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  1. Thanks, again, Pete. I've a lot of research to do on this. I am not sure if XPUIPC is coded for Linux. The Windows version supports plugins. I've posted on the XP11 boards and will take it from there. John
  2. Thank you very much for your reply, Pete. The XPUIPC developer does not host a forum and as far as I can see all development work has stopped. I will email him but am not hopeful. I will follow up your reading suggestions, your FS Lua examples will help with context. Regards, John
  3. I wish to assign functions to a CH Eclipse yoke. As things stand, the yoke cannot be reliably calibrated using the built-in X-Plane routines. This yoke is not directly supported by X-Plane whereas the Saitek Pro yoke is. Does anyone on these boards have any experience which would be relevant to me? It's been suggested that I use Lua to write scripts to control the various functions. I do not know if this is possible in Linux X-P. If it is, I would have to learn some LUA language but I do not know where to begin. I know, the simplest solution would be to buy a Saitek Pro yoke on ebay, but I like the Eclipse, and I don't like to be beaten. Thanks for any help.
  4. I've tried to connect both Active Sky 2016 and PlanG with an amended Simconnect.xml. Initially, I was trying to connect just PlanG with WideFS.No joy, despite following all the instructions as best I can. One odd thing though. In the client 'shares' with the server I have Lockheed Martin and Lockheed Martin2 folders. This renaming was done by W10, not by me, presumably because there are at least two Lockheed Martin folders in my set up which must be shared. In other words, Lockheed Martin2 contains the P3D3.exe although I guess WideFS is looking for ..../Lockheed Martin/P3D3.exe. Am I clutching at straws, or do I need a large gin and tonic? John
  5. Simconnect doesn't work either, and I've tried various ports. The simconnect.xml is attached if you would be so kind as to check it for me. SimConnect.xml Not sure what you mean here. I do not know how to use exe.xml to disable files - and do you mean .dll or something else? SimConnect.xml John
  6. Pete, I changed the ports, both ports, both ends, but there's still no connection. I am going to abandon P3D. To be honest I really don't think it is all it is cracked up to be - not the 32-bit versions anyway. I felt I had to try it given that FSX development has ceased. Perhaps I will have better luck with XP11. Thanks for your help. Regards, John
  7. Pete, I'm not using FSUIPC5. I am running P3D3.4, 32-bit, not P3D4, 64-bit. I'll check out the ports again. The wideserver.ini must have been a carryover from an earlier version of FSUIPC. John
  8. I just noticed, comparing the FSX/Modules files, there's no wideserver.ini in the P3D/Modules folder or in any of the Lockheed Martin folders. This should be generated automatically?? John
  9. Thanks again, Pete. A further twist. I have FSX on the same server - different HDD. I've not used it for so long I forgot I had it. Using the same client, WideFS connects perfectly with FSX using the ServerName=IVY, Protocol=TCP lines in the Wideclient.ini. So I think the network is not an issue. Perhaps it is something to do with ports, but I tried changing these to 8006 and 9006 without success. Any more thoughts before I take a sledgehammer to the whole damned thing, and take up flower arranging? Regards, John
  10. I know what shouting looks like on boards! That is why I never do it. That is why I used bold. Guess who was shouting? I am grateful for your continuing support but I'm afraid the news is not good. Still no connection, despite my complying with everything. The files are posted and include pics of my Workgroup name just to allay any doubts. Ivy is the server. One thing I did notice was that when WideClient is exited, the server still carries the 'waiting for connection' text. Maybe irrelevant. WideClient.ini WideClient.log WideServer.log Kind regards, John
  11. It did not connect with the default installation. I did not change the 'ini file because it was working! As for the rest of your reply, if you took the trouble to read what I wrote, you would understand that the workgroups are the same, the firewalls are off, and the network is correctly configured. I hate shouting, Pete, least of all to my customers. Forgive my boldness ;) I've been reading your excellent FSUIPC and WideFS .pdf's for many years and have usually found them very helpful. On this occasion, with this particular pP3Dv3.4 connection problem, I didn't. Thank you for your interest.
  12. I changed ServerName=Ivy to ServerIPAddr= because the .ini with the ServerName failed to connect! So I made one change; somewhat harsh to call it 'messing' but there you are. In fact, you recommend ServerName because it avoids problems if/when the IP address changes. However, I tried a fresh install of WideFS, with NO ServerIPAddr and NO ServerName and NO Protocol. Still no connection. WideClient.ini John
  13. Many thanks Hmm, rather than inserting the Protocol parameter I've acted on your advice and reverted to ServerName. Still no connection. Firewalls are off. A new set of files are attached: WideClient.ini WideClient.log WideServer.log Regards, John
  14. Hello! The two PCs are on the same network and belong to the same workgroup (the client is W10 x64; the server is W7 x64) . Their files can be seen by each other, and opened in both directions. I've attached log files and the WideClient.ini WideClient.log WideServer.log WideClient.ini I'd be grateful for help., John
  15. Support folder sent as files. Subject LHPP. Regards John
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