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  1. Hm I have assigned the axises via FSUIPC and calibrated throttle and steering tiller via FSUIPC to. I do not see any problem... The only problem for now is that I have to tell FSUIPC with every new start of FSX that it should use the B777 configuration. "You want to assign to an Aircraft" Cheers Tom
  2. You are right, some small files will do it. Thank you very much for your help. Kind Regards Tom
  3. Thnx Pete, you made my day - like this it works! Do I have to make a .lua file for any single action or can I write it in one single file? Kind Regards Tom
  4. Thnx a lot Pete, actually I do not want a complicate life for sure. I cannot assign directly the "approach lights" of the DASH8 via FSUIPC. And I cannot make a macro with the FSUIPC macro tool. It just does not work on the virtaul cockpit of the DASH and there is no 2D panel. That is why I thought I can use the Linda lua script to make it work. Kind Regards Tom Sorry I picked thr wrong part i am such a dummy (working in filmbusiness - We can do everything but nothing properly) :razz: Sorry for my bad english EXAMPLE function Lights_Approach_On () Lvar = "L:OHD_EXT_LIGHTS_L_APPR_SW" ipc.writeLvar(Lvar, 1) end function Lights_Approach_Off () Lvar = "L:OHD_EXT_LIGHTS_L_APPR_SW" ipc.writeLvar(Lvar, 0) end
  5. Hello Pete, thnx for getting back to me. I will try to explain more clearly. A LINDA user offers a LINDA MODUL with a LUA script for using with VRINSIGHT and Joysticks. Unfortunately GOFLIGHT switches are not supported via LINDA. And here comes my question as LINDA is a LUA script - can I use the script in FSUIPC to root it to GOFLIGHT switches - like I do this with FSUIPC macros. For example I have the lines for the apporach lights on and off - if I wolud know how I can use this lines to make the lights working through GOFLIGHT switch 109 I could start to understand and could retry for other actions. You see that I was told that this must work - I did what was mentioned as far as I understand but from here - & adding to that file "parameter" switch codes for those actions you want to setup thru fsuipc - I am totally lost I do not know what is ment. Kind Regards Tom The EXAMPLE: -- ## System functions ## function InitVars () -- uncomment to disable display -- AutopilotDisplayBlocked () end -- ## Exterior Lights ############### function Light_LandingAll_On () Lights_Approach_On () Lights_Flare_On () end function Light_LandingAll_Off () Lights_Approach_Off () Lights_Flare_Off ()
  6. Hello, I had a short discussion in the Linda Forum, please have a short look at what I was asking for. Are you able to show me an example and or tell me where I will found the topic in the FSUIPC guides. Thnx a lot Tom My question: What I like to know is if it is possible to use the commands which are LUA scripted in LINDA can be used in FSUIPC for switching through keystroke or other hardware which is not listed in LINDA? Example: FSUIPC mouse macros I can use via FSUIPC on a GoFlight Switch panel, is there any possibillity that I bring Commands from the linda lua scipt to goflight? Cheers Tom The answer: tom yes you can .... by copying / renaming the actions.lua to the main module folder & adding to that file "parameter" switch codes for those actions you want to setup thru fsuipc. there are notes on this in the fsuipc guides. unfortunately, i'm away from my simming pc & can't show you examples / or give page references. trust another member (gunter) can help in the near term & like i may have rebuilt files to offer if we know the aircraft..
  7. Yes it is in the quarantine folder. So I have to figure out how to tell AVAST that this file is ok.... :mad: I guess not so easy. @Pete Dowson - do you have any idea why AVAST see it as virus infected? Kind Regards Tom
  8. And what did you do - as soon as AVAST is on (after a reboot) the WideClient is gone?! Maybe you know what to do....? Kind Regards Tom
  9. Pete you just gave me the right hint - it looks that my antivirus software AVAST caused the problem. I shut it down the file was there. I switched it on - the file was gone. Strange this happened the first time on all machines where I have AVAST. Normally it asks for actions - in this case not. Now the client is working and connected to the win7 machine. Thnx a lot Tom
  10. Peter I have a strange problem with the WideClient.exe. After download with my laptop (Mac) I see the WideClient.exe in the folder. I transfered it to my 2nd FSX computer with an winxp system. If I open the folder I saw the WideClient.exe for a short moment and then it disapeared. Really it just disapeared and I have no chance to get it back. Only the Closer app stays. Do you have any idea why? Never had this with any other apps on this machine. If I download it directly on that machine it is not there when I open the folder after DL???!!! I downloaded it to another win machine it is not there when I open the folder after DL???!!! Strange maybe hopefully you are able to help. Kind Regards Tom
  11. Hello, do I have to install the PFC .dll (PFC DLL 2.40 / PFCHID 1.30) for the PFC Yokes (Cirrus SAAB Yoke) which work via USB? Regards Tom
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