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  1. Hi, by Widescreen I assume you mean WideFS? I am no expert but the log shows that the client cannot receive the server broadcasts. With these broadcasts the server tells he client its details so it can connect automatically. The reason for this can be security software but since you say that firewalls are off this shouldn't be the case. Is your network working fine otherwise? Can you share files and printers? Do the computers see each other? Also look into the network properties and make sure both machines are in the same workgroup. If that doesn't help, sorry, not other idea. Regards Frank
  2. Hawg, yes you can use two keyboards without problems. I had such a setup once. You need a Y-cable (like THIS) witch takes the plugs of the keyboards and is itself plugged into the ps2 port of the computer. Later: It just occurred to me that there are also USB keyboards. They weren't availlable when I tried this so I can't say for sure but it may be possible to plug two of them in without the need of a Y-cable. Regards, Frank
  3. Hi Pete, it may be because on turboprops (the King Air for instance, don't know whether or not it's the same on all) the condition levers only have three useful settings: cut off, ground idle and flight idle. Regards, Frank
  4. Etienne, this problem came up several times now. It may be an old joystick driver (gameport) for a stick that is no longer connected. This thread may help you. Regards, Frank
  5. Hi, if FSUIPC is in the add on menu it is installed ok, so reinstalling it won't help. As for the "run as admin" thing - it may not work if you click on the icon on your desktop because this is only a link, an alias for FSX.exe. Try using windows explorer to navigate to your FSX folder and start FSX from there by right clicking on FSX.exe and choosing "run as admin". Regards, Frank
  6. Hi, I am not an expert and don't have FSX but I think it is more likely that repairing the basic simconnect installation will help. The simconnect installation from SP1 is found ok by the installer it is the initial simconnect installation (made when installing FSX) that is missing. They are ment to exist side by side as I understand it. There is a guide on how to do this among the pinned threads at the top of this forum. Regards, Frank
  7. David, this does not seem to be related to Petes software, does it? You might get a better response posting this in the FSX forum. Does this aircraft come with an automatic installer or is it all done by hand? If the latter is there no readme file to tell you how to install? I don't have FSX but if there are no gauges and effects this is an indication that the aircraft is not installed properly. Here is how it should be done in FS 9.1: -gauges (suffix *.gau, *.XML, or *.CAB) can be put either into the main "gauges" folder inside the FS root folder or into the panel folder of the aircraft in question (in FS9 this is ...FS9\aircraft\aircraft name\panel, in FSX I think you will find it under ..FSX\sim objects\aircraft or similar (mind you I don't have FSX)) -effects (suffix *.fx) should be put into the effects folder inside the FS9 root folder (no idea where this is on FSX but a close look should tell you) If this all doesn't help you ask again in the FSX forum. Lots of experts there. Regards, Frank
  8. Dennis, th low reading you are seeing in the calibration page may be an indication that the sensitivity setting for this axis is not correct. Open the "sensitivities" dialogue via the "options" menu and make sure all sensitivities are set to maximum (fully right) and all null zones are set to minimum (fully left). As for the setting not saved - this question would best be adressed to Pete Dowson in his own forum here on simflight. But make sure first that you are using the latest version. Regards, Frank
  9. Hi, Nothing I know of produces lightning flashes except the thunderstorms in FS weather. Just go to the weather menu and clear the weather if you don't like them. that rings a bell somewhere. Something similar came up on the german newsgroup recently. The sreen rapidly changes between correct display and "whited out" - looks like flashing. If I recall corretly it was related to pop ups Vista wanted to display (tooltips, text bubbles whatever) while FS was running full screen. But I can't be sure as I don't have Vista. Try to turn off those silly pop up messages ("You just double clicked on a text file. Do you really want to open it in Notepad?"). It may be worth a shot. Regards, Frank
  10. Yes perhaps, Peter, I only pointed to the Schiratti site because it allways holds the most recent official release. 3.763 is an interim release and is of course newer. Regards, Frank
  11. Harold, you don't need the 9.1 update. You obviously have it installed already. What you need is the latest release of FSUIPC. Go to http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html and scroll down the page a bit until you see FSUIPC3.75. Click on it this will start the download. Once downloaded open the ZIP file and put FSUIPC.DLL into the modules folder inside your FS folder. That's it. Regards, Frank
  12. Oh dear, that's what I call messed up! :oops: :oops: :oops: Sorry I must have had a senior moment yesterday. It is quite the other way around. That version number is rather the one of FS. If you use a very old version of FSUIPC on an updated FS (9.1) you get an error message saying like "this version of FSUIPC is not compatible with this version of FS" and that the version in need is 9.0.XXX... So if you download and install the latest FSUIPC from the Schiratti site everything should be OK. Regards, Frank
  13. Harold, can it be you forgot to install the 9.1 update for FS9? Regards, Frank
  14. Hi, yes you have to. FSUIPC4 is a completely different software, rewritten from scratch for FSX only and Version3.XX registrations won't work with it.Regards, Frank
  15. Good morning, well, the most realistic solution would be mechanically linked pedals. If this is not an option for you the method I described above would be the way to go. You could still avoid the problems introduced when both left pedals are pushed at the same time by using pots with attached switches (you know, these things that turn on the radio at the beginning of their travel and then control the volume). Use normal pots on the FO's side and pots with switches on the captains side and wire the switches so they disable the FO's pedals whenever the captains pedals are pushed. Regards, Frank
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