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  1. transfering FSUIPC4 settings

    Hi, are the controllers not recognized or not functioning as setup previously (FSUIPC4)? Are they working with a default AC? Thomas
  2. Flap's direct setting

    Hi, works OK here, FSUIPC5124a, in both PDK modes (UsePDK=Yes and UsePDK=No). Seems to be something on your side, 0x0BDC with 4-Byte length. Thomas
  3. FSUIPC5 for P3DV4 Commercial Use License

    Hi, FSUIPC for FS9 / FSX + FSX-SE + P3D -v3 / P3Dv4 is only delivered in one version. It doesn't differ between private or commercial use, the only difference between a registered version is the user facilities which are not available in a non-registered version. So private or commercial is the same registration (price) as private and the same product. Thomas
  4. transfering FSUIPC4 settings

    Hi, just copy the FSUIPC4.ini file into the P3Dv4\Modules\ folder and rename it to FSUIPC5.ini. Thomas
  5. FSUIPC WideFS question

    Hi, multiple applications can be on the FS PC or on the client PC and communicate with FS or each other via Offsets. Thomas
  6. FSUIPC WideFS question

    Hi, when Sim-Avionics uses FSUIPC to interface with FS then that will work on the FS PC direct via FSUIPC or on a Client PC via WideClient (installed on the Client PC). All Applications connect to FSUIPC or WideClient if they use that Interface, but FSUIPC does not connect to other Applications. Thomas
  7. Multiple USB Interface boards

    Hi, there is no problem with that but FSUIPC does only see 32 buttons per controller. In FSUIPC5.ini file change this line to Yes [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes When you have the first controller setup in FSUIPC the second controller cannot be connected to the same USB port as when the Bodnar bords don't have different names they are seen as the same. So make sure you have both Bodnar boards connected. Also make sure you use latest FSUIPC5 version, FSUIPC5.124a, from download section. Thomas
  8. DLL.TXT not shown

    Hi, as you can see in the content of the If you cannot see the DLL.txt file there is nothing about a DLL.txt file. It only describes what to do if you don't see the file extensions), here dll extension. Also the zip file doesn't contain a DLL.TXT file. You might have misread something. Actual file version is WideFS7141.zip Thomas
  9. Hi, actually on the same PC but inside WideClient in a different classinstance. Just to confirm you use FSUIPC5.124a ? Thomas
  10. Hi, you place it in the [General] section. I forgot I have that line still in, that's why your code worked here OK. Thomas Later: Just tried with UsePDK=Yes and it works OK as well, shows the correct FPS rate.
  11. Hi, your code works correct here with FSUIPC 5.124a in P3Dv4.2 and WideClient 7.141 Thomas
  12. FSUIPC and Course control bug

    Hi, if you go to Key presses tab in FSUIPC and set a key and select in the drop down 'Heading Bug dec' or 'Heading Bug inc' that would do what you are looking for, if it is a default AC (you didn't state what AC you want to do this for). Thomas
  13. Hi, did you try as well without ObjectPlacer and /or SpadNext and leaving FSUIPC5 active? Did you update or complete install P3Dv4.2? If updated, did you update more than only the Client (Content should be as well updated)? Thomas
  14. Hold PMDG Offsets

    Hi, think about how should FSUIPCClient.dll know that there is a change without reading it. The check if there is no change and no further action should be done is in your hand only. Thomas
  15. FSUIPC not running on FSX

    Hi, first make sure you use latest Install_FSUIPC4974.zip and after installation with the replaced DLL from FSUIPC4974b.zip Please also send your FSUIPC4.log file. Thomas