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  1. I ran the 4.97a installer and all is well. My original settings all preserved. Remarkably so, in fact, as for whatever reason FSX hasburst into life with '3-D' perspective I never had before! Thanks again, as always, Pete. You never fail!
  2. Until today, that was the last time I flew FSX-SE. I've lost all my FSUIPC settings too! No newer file. C:\Users\Howard\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent has the same file with today's date in Explorer, but still 30/4/2020 in the log.
  3. I run FSX-SE on one HDD, and P3Dv4.5 on another. Windows 10. When I flew FSX-SE today, after a few month's gap, the FSUIPC options did not show on the top in window mode. I've attached the log file. I am not running the beta version from Steam, although I might once this is sorted. I'd be grateful for advice. FSUIPC4.log
  4. Thanks, Pete. FSUIPC.ini attached. I agree that it could be caused by an addon. I have very few of these as FSX-SE has been newly installed on its own HDD on this PC. It could be hardware too, of course. It could be Steam related too I suppose. I have FSX boxed on a separate drive, so I can test the yoke, throttle quad, and rudder pedals in that sim. Regards, John FSUIPC4.ini
  5. This time, she did it all - uncommanded Spot view, Gear Down, Brakes set whilst on autopilot, totally hands off. . Log attached. Regards, John FSUIPC4.log
  6. Hmm. How interesting! The Gear Down/Up action was unrelated to my use of the elevator trim buttons on the yoke. Yes, it can happen hands off. I began to use the Offset SWord setting because it gave me finer iterations with some plane which I flew in the distant past, probably in FS2002. I just kept using that way of setting up trim with each new simulator that came along. I never had trouble with it. It just worked fine, so why change? I have changed now and it'll be interesting to see if using the normal FS control via FSUIPC will solve the problem. The antiskid brakes thi
  7. Thanks. The FSX controllers are all disabled. This time, (only the second occasion it's done this) when I landed the plane the brakes appeared to come on full without command from me. Whatever way this worked it stopped the plane dead in its tracks as if it landed on glue. Had I done this myself with differential brakes, I'd have tipped the old girl over on her nose and spoiled her day. Log attached with button/key and events log as requested. Seems some problem with toggle engine failure. John FSUIPC4.log
  8. log file: ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.974b (14th March 2018) by Pete Dowson ********* Windows 10 Home 64 Bit reported as Build 18362, Release ID: 1903 (OS 10.0) fsx.exe version = 10.0.62615.0 Reading options from "F:\FSX_Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Running inside FSX Steam Edition on Windows 10 Module base=56CF0000 User Name="John Fee" User Addr="gooneybird@yankeedodge.com" FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 0 System time = 29/04/2020 12:18:42 15 ------ Module Version Check ------ 15 acontain.dll: 10.0.
  9. I am running v. 4.974 in FSX-SE. Whn flying in the cruise the landing gear lowers itself - uncommanded by me. At exactly the same time the cockpit view switches itself to locked spot view. This happens with several different aircraft when flying on autopilot. I am completely hands off when it happens. All FSX controls have been checked umpteen times for both axes and buttons in normal and slew modes. There is nothing assigned to FSX control as far as I can see.. I use an FSUIPC axis setting for the HAT view. It works perfectly. Saitek pedals, CH Eclipse Yoke and GF-TQ
  10. Obscene frame rate indeed! It was a new install so I hadn't got round to checking that. Now, set to a more leisurely 28 fps. Applied Kosta's tweaks, extensive tests today with default scenery and aircraft and all is well, no more twitching control surfaces. Thanks again. You never fail!
  11. Thanks, Pete, I was doing my homework in the FAQ section. Disabling all the controllers in FSX-SE seems to have done the job. Although the yoke and rudder now respond correctly, the yoke movement in the VC is jerky, and similarly the elevators and ailerons in spot view. I was flying the default Cessna Skylane. It doesn't look good and in the past it has always meant problems. Anyways, so far so good. Thanks again. John
  12. MOVED FROM FAQ REFERENCE SUBFORUM! I have installed FSX-SE on a new HDD. I have P3DV4 on a separate HDD on the same PC. I have been using FSUIPC for years and like the many options and controls it provides. This is my set up: CH Eclipse yoke, GoFlight GF-TQ6 quadrant, Saitek rudder pedals. These have all been calibrated, and appear stable in W10 calibration. When I delete the FSX-SE axes and button controls for my three game controllers I can sometimes set the controls in FSUIPC normally. In flight though, either the yoke or the rudder, not usually the throttle controls,
  13. Thanks a bunch to you both. I do read the manual but not always closely enough I have to confess! Your encouragement is very welcome.
