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  1. @winsaudi, sorry for the late reaction, tnx for the pics on dual monitor, THAT helped me a lot. This is what i mean , seperatring the overview and the small screens. This might be the reason im goonna buy the new version tnx very much and happy Easter
  2. please read my question ;-)
  3. ok tnx for your answer, but how about the multimonitor? Thats important for me Doc
  4. just got the mail for the NEW tower 3D PRO. I gave the video a look and im surprised there is no NEW item in the video according to the old version. WHY should i buy the pro? I cant find 1 reason in this video why i should change to the new version? Dont think thats the purpose of a video, IF its Multiscreen? WHY NOT show it in the video etc etc, not gonna buy for over 40 euro's to only mulitplayer things? Plz give me good reasons to buy it.. greetz DOC
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