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  1. FSUIPC5 not loading

    I've been having a similar problem with 5.123c - I can't access the FSUIPC menu.
  2. Lua stutter

    Pete, Thank you for such a detailed response. Using the event system was new to me. I tried it, and it worked well, eliminating the stutter. The empty file was causing a stutter on subsequent loads, and caching is on. I had tried setting my LuaAffinityMask away from processor 0 (which consistently runs at 100% when P3D is running). Perhaps it was a windows defender or virus protection issue. But not to worry - the event system worked; I learnt something new; and I have ideas about different implementations for other things I have as well now! :) Thanks very much, Bryn.
  3. Hi. Whenever I trigger a lua file, I get a small pause in the sim - maybe about half a second. This happens even if the lua file is precompiled. I am using: UpdatedByVersion=5121b FSVersionUsed="Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", SimConnectUsed= The size of the lua file doesn't matter. Even an empty file will give a short stutter. My FSUIPC5.ini is attached. Grateful for any thoughts or suggestions. Cheers, Bryn. FSUIPC5.ini
  4. TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Updates

    Malwarebytes is blocking s411728.somee.com whenever TOPER is opened. Not a good look. Is TOPER using a server that malwarebytes considers high risk? Bryn
  5. Thanks Pete. Sorry, I mean't fsuipc.ini. My version is 4.959. Adding a zero to the end of my string seems to have fixed the problem. The program is not writing [Window] entries every time I write to 3380/32FA now. It still writes a [Window] entry on the first write to 3380, though. (3380, not 6D60). Bryn.
  6. Hi, I decided it would be neat to rename the message window for each flight, so I set 0x6D60 once at the start of the flight to be something corny like "ATTN: EIN203 EI-CVB" and then send messages the standard way through 0x3380. However, now whenever a message is sent, a line is added to my fsuipc.cfg each time the message is sent to 0x3380. [Window.ATTN: EIN203 EI-CVB] !1=] Docked=0, 0, 0, 0 [Window.ATTN: EIN203 EI-CVB] !2=] Docked=0, 0, 0, 0 [Window.ATTN: EIN203 EI-CVB] !3=] Docked=0, 0, 0, 0 [Window.ATTN: EIN203 EI-CVB] !4=] Docked=0, 0, 0, 0 etc... etc... etc... Is this a feature, or something I'm setting incorrectly somewhere? My fsuipc.cfg consequently gets quite large after a few flights, because I send stacks of msgs to the window. Thanks very much, Bryn.
  7. Hi, I have a small lua file that I assign to my hat switch, so that it sets the zoom based on the view I'm using: z = ipc.readUB("8320") if z == 1 then ipc.control(65701, 33) end It fires continuously whenever the hatswitch is being used. This all worked fine in Windows 7. However, in Windows 10, this is causing 3-4 second long pauses whenever I trigger it while using Level-D 767, Eaglesoft Citation and the Digital Aviation Fokker. Other aircraft are ok so far (PMDG, Wilco, Feelthere). Any thoughts?
  8. FSPS: Invert AGL FPS

    Yes, I know about the offsets. There are two offsets that I could see (we have different understandings of the word 'many' if that is so!) 0x78E3 is a toggle, 0x78E7 allows you to choose the setting. What I think would be really helpful and handy would be two more offsets: - a toggle to switch to unlimited fps (as Accelerator does when it can't get to the desired framerate). This would be a neat value-add, because there is no FSUIPC offset or simConnect switch to do this (so far as I can see). - an offset that allows users to set the framerate for the chosen setting (so I could change the target frame rate for the lower setting programmatically). A byte should suffice here, too, I would've thought. Bryn.
  9. FSPS: Invert AGL FPS

    Or even better (in my case), a toggle to switch to unlimited frame rate (ie, your max fps mode).
  10. FSPS: Invert AGL FPS

    Thanks. What I ended up doing was automating it through FSUIPC. Would it be possible to actually also write the lower and middle targets to an FSUIPC offset rather than just toggling between middle and lower? Bryn/.
  11. Hi, I use tileproxy at high altitude on flights, and am prepared to tolerate lower fps to make the tiles load more quickly. My preference is therefore to have faster fps closer to the ground when tileproxy is off and slower fps at higher altitude. This seems to be the inverse of the AGL setup in FSPS (i.e, there it only allows the middle profile at higher altitude). Is there any way for me to do this manually? Alternatively, can you provide some more flexibility in the AG: Altitude Cycle Profiles? Bryn
  12. Thanks Pete. As usual, it's all my own fault. For some reason (which doesn't look to have been terribly sensible), I had these lines in the fsuipc.ini: LogLua=No DebugLua=Yes Removing them stopped the logging. Cheers, Bryn.
  13. Perhaps this is also a bit revealing. All the bits in LogOptions are zero, except the last one, which turns logging on (I think I'm reading that right). 15195730 LogOptions changed, now 00000000 00000001 15196370 LUA.0: c:\fsx\Modules\DynamicFriction.lua:52 15196370 LUA.0: c:\fsx\Modules\DynamicFriction.lua:53 15196370 LUA.0: Global: GS_ipc = 19388886 If that's the case, why is LUA getting logged? Bryn.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts - I bet that was a painful debugging session to work that out! Alas, so far as I can see, Offset 3400 is not being used in my setup. I did notice one more odd thing, though. If I tick the box for debug/trace lua plugins in the FSUIPC UI, and then click 'stop' it doesn't untick the box. That is different behaviour to all of the other logging options. Bryn.