  14. Thanks. Problem was Windows calibration. Wonky. Not sure how it became wonky as I checked it along the way. I changed USB power management to off as advised. Now, I am mostly sorted. Not sure how to calibrate 5 flap detentes in the Maule with the non-detented axis lever. As it stands the flaps do a full up or down cycle using only half the available lever run. Thanks again for your help, Pete. John
  15. I've used FSUIPC in various iterations for years with FS2002 onwards. This is a new install of P3DV4.5 in Windows 10. The GF quadrant is not properly recognised. Of the 6 axes, only 5, 6 going left to right are seen at all. I can assign these to Mixture set and Flaps set, but the assignment is quickly 'forgotten'. Axes 1-4 are not recognised at all. The Ch Eclipse Yoke and Saitek rudder pedals are recognised and can be assigned in the usual way. I have attached the Joyscan.csv and the log file follows. I'd be grateful for advice. ********* FSUIPC5, Version 5
  16. Thanks, again, Pete. I've a lot of research to do on this. I am not sure if XPUIPC is coded for Linux. The Windows version supports plugins. I've posted on the XP11 boards and will take it from there. John
  17. Thank you very much for your reply, Pete. The XPUIPC developer does not host a forum and as far as I can see all development work has stopped. I will email him but am not hopeful. I will follow up your reading suggestions, your FS Lua examples will help with context. Regards, John
  18. I wish to assign functions to a CH Eclipse yoke. As things stand, the yoke cannot be reliably calibrated using the built-in X-Plane routines. This yoke is not directly supported by X-Plane whereas the Saitek Pro yoke is. Does anyone on these boards have any experience which would be relevant to me? It's been suggested that I use Lua to write scripts to control the various functions. I do not know if this is possible in Linux X-P. If it is, I would have to learn some LUA language but I do not know where to begin. I know, the simplest solution would be to buy a Saitek Pro yoke
  19. I've tried to connect both Active Sky 2016 and PlanG with an amended Simconnect.xml. Initially, I was trying to connect just PlanG with WideFS.No joy, despite following all the instructions as best I can. One odd thing though. In the client 'shares' with the server I have Lockheed Martin and Lockheed Martin2 folders. This renaming was done by W10, not by me, presumably because there are at least two Lockheed Martin folders in my set up which must be shared. In other words, Lockheed Martin2 contains the P3D3.exe although I guess WideFS is looking for ..../Lockheed Martin/P3D3.exe.
  20. Simconnect doesn't work either, and I've tried various ports. The simconnect.xml is attached if you would be so kind as to check it for me. SimConnect.xml Not sure what you mean here. I do not know how to use exe.xml to disable files - and do you mean .dll or something else? SimConnect.xml John
  21. Pete, I changed the ports, both ports, both ends, but there's still no connection. I am going to abandon P3D. To be honest I really don't think it is all it is cracked up to be - not the 32-bit versions anyway. I felt I had to try it given that FSX development has ceased. Perhaps I will have better luck with XP11. Thanks for your help. Regards, John
  22. Pete, I'm not using FSUIPC5. I am running P3D3.4, 32-bit, not P3D4, 64-bit. I'll check out the ports again. The wideserver.ini must have been a carryover from an earlier version of FSUIPC. John
  23. I just noticed, comparing the FSX/Modules files, there's no wideserver.ini in the P3D/Modules folder or in any of the Lockheed Martin folders. This should be generated automatically?? John
  24. Thanks again, Pete. A further twist. I have FSX on the same server - different HDD. I've not used it for so long I forgot I had it. Using the same client, WideFS connects perfectly with FSX using the ServerName=IVY, Protocol=TCP lines in the Wideclient.ini. So I think the network is not an issue. Perhaps it is something to do with ports, but I tried changing these to 8006 and 9006 without success. Any more thoughts before I take a sledgehammer to the whole damned thing, and take up flower arranging? Regards, John
  25. I know what shouting looks like on boards! That is why I never do it. That is why I used bold. Guess who was shouting? I am grateful for your continuing support but I'm afraid the news is not good. Still no connection, despite my complying with everything. The files are posted and include pics of my Workgroup name just to allay any doubts. Ivy is the server. One thing I did notice was that when WideClient is exited, the server still carries the 'waiting for connection' text. Maybe irrelevant. WideClient.ini WideClient.log WideServer.log Kind regards, John
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