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  1. Use the Streamdeck-vJoy plugin for the StreamDeck and vJoy. That will allow you to assign StreamDeck buttons to a virtual joystick button push. FSUIPC will see those button pushes and you can do what you want from there (either FSUIPC actions or LINDA).
  2. From the release notes: A very big THANK YOU!!
  3. I've no idea when the attack will be over. The difference between various tools to display VATSIM data rests in how the developers choose to download and store the data. IIRC there are two files that need to be downloaded: Server Information File: Contains a list of active VATSIM data servers. Raw Data File: This is the data file which contains all the who is flying/controlling. The server information file is fairly static and only needs to be downloaded once a day. The server which provides this file is the one under a DDOS attack (also the same server that hosts www.vatsim.net). The Raw Data File is updated (not sure what it is now, but used to be every 120 seconds) regularly, and is available on the various data servers listed in the server information file. Most applications will locally cache the server information data and only update it if it's greater than 24hours old. If attempting to download the new server data results in a timeout, it may or may not automatically revert to the old data that it has stored locally. This is why some applications seem to work without a problem (most well written web based ones), some require user intervention (the popular "shift-load" option in ServInfo), and some won't work at all (i.e. VATSpy). How a program handles abnormalities and notifies the user is completely up to how refined the developer wants to make the process. I've no idea how FSC handles it as I don't use it for VATSIM monitoring (I use VATSpy). I'd recommend using another VATSIM traffic display tool until the attack is over. When you get get to www.vatsim.net consistently without a problem, chances are the data server is back up as well. Cheers,
  4. Problem isn't with FSCommander. VATSIM is currently undergoing a DDOS attack on the server that generates the VATSIM data file for the public to use. File isn't available, so FSCommander will fail trying to download it, due to a timeout.
  5. Recently upgraded from FSC8 to FSC9, and while I'm getting used to some of the changes, this issue with accessing flight plans on a remote machine is the only problem I'm still struggling with. I've uninstalled FSC9 and reverted back to FSC8 as the core functionality I use FSC for is gone in FSC9. While FSBuild works on a patch/upgrade to properly export to the new FSC9 flight plan format, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow the user to navigate to a folder/share when loading an FSC flight plan in the load flight plan dialog..
  6. First off, phenomenal program. One of the best utility add-on’s for FS2004, and happy it’s now part of my collection! Have a minor install routine typo to bring up. I’m sure this has been covered before, but also wanted to post thanking you for a great product. :) During the install routine, I had a modified USEnglishBig.gvp file (which I edited prior to purchasing MyTraffic for FS2004). During the PatchSound routine of the install, it obviously crashed on an error stating that the file was edited (not the original) and that I reinstall “10voices.cab” from the FS2002 Disc 1. Since I’m able to add 2 and 2 and get 5, figured it was a typo. The file needed for the FS2004 original install is “USEnglishBig.gvp” and it’s located on Disc 2 in the MSGAMES5.CAB I know this is covered in the manual, but thought I would mention it as it's still in the install routine, for those out there "unaccustomed" to reading the manual.. (Besides, I didn't read it at first either. :) Just thought I would mention it to correct the typo in the code for the next release. Again, thanks for the great product! -Dan
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