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  1. Hi Christoph, I am the author of the ActiGate module. I would like to let you know that Pete mailed me about the problem and that I will take a look at it. Unfortunately I am a bit busy at the moment, so it may take a few days before I can properly test this problem. It is weird that you do not see the ActiGate module in the menu. From that you should normally be able to disable it. It should be in the modules menu (where FSUIPC also is).
  2. OK, that makes it more clear. They are user variables, so they have no fixed use. The designer can use them to store something he wants to store. In animations made with GMax one of them is for example used to store the frame number. I know that value can be bigger then 256, so I guess it will be singles then.
  3. I could make the list a bit more clear. Now I gave the BGLC alias names, nut maybe the FS hex values that are listed in the SDK are more clear to some designers. 0DD6 - usrvar = 0312h 0DD8 - usrvr2 = 0314h 0DDA - usrvr3 = 0316h 0DDC - usrvr4 = 0318h 0DDE - usrvr5 = 031Ah 0DE2 - spar10 = 031Eh 0DE4 - spar11 = 0320h 0DE6 - spar12 = 0322h 0DE8 - spar13 = 0324h 0DEA - spar14 = 0326h 0DEC - spar15 = 0328h 0DEE - spar16 = 032Ah 0DF0 - spar17 = 032Ch 0DF2 - spar18 = 032Eh I have no idea of they are 16 bit, how can I find that? I am not really into that kind of stuff, I found this with some trial and error. I have tested most things in Fs2002 now, but I think (rather sure) that it should work from Fs98 till Fs2004. I want to try to find some other scenery variables listed in the SDK as well. I will post it here when I can find them.
  4. I was also searching for a way to work with the scenery variables and I have had some success until now. I have made a little program that can write to some of the user variables that are used by the scenery. Here are their FSUIPC addresses (the names are taken from the fs98 SDK): 0DD6 - usrvar 0DD8 - usrvr2 0DDA - usrvr3 0DDC - usrvr4 0DDE - usrvr5 0DE2 - spar10 0DE4 - spar11 0DE6 - spar12 0DE8 - spar13 0DEA - spar14 0DEC - spar15 0DEE - spar16 0DF0 - spar17 0DF2 - spar18 I haven't tried other scenery variables yet, but I think the ones listed in the global variable section of the Fs2000 Scenery SDK should also work, if we know which address they have in FSUIPC.
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