem please follow as well was John already suggested to see what is happening. Thomas
  4. Hi, so the keys to move the Flaps F7 increase and F6 decrease work correct to set all positions? Thomas
  5. Hi, in case you use an add-on AC those controls don't work. In case of A320 they have an auto retraction/extraction depending on blow out speed and as well for Flaps 1 = Slats + flaps 1(auto) with speed limit 210 I think. That means FSLabs have their own logic build in and so you will have to use their SDK controls or L:vars. Thomas
  6. Hi, if you don't want to send it public you can email as well to dhc2float@gmail.com Thomas
  7. Hi, yes with H2 I don't see any flickering as I did before. The flickering was nearly on everything to see what was displayed on top of the main rendering. If you send the Lua file or its content I can check here. Thomas
  8. Hi, it's never a good idea to install FSX or any other FS into Windows\Programs Files folder as it has restricted access. Best would be to install FSX in its own folder like C:\FSX\ or something like that. Also did you install FSUIPC with administrator privilege, right click "Run as administrator" ? If not, rerun the installer with "Run as administrator" and before starting FSX delete the empty FSUIPC4.ini file. Thomas
  9. Hi, if neither the folder nor the INI file exists in the location where the add-on.xml points to, then you haven't FSUIPC installed. But if you have FSUIPC running within P3D and it is visible in Add-on menu, then open its Logging tab and use the center bottom button "Open Folder". That will open its location in explorer. Thomas
  10. Hi, first FSX doesn't need to run in any compatibility mode. Best practice is to NOT install FSX in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folder. Make sure you have SP2 for FSX installed. Also make sure you followed the installation guide and installed FSUIPC as administrator (right click on the installer). I guess you used latest http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Install_FSUIPC4975a.zip installer. Please provide the FSUIPC4 Install.log file and the produced FSUIPC4.log file, both are located in your FSX folder in \Modules\. ZIP and attach them to your mail or copy and paste its unaltered content to you message. Thomas
  11. Hi, make sure you are looking in the right location. In FSUIPC Logging tab on the bottom left center you can press the "Open Folder" button that will open it for you in explorer. If you still don't see a FSUIPC4.log file, you might have activated in explorer settings to hide extensions of known file types. Thomas
  12. Hi, pleas questions in relation to FSUIPC always in Main Forum ! I moved your post to Main Forum. I don't see a problem in FSUIPC6 with that. Can please send your FSUIPC6.ini file and FSUIPC6.log file after a schort and fully closed session. After you started the session mark in FSUIPC Logging tab "Button and key operation" and "Normal log file". Thomas
  13. Hi, did you run the FSUIPC installer with "Run as administrator", right click on and select that? Thomas
  14. Hi, FSUIPC in unregistered version gives you already access to all Offsets but not to any User facilities you normally don't need as a developer anyway. Thomas
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