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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. It only took a couple of minutes to enter the needed info into the form as I only need one button press private Offset<Byte> Vjoystick = new Offset<Byte>(0x03340); //27. Vjoystick txtVjoystick.Text = this.Vjoystick.Value.ToString("D"); This works a treat Ken
  2. Hi In your write up for adding joystick calls in FSUIPC Client DLL it states that joystick numbers can only be from (0-15). My problem is that when using a program SpadNext to send a virtual joystick button signal to FSUIPC the lowest number I can get is 64 and these joystick numbers can go to over 1000. FSUIPC has no trouble seeing these numbers but they are unusable in FSUIPC Client Dll. Is there any way to add a joystick number higher than 15. Below is an example of a joystick number over 1000. excerpt from your manual ◆ AddJoystickButtonPress() void AddJoystickButtonPress ( string ID, byte JoystickNumber, byte ButtonNumber, StateChange StateChangeToDetect ) inline Adds a joystick button press to be detected. Sink the ButtonPressed event to detect then the user pressed this button. Parameters ID A string that you will use to identity and detect this button press. JoystickNumber The number of the Joystick (0-15) to detect. ButtonNumber The number of the Button to detect. StateChangeToDetect Which states to detect. Thanks Ken
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