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  1. I recently did a reinstall of FSX-SE due to some problems I was having. I downloaded 4.971 but the installer said I had a newer version and wouldn't install it. When I tried to register the version I had, it did not automatically supply my key as it did in the past. I had written the key on a word doc as I do with all purchases but apparently it got purged when I uninstalled FSX-SE. Is there a way to recover the key by the purchaser's name or email??
  2. DISREGARD solution found. spurious entry in FSX controls was causing the malfunction of the Gear Toggle command. ObieGearToggle.zip
  3. Hi, I am using FSUIPC to control toe pedal brakes with Saitek Cessna rudder pedals. I would like more braking friction from the pedals. What parameter do I adjust for more braking action? Thanks.
  4. I had everything running great last night. I carefully made a copy of my .ini as a backup (with a different name of course) so I would have a reference. I logged on to fly tonight from Paine Field WA, PNW NA to Port Angeles in a Twin Otter X and everything loaded fine. I could use my pan view fine as it is the only button on my TF Hotas X that is routed directly to FSX. None of my other controls or buttons would work. The only thing different that I can remember from my configuration last night is that tonight I was using FSFO V2 as a verbal checklist. I am very frustrated. I thou
  5. Thanks for the reply Pete. Hope your holiday went well. Pan View is not assigned in FSUIPC. (but I will be experimenting with doing so in the future) Sorry for the outdated Log file. Somehow all the Hotas X assignments ended up assigned to the rudder pedals so I will implement your AutoAssign suggestion. Best Regards, Slim
  6. While I hope Pete is enjoying his holiday, it seems my FSUIPC has decided to take one as well. I use a Thrustmaster Hotas X with all buttons (except the coolie hat which is mapped to pan view thru FSX) and axes mapped thru FSUIPC. I no longer have the use of any FSUIPC functions. I know the USB connection is OK since the pan view still works. I have attached both my INI and LOG files in the hopes that they will reveal my problem. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Best Regards, Slim WDS_ FSUIPC4.1.zip WDS_FSUIPC4_INI.zip
  7. Just wondering if any forum members have had any luck at assigning a smooth view to the coolie hat switch on the Thrustmaster Hotas X? I would like to totally dump any FSX control of the joystick and throttle assignments but my attempts at assigning the VC view thru FSUIPC have been markedly inferior (jerky) to the FSX assignment. Maybe I'm missing something here? Slim
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick responses. Of course nothing is wrong with "trying things". It's just that said experimentation can be more productive if you have the basic concepts clearer in your mind. Otherwise assumptions of results may be flawed or incorrect. I fairly well understand the X, Y, and Z axes slopes from sensitometric curves in photography but I was just trying for clarification on the throttle axis. For decreased mid-range sensitivity would that be a positive or negative value? Best Regards, Slim
  9. Yes I did experiment with the manual settings thru the controller. It was very hard to get the + and - values to match. The controller is spring loaded and always trying to center itself so I was working against that. I wasn't really looking for a wide dead zone just a reasonable one to take the "stick twitch" out of the controls. I am working with slopes as you have seen in the next post. Is -512, 512 considered a wide or narrow dead zone? Best Regards, Slim
  10. I know this is very basic for experienced users but I just wanted to check my understanding of these values. Can I manually edit the fsuipc4.ini to increase or decrease the nulls or deadzones in my controls? I found it tricky to consistently set them moving the controller. Here are my current settings: Aileron=-16380,-512,512,16380 Elevator=-16380,-512,512,16380 Throttle=-16300,16300 Rudder=-16380,-512,512,16380 By increasing values 2 & 3 will I increase the deadzone? Thanks. Slim
  11. I am beginning to make profiles and fine tune them for specific aircraft. In the case of the P51 the middle part of the throttle response is very critical. You can go from 40" to 70" of manifold pressure with a small movement of the throttle controller. If I wanted to have less sensitivity in the middle of the throttle axis is that a positive or negative number? Also tweaking rudder response, I would like more control movement at the extreme ends of the rudder pedal travel. If I understand pgs. 48-49 of the User guide, that seems to me to be a positive value slope. Did I interpret that
  12. Hi Ian, I was unable to see the image you posted but I posted my window. The only choice is "Import from a URL" or "Gravitar". Even though I don't show the "Use a custom photo" button enabled it doesn't open an additional choice. Most other forums have a button that says "browse" that enable you to upload from your computer. Am I missing something here? Slim
  13. How in the heck do you upload an avatar photo from your computer? The only choices are "upload a photo from URL" and "Use Gravatar". Shouldn't there be a "Upload from file - browse" button.
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