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  1. Great news Fabio. You are doing a fantastic job supporting the community. Bring it on, and good luck!
  2. Hi Fabio Thanks for all the work you are putting in on this project! Haven't used FCR for a while. I've just tried build 2004.20 on P3Dv5, recording a take off in PMDG QOTSII with sim set to 30FPS, FCR set to 30FPS, using view-groups on triple 4K monitors and the replay still looks too fast (x2). If I use the app to slow the replay by x2 the playback looks normal. No problem with the recording otherwise, gear and flaps animation work OK. Nice work, but can you fix the replay problem? Kind Regards Dave Nash
  3. Hi Fabio You say in an answer to an earlier post that you are planning to introduce the facility to record AI in v5. Would this facility include the capability to display an AI carrier (such as the Nimitz, for instance), which has been spawned by an application such as "AICarriers" or the VRS TacPac? The ability to capture a Carrier Landing would be brilliant! Great application, good luck with the development! Best Regards
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Fabio, that's good news. My observation was for playing back within P3D v 4.5, I didn't render a video, but I guess it's all interlinked! Best of luck with this project, great app! Dave Nash
  5. Hi Fabio Has this been fixed in the latest update? I have just done a recording with P3D v4.5 set to 30FPS and FCR set to 30FPS, and the replay speed is still too fast (at a guess at least x2). The recording itself was fine (PMDG QOSII), just wrong replay speed. Cheers Dave Nash
  6. I may have got a tad confused here. With the FSUIPC Autosave switched on, but with view-groups OFF, the primary monitor display is not affected during autosave. With the FSUIPC Autosave switched on and view-groups switched ON (triple monitor display), the left and right monitors go blank for around a second (I assume this is during autosave as it happens every minute), while simultaneously the centre (primary) monitor flickers to blank for a fraction of a second. After this event the sim carries on as normal till the next autosave takes place and the process is repeated. If I us
  7. Hi Pete With view-groups on or off, if I press the ";" key or choose to save the scenario via the menu, the sim stops and displays a dialog box allowing me to choose an existing file to overwrite or save a new file. As far as I remember it's always done this. Cheers Dave
  8. Since I use view-groups I tried this on my default flight (Beech Baron 58 EGBB to EGCC), and confirmed the behaviour of the sim with Autosave (default) switched on, though in my case the primary (centre monitor) flickers briefly as well. With view-groups switched off and Autosave on, no problem. Seems to point to some interaction between the view-groups display process and the P3D "Save" function! I posted this info on the P3D forum FWIW Regards Dave Nash
  9. Hi Pete Just picked up this thread on P3D forum, thought I'd bring it to your attention. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=133472 I don't use the Autosave function myself, but other users might need to be aware of this too. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Peter Sounds like the ball is squarely in LM's court for now, I guess they will have more pressing priorities, even though an "Instant Replay Live" flag seems simple to implement. Thanks again for looking at this and providing an explanation. Kind Regards Dave Nash
  11. Hi Peter OK. Thanks for spending the time on it. I appreciate it, but don't lose too much sleep! Regards Dave Nash
  12. Hi Peter A couple more (re-named) log files attached as requested, recorded during separate P3D sessions, as before. Hope this helps. Thanks for persevering! Kind Regards Dave FSUIPC5_normal2.log FSUIPC5_instreplay2.log
  13. I just re-assigned a couple of view controls ("View Camera Select"), and recorded two separate log files while operating those and the panning hat-switch during normal running and during instant replay. (The panning hat-switch was already assigned as "Send to FS"). They don't work during instant replay. I used the same sequence in both cases. During normal running the events appear in the log file. During Instant replay they don't. However during normal or instant replay the events can be seen in the assignments screen. The log files are attached. It seems the sim ignores any input t
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