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  1. Burkhard. I have read the installation manual and I still do not understand.. if you are selling software to be run on a system with a "bug" why are you doing it!!!
  2. Burkhard. This is a cut and paste from the final page of the installation guide referred to above; FSX Steam Edition FSX SE works exactly as FSX does with the following little secret ( secret because it is in this installation instructions): This contradicts the instructions in the software FSX SE, if it is the only install of FSX, calls itself FSX and should be treated like FSX through the FSX menu of the Communicator. FSX SE, if installed in parallel to FSX DVD, calls itself FSX-SE and should be treated through the FSX Steam edition tools only in this case. What remains is that FSX has problems to open scenery paths that contain too many ..\, so when you add C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic as scenery using the scenery library tool inside of FSX SE, some users report that they get scenery not found messages. But these are the instructions you provided if you know that why tell us to do it.....then you tell us to do the following.. which makes no sense at all, what do you want users to do if like myself I have this error message, not all of us are developers, we need it clearly spelt out step by step...not all strung out in a line.. In this case, edit the file C:\users\all users\FSX-SE\scenery.cfg (resp. C:\users\all users\FSX\scenery.cfg if the only install) and for the MyTraffic entry enter local= C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic if you installed MyTraffic there, otherwise the exact path of the MyTraffic main folder.
  3. I still have no traffic other than default aircraft visable, followed your instructions, see outcomes, in Red MyTraffic X has been installed, but you do not see the mass of AI aircraft that you would expect on the ground at major airports. Yes 1. Please check again that the file "%appdata%/Microsoft/FSX/FSX.cfg" contains an entry simobjectPaths.n= MyTraffic\aircraft where n is the next free number, 6 most of the times. see screenshot not the same path but it is number 6 2. Open an explorer window and move to the MyTraffic folder, that you find in the main Folder of FSX, typically under c:\program files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X or wherever you installed FSX. In the following I will refer to this location as . There should be a folder "aircraft" in here. No folder, see screenshot.. Folder Directory There should be a folder "scenery" too. Right click to this and select "Properties". The opening window should end with more than 2500 files and 260 MB. Yes I have over 11Gb and 30,000 files in this folder Last preparation, check the folder \scenery\world\scenery. There should be only two files in there that contain the name traffic: see screenshot..bgl files trafficboats.bgl. Yes, trafficAircraft.bgl.passive. No If not, code P4. 3. Now it is time to start FSX. Go to the scenery library dialog, and check that MyTraffic got added as scenery, and that it is active ( the box is checked). Yes it is The traffic density sliders for airliner traffic and and General Aviation traffic both sit at 100%, and remain there when you get back to that dialog? Yes, 100% for both Start a new free flight. As airport, select Ramstein Airbase ( ICAO: ETAR ). Can you select Military parkings now for you to start? No military traffic showing Is My Traffic 6 is fully compatible and has complete functionality with FSX Steam Edition if it is? then why am I having problems only with your software? when using FSX-SE Thank you. fsx.CFG.txt
  4. See attached screenshot anyone else confused. All the paperwork show I have bought My Traffic 6 but the file is called MyTrafficProfessional60.zip, why the different names, are they different versions of the same software, do they have different functions? very confusing, keep it simple. Also should after a successful install I have a module menu within FSX-SE or are all config changes made outside of FSX-SE
  5. I downloaded and installed MT 6 following the instruction manual which seemed fairly straight forward. I downloaded the Schedules for Spring 2015 and everything seemed ok however My problems are: 1. I have a error message every time I know start FSX-SE 2. I positioned the MY traffic folder as recommend 2. When I go to any airport I can only see default planes, (the BA airbus is mine ) even after setting to a ridiculous 100% activity. Can someone tell me what happened to my installation and how I can fix these errors. Thank you.
