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  1. Hi Fabio Sorry I didn't reply, had to go into hospital so couldn't respond. I'll put this on hold till I recover, but I'm pretty sure what you said is correct! Regards Dave
  2. Hi Fabio, thanks for the reply. I will be busy tomorrow, so I can't check this till Thursday, but for PLAYASAI, setting the recording rate to be the same as the simulator FPS sounds like the solution.? I'll let you know. Regards Dave
  3. Hi Fabio Still checking this out....... It seems that when I choose a fixed sample rate (20FPS for instance), and then use the PLAYASAI feature, the playback rate is incorrect, as though the Simulator rate is being slowed down. (The Sim FPS was set to 60FPS). Not sure if it's finger trouble or a genuine bug! Does the FPS setting in P3Dv4 need to be the same as the record sample rate to use PLAYASAI? Regards Dave Nash
  4. Retired Aerospace Engineer

    P3Dv4 (using view-groups) on Win10, Corei7 5930K @ 4.2GHz liquid cooled, 16GB RAM, 3 x 4K monitors, Single GTX 1080Ti, Corsair SSDs

  5. OK, thanks Fabio, that will work for one session, but if I close the app after saving the settings, and re-start, it seems that my chosen device is not remembered, and the app reverts to keyboard again. In addition, if I then re-choose the Xbox controller, my original button assignments are not remembered, and I have to re-set them, which is annoying! (The controller is still online while I do this) I can't see how to make the Xbox controller the default, and make the button assignments permanent on close and re-start of the app. Thanks for looking into my queries, great support! Kind Regards Dave
  6. Hi Fabio Trying this app for first time in P3Dv4 (Win10 1703.15063.608) I would like to use an Xbox 360 controller exclusively for FlightControlReplay, and clear the Keyboard assignments so as not to cause conflicts with P3Dv4. However, immediately after start-up and choosing options, there is no way to set null key assignments, so that the keyboard is not active. If I change the chosen device, and come back to the keyboard, the keyboard asssignments are cleared, with the message "Press a button of Device". If I then save and close the window, then close the app, on re-start, the default assignments re-appear (U, J, L, M, N, K), and the action of clearing the key assignments is not remembered. Can I clear all key assignments permanently, or does this feature need correcting? Thanks Dave Nash Edit - A couple more things! It seems that sample rate is not remembered on re-start either, I was hoping I could set a default. Also, when I terminate a recording, this seems to cause P3Dv4 to re-load the scenery and screws up the flight. I think this must be a bug, as stopping recording the flight parameters shouldn't affect the sim.
  7. Hi Fabio, thanks for the reply. OK, that's great! Best wishes with this project, it's great to see an app being developed for P3D which rivals and enhances the capabilities of FS Recorder, which is now not compatible with P3Dv4. I purchased it this afternoon, can't wait to use it! Regards Dave
  8. Hi Fabio Just about to purchase, I'd be grateful if you could answer a quick query. I can't see included on the list of animations features for v3.5, reverse thrusters for PMDG. Will your software eventually include this animation also? Thanks Dave Nash