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  1. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Hi Ariel, May I recommend that you delete every post except the table at the top? When Gabor responds the table can be left or changed as necessary. I really think this 'sticky' is brilliant and should be locked and only amended by FeelThere or Nyerges Design. Best wishes buddy! Wayne
  2. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Ariel, The correction is to SP1 which is still in dispute. Gabor, Your input on this is essential. Best to all, Wayne
  3. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    There is an error in the table that has been added into the original post: 14-Dec-17 RC KPHX RC_Tower3D_KPHL_sp4.exe May I suggest that once the RC KPHX original/SP1 issue has been resolved, and the new table corrected to reflect ground truth, that all other posts on this thread (including my clutter) are removed and this thread is locked with just the very useful table remaining?
  4. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    I did. We are discussing Real Color not the airport add on.
  5. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Gabor, Barb at BMT Micro refreshed the link and I still only get the original version of KPHX not SP1. Wayne
  6. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Gabor at ND, Would you kindly get BMT Micro to update their download files please because I have just tried again and I am not getting SP1 for KPHX just the original. Thank you.
  7. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Some of the dates above may not be accurate but are my best guesses. The RC bundle is not included because I don't have it. Wayne
  8. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    How about something akin to this? Listed by date order so easy to see latest updates at the top of the list.
  9. winsaudi

    Current Versions Sheet

    Thank you Ariel, I too would like the release dates of each release on a sticky. One point, the following is listed for RC KPHX: Real Color KPHX for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KPHX_sp1.exe But the version available to download via BMT Micro (I checked one minute ago) is RC_Tower3D_KPHX.exe, i.e. no SP1. Wayne
  10. winsaudi


    Have you installed the latest version of Real Traffic? You need RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v7 If you have that installed then make sure RC installed correctly.
  11. winsaudi

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    Rob, This has been called for since shortly after the start of T3D. Ariel of FeelThere agreed to provide it but it seems it has a low priority. It cannot be difficult to provide; maybe one day? Wayne
  12. winsaudi

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    Wouldn't it be helpful if when you purchased a new airport for T3D there was a "Make sure you download the latest version of Real Traffic which is version SPx Vx" message big and bold on your purchase receipt next to your product registration key? FeelThere? Nyerges Design? BMT Micro? Anyone?
  13. winsaudi

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    dennis, My install path shows c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\EDDM Not only do you need Real Traffic version SP6v6 or SP6v7 to get the RL airlines in the schedule (as Willem advises above) you will also need Real Color EDDM if you want the airline liveries. Wayne
  14. winsaudi

    New Liveries with KMCO

    I don't think I'm hijacking this thread but there is an error with the newly added Silver Airways. The line below needs to be deleted in the kmco_airlines file otherwise Silver Airways flights will show GFT on the strip and the callsign will be "Gulf Flight" not SIL and "Silver Wings" as listed by VenturaGuy101. GFT, 3M, GULF FLIGHT, Gulfstream International Airlines, United States (This airline ceased operations in 2010 and its assets were taken over by Silver Airways) The line required for Silver Airways is already in the kmco_airlines file so no need to add it: SIL, 3M, SILVER WINGS, Silver Airways, United States VenturaGuy101, if you feel I have hijacked your thread PM me and I'll delete my post.
  15. FS1TR, Craig has given you good advice but as you also asked for a link, try this. https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/media/MCO-Airport-Capacity-Profile-2014.pdf These are available for most of the T3D airports. Wayne

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