  6. Members. What are your views take the time to reply, even if it is just to say nuts! In the meantime I would like to start a discussion on the merits of FSUIPC, how perhaps even more users could benefit from it. i guess the product is installed on hundreds if not thousands of computers across the world. It is used by many flight simmers of varying programming skills, from novice to advanced. I read on how the product has improved their flying experience, so clearly there is a need for FSUIPC in the flight sim community. I am an IT project manager, do I know anything about programming No. Because I do not need too, to do my job, alas with this product I feel you do need to have some programming skills/knowledge call it whatever you want too!. All I want to do is when I turn my computer on is to fire up my flight sim and fly, no weird movements of my joystick, or my throttles go haywire, or interfaces between programs fail, and then FSX CTD's.. I think most of us have been in this situation. .. My own situation is probably similar to many many users. You purchase add-on software, which states, included is a free copy of FSUIPC. To achieve full functionality you should purchase the licensed version, written by Pete Dowson.. How many times have you come across this?? So you purchase the licenced copy, and install it.. What did it actually do, to enhance your flying experience, if like me nothing!!! other than add another menu to the add-on's in flight simulator. When you read the manual it tells you all the nice things the program can do, So I think great..as I see it filling in the gaps and fine tuning, bits that in my case FSX does not do.. Or it can do it better.. So it is an interface. Which is very good as anything to ease my frustration of FSX is welcomed. This is where I hit a brick wall, I read the manual more than once, and I am still confused. To the point where I give up In my case it is because I am faced the so many screens and options, and sometimes am so overwhelmed by choices, click this, press that push two together and so on, I scurry back to the safety of default options!! So to the point of my post, a new forum with moderators not just a post within this forum. Where users, and this is the important point, for those that have a legal registered copy. They have bought the product but are not benefiting from the features and enhancements. A forum where profiles and settings for specific hardware, such as the Saitek products can be exchanged. Also for members to share tips and tricks, on how to use FSUIPC with their hardware and software.. Here is a an example of how FSUIPC worked in one instance for me.. I downloaded the excellent Plan G software by Tim Arnott, struggled and I mean struggled for days trying to get it to work with SimConnect. Nix's nothing.. Change of mind set.. Instead of SimConnect, why not use this product with FSWide... 30 seconds, I do not lie.. my client and server are talking to each other.. So my question is why do not all software developers use FSUIPC.. and insist on SimConnect, can anyone answer that question.. So in conclusion, a new forum for registered users of FSUIPC, who have no programming skills and can feel free to ask any question without feeling like a numpty. (look it up). Because it is sure, someone has asked the question before.. Am I right?, is there such a forum already in existence? let me know. Enjoy the flight.. .
  7. I need help! recently purchased FSUIPC. can anyone explain in easy steps on how to program. using FSUIPC, I have watched video's but I still do not understand, what I must do. I also have read the manual which is provided with the software.. still no wiser :oops: I use a saitek pro yoke and rudder pedals, The pedals are working fine. If I can just program the yoke so I can turn/bank left and right, that would be good I tried to use the Axis settings, when I apply the configuration and return FSX, no nothing happens, when I turn the yoke to the left or right in the simulator. If I enable the controller in FSX .the control yoke in the simulator moves by itself hard over to the left, it then begins to shake and then moves hard right,.and then randomly back to the left and then right and drives me crazy, I have not touched anything the yoke is in the normal horizontal position. Has anyone experienced this before, and how did you fix it.
  8. some not all aircraft disappear on touchdown, why? How can this be fixed?
  9. Then that is not what support means,, Support is answering questions, resolving problems of a technical nature with software where the support person has in-depth knowledge of that product, i.e. you? AFTER you have purchased the product. It does not mean of course you are responsible for 60,000 flights and I am NOT looking for perfection, as I believed we had done as much as was possible to sort out this problem with Live Traffic and I thank you for your input, what I said was that if this product creates so much trouble for you perhaps it would be better for you, and allow you more time to go to the pub and drink beer, that you were to remove it from your site. Then users, of My Traffic can subscribe with AirNavSysterms and use their Live Traffic, to be honest the reason why I subscribed with you was because you were much cheaper and if they have problems then AirNav will have to fix them. That is what I was saying. Once again thank you for your help, and lets close this topic now..and leave on good terms..
  10. Your response is not at all helpful Burkhard to me or any other purchaser of your product. If you sell on the Internet, you SHOULD expect and BE Honest and if you cannot SUPPORT a product, then remove it from your website, and then you will not be asked such questions. I hope other flight simmers have similar views to myself on this. the My Traffic product is very good, perhaps you should remove the live traffic product to avoid these questions, a suggestion...
  11. Ok, will leave communicator alone. :) I did not know about the 50% from Microsoft, so it seems I am not at the optimum, should I move the slider down from 100% traffic density now? if I do what should it be 60% - 80%? Does it not have the data of the arrival in the morning at around 6am of the SAA flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg, these are daily flights.
  12. Burkhard. Most aircraft I have seen at Heathrow this morning, see screenshots Virgin are there, but after flying over the airport cannot find any SAA, Could it have anything to do with the communicator see screenshot, thistrafficbuilder which needs to be copied? what is it for?
  13. Ok, will logon now, and check what traffic is at heathrow No will stay with UK2000 Heathrow, as it is a good replica of the airport.
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