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  1. No, computer time. Also has a stop watch function and several modes.
  2. Pete, in order for the clock to work on my yoke, the driver is necessary as far as I know. Thanks.
  3. As I said previously, new day, new set of circumstance. Yesterday evening was my shot in the barrel, received notification of W10 April Update. First thought was oh great! Also noticed that Nvidia came out quickly with their update to the latest update, so I downloaded and installed it along with beginning my adventure with the W10 update. All went well with the usual exception, shared folders between networked computers and my Saitek yoke driver not installed (what's up with that anyway?) It was late enough after all that so this AM I fired up P3Dv4 and took it for a ride. Guess what! Not a single pause or stutter. Couldn't tell when the saves were made at 5 minute intervals nor any other stutters. Guess it was magic. Thanks for all your assistance and time. Till next updates, later.
  4. Well starting P3D first is a certain problem. The pauses are not quite as bad as they were, but still a nuisance when on approach. Still feel something is not right since several updates. Looks like the new Nvidia driver has problems, W10 and it's problems, who knows, perhaps the combination of all. Thanks for the help, I'll keep plugging.
  5. I installed the FSX-SP2-XPACK and will check tomorrow on the results. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
  6. Ware those hats only on festive occasions with large number of libations! On a four hour flight now and averaging 4 second saves at 300 and 600 seconds apart. Still get simconnect hits occasionally. I tried to find the simconnect files in P3Dv4. Apparently, and don't ask me how, simconnect is not installed in my P3D. Will attempt to install after this flight.
  7. LOL! No, USA. in Virginia. We are going through one of five usual summers. Oh and thats F not C! That would about 31 C. A new day, a new circumstance. I tried what you suggested and the results were surprising. Starting each addon utility did not cause more than normal save times. So I decided to try something else. Normally I start the addons first, then P3D, this next test I loaded P3D first and then the addons all together. Darned if the save time didn't stay at normal time. Now I am really confused. I believe I did update simconnect earlier this year, don't remember when. Just as I write this, I get another long simconnect disconnect and sim is paused saving. Thought I had a work around.
  8. Sorry, had to tend to mowing and landscaping chores. I'll try your suggestions tomorrow, Pete. I'm beat and temps were in the very high 80's. Thanks.
  9. Average save time with default Maule and using ";" is 10 sec. Same average time with FSUIPC is 2' 44" and I get Windows notifications "connection to FSUIPC got lost." The following applications are also running with both tests: AS4 with ASCA kacars landing rate monitor JoinFS SPADNext smartcars Little NAVCONNECT for remote Little NAVMAP MOBIFLIGHT CONNECTOR Can't wait for that toupe shot!
  10. As stated, I do not have any PMDG aircraft and the most complicated may be Carenado or Alabeo. I'm going to try what you suggest, but the toupe will be on you if it fails to replicate the problem!
  11. Boy I have been pulling what is left of my hair out with this problem. Never expected it to be FSUIPC after all these years of using it. FSUIPC v5.124 P3Dv4 All aircraft no PMDG I got long pauses every 5 minutes after the latest W10-64 updates which coincided with my FSUIPC update to 5.124. Had autosave set for 5 minutes. Now have it turned off and no pauses or stutters. Hate to say it, but looks like FSUIPC is the culprit.
  12. Then there must be a change because these settings have been the same since I originally downloaded the program as well.
  13. Same problem with window focus change. Requested information: BTW Same settings as above pictures except for online. 1. FS X, FS2004(FS9) or Prepar3D (Version) P3D V3.4.18.19475 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS which version used ("latest version" is not sufficient) 6.999z1 3. I use the FSC in a network! Yes / No YES 4. FS Commander and Database Manager which version / revision and build used 9.6 Rev 7 build 20 May 2016 5. Which provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle Navigraph 1702 Rev 1 6. Aerosoft boxed or download version or download version from our website download 7. Operating System (Windows 7/8/10 32/64, Vista 32/64, XP, 2000) Windows 10 64 bit 8. How many monitors are used For what? 4 for my desktop flightsim, 1 laptop for FSC However, a lightbulb went off in one of your responses. The Map refresh causes a refocus. Too obvious, but I think that is the problem. In order to move the map, a refresh must take place.
  14. Again, this is happening as a result of Rev 7 for sure.
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