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  1. Hi Fabio Merlo, as the title suggests. In Use: FlightControlReplay.exe" 4.0.2004.20 OR FlightControlReplayP3DX.exe 4.0.200420 the last Version 4.0.1903.27 goes also wrong - Windows 10 Homer 1909 Build 18363.778 - Prepar3D v4.5.14.34698 - PMDG 737-800/900 NGXu for Prepar3D v2.91.0122 - H.O.T.A.S. X52 Driver v8.0.116.0 - Linda v3.1.1.854 PMDG 737 NGXu v1.4 - FSUIPC5.dll v5.1.5.5 - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 SDK (Deutsch) - Microsoft Flight Simulator SimConnect Client v10.0.61259.0 - at my own Airport *************************
  2. Hallo, i'm on Windows 10 Home 1809 Build 17763.379 Prepar3D.exe FSUIPC5.dll PMDG 747QOTSII V3 - P3D v4 3.00.9329 Macro 748-MFD is not working 748-MFD.MCRO Other macros work the right way, for examble 748-EICAS.MCRO Q: There is a list that includes the mouse click Areas for the PMDG Aircraft fleet. All macros were produced with P3DV4.4. Regards Manfred Maier
  3. Hi Fabio, i,m on FCPL v4.0.1901.23 (with PMDG 747-F8) for the new release, please can you check (set) during ils-approach the switch LOC and APP, to give the PFD an correct look, and also the ALT-Display should be checked. I have always done the above manually. Otherwise, I am very satisfied how you included the PMDG airplane. Regards Manfred Maier
  4. lorbi = false access = 404 error lorby = true access to the website Regards Manfred Maier
  5. Hallo Paul I,m using your new FSUIPCClient.dll 3.0.5358.4. With ws.GetMetarAtLocation(ICAO) i get a METAR-String. For Example: The Wind-Speed and Wind-Directon This looks like 25006KT&D920NG or 27019KT&A1539NG 250 / 270 Degrees and 6 / 19 Knots Speed. But was is the 2. Part of this Strings &D920NG / &A1539NG Google givs me no Answer, maybe i'm looking wrong. Best Regards Manfred
  6. Hi all, what i have: Windows 8.1, FSX, PMDG 737NGX, Saitek X52, Plan-G, ASN, FSUIPC4 and WideFS both lisenzed, used all without any Problem and now with Problem Ms Visual Basic 2010 Express what i bee: German, retierd (74), Hobby Powerbuilder Programmer what i will do: Write a little Program to test my Saite-X52 in real live of FSX and for this i use FSUIPC4 on one PC with two Monitors Program Status: Visual Basic 2010 Express and use of UIPC_SDK_VisualBasic-FSUIPC.bas I have read all specified Manuals
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