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  1. Hi Paul, hi Forum members. Pauls answer is the the solution. I wrote a value to 0x4204 and the Sound Plays. I can now play it once as well as in a loop. I can also stop the sound by myself. Indeed, as Paul already said, it's also written in the Manual and i found it today, too, on page 17 of the FSUIPC Programmers Manual: "Then write data to 4204 (DWORD) and, for a new sound to Play,". Thanks for the hint! Bodo
  2. Hi there, i use C# to develope a simple Software for my FS2004. I works very well, i can read and write anything i want, but i have a Problem with playing Sounds. This is what i do: I read one Byte (FSUIPC_Read, then FSUIPC_Get) at 0x4200 and get the Information: "FREE". Second i set (FSUIPC_Write) the filename 737LP at 0x4208 (through an Array of 248 Bytes). The file 737LP exists in the Sound Directory of my FS2004 Installation. The Array contains the following values: 55, 51, 55, 76, 80, 46, 87, 65, 86, and the rest of the Array contains only 0 values. Third i set (FSUIPC_Write) the command PLAY_LOOP as a Byte with value 2 at 0x4200. Fourth i use the command FSUIPC_Process (it returns 0 as result, so all should be ok) But the sound does not play. After reading 0x4200 i get "PLAY_LOOP" ever and ever again. I think i miss something, but i don't know what. Perhaps someone can help me, perhaps has a simple example for me that i can use to check if it works. Thanks in advance, Bodo
  3. Helle Pete, SimConnect is not an Option, because i use FS2004 and SimConnect is not available for FS2004. But i never tried the multilined Messages - These will be solution for the things i wanna do. Thank you very much for your Kind and quick Support! Bodo
  4. When i send text to FS9 by writing into the mentioned offset, it appears in a green band on the top of the screen - like the ATIS text messages of FS9. It looks like this: http://www.seadevelopment.altervista.org/clm1.jpg What i want is to display the text in a window similar to the one in the following photo (photo not form FS9, but it shows what i mean) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/3SYHaDbS00M/maxresdefault.jpg Bodo
  5. Hi Pete, thank you. Hotkey was the keyword i needed. I can also Display text. What i did not find out yet is how to show the message in a window (similar to the AES-Window or the ATC window. Perhaps you have another tip for me... I connect to FS2004 für FSUIPC and C#,by writing into the fsuipc Offsets or reading from These. Bodo
  6. Hi there, i want to display a text in FS9 via FSUIPC that expects a reply (Insertion of text) by the Pilot in FS2004. Is that possible? An example of what i want to do is something similar to the AES Window: Offer possible Actions that can be activated by pressing a Special key. Thanks in advance Bodo van Laak
  7. OK, i thought there is possibly an option in FSUIPC that lifts the top of the visibility layer / makes it thicker. Hmmmm.... what about the "override top of restricted visibility layer"-switch. I think it's only usable for externally injected weather, isn't it? Bodo
  8. Hi, yes, i did this. And together with "soft horizon" sky textures from AVSIM i have beautiful results. No need for anything more. The only thing i am missing is to see the fog earlier when approaching the airport (i.e. when visibility is e.g. 3miles or less). Possible solutions would be: 1. Very dense "fog textures" (if something like this exists) 2. Making the top of the visibility layer higher (but not manually, because i want to fly with fs2004 online weather). So, the resulting questions is still there: Do any FSUIPC options exist to achive that? Do any textures exist to achive that? The same with approaching an airport at low altitude. When you are 10nm away from the airport, you see the airport. When you then get to for example 3nm to the airport, then the visibility changes. But when you cannot see the airport from 3nm away, you also shouldn't be able to see it from 10nm out. This is the only thing i miss in FS2004. All other visibility problems are solved - thanks to FSUIPC (registered version).
  9. Hi, i am flying with FS2004 online weather. Yesterday i approach Cologne/Bonn. ATIS told me, the visibility was 3 nautical miles. I descent into the restricted visibility layer at an estimated 300ft AGL. This is relatively late and i can rareley see the mist over the airport from higher altitude. Is there any possibility to optimize the behavior in FSUIPC? Or are there other possible workarounds (no, i do NOT want to buy Active Sky or similar programs).... Bodo
  10. Ok, i like the visibility rendition of fs2004 very much just as it is ;-)
  11. Hi, good idea with this 2 cloud layers. Could this possibly be achieved with an addition to the code of fsuipc? Of course, fsuipc is not a weather generation tool and there could be implementation problems, but i like the idea!
  12. Yes, i have replacement textures, and i can indeed see this thin cloud layer you talked about. It's there, but it's very transparent. The graduate visibility features low altitude is set to 0 and going up to max visibility of 70 miles in 25000 feet. But the graduation does not begin with the visibility in the fog layer, it begins with the visibility i set as the max. visibility values. Let's assume the fog layer is from 0 to 2000 ft AGL, with a visibility of 1 mile. and let's further assume that the sky is cloudy and the max visibility in cloudy conditions is set to 20 miles. The max graduated visibility is, lets say 40 miles in 22000 feet (for easier calculation) Then i get the following: ALTITUDE | VISIBILITY | CAN SEE GROUND CLEARLY -------------+-----------------+----------------------------------- 100ft 2 nm no, only in heavy fog 1900ft 2 nm no, only in heavy fog 2100ft 20 nm yes nearly (thin nearly transparent cloud) 12000ft 30 nm yes nearly (thin nearly transparent cloud) 22000ft 40 nm yes nearly (thin nearly transparent cloud) So the cloud layer seems to be too thin or it is indeed a problem of the cloud texture. I will try the original textures again and see... Thanks for your time Bodo
  13. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I already have all three options (graduate visibility, visibility maxima and override upper altitude) activated. I am using fs9 downloaded weather. The visibility layer is NOT visible from above and therefore microsoft build a thin cloud (visible from above) to the top of the visibility layer to make the problem less severe. But i will NOT see the fog until i am in the visibility layer. I will ONLY see this thin cloud. Did i understand this correctly?
  14. Hi there, yesterday i went flying in Lihue, Hawaiian Islands. When i was on the runway, visibility was around 5nm. Then i took off, and around 500-1000 feet above ground, the visibility suddenly changed to at least 30-40nm. So, looking back to the airport, i saw the airport clear as if the visibility on the ground would be very high. This is especially irritating when approaching: Clear view onto the runway, and when descending into a low-visibility layer, the visibility suddenly decreases and i cannot see the runway anymore. I use the "visibility smoothing" feature, but this does not really cure the problem that i can SEE the airport from high above, but CANNOT SEE the terminal building 50 meters in front of me when i am on the ground. Is there any solution? Is ist a fs2004 bug? Is it my fault (wrong configuration?). Another thing that could have something to do with it: What does the "override upper altitude" checkbox and the corresponding value do exactly? And what if i set this value to 0? And what if i set this value higher than 0? Thanks in advance Bodo